5Little Ways to Say “I Love You” [for him]

5 little ways to say i love you

Lately I’ve been reflecting on how AWESOME my husband is. I’m sure people get tired of me saying it, and chalk it up to the honeymoon season, but my husband is seriously great. The way he works with integrity, makes sacrifices for his family and the way he is so intentional in the little things makes me swoon all over again.

I say it often, but I like to be wooed. I don’t think I’m the only lady in the room who feels that way, too. Feminism aside, it is nice to have my husband open the car door for me, bring me flowers, etc. But it’s not like he can bring me flowers all the time. Maybe one day when we become millionaires. . . but as of right now, it is important to be wooed in the little ways that don’t cost any money.

Today I’ll share 5 little ways your man can say “I love you,” so casually share and drop blatant, obvious, major hints if you want your man to do any of these things that would woo you.

Full disclosure: none of these are hints I’m dropping to my husband today. I gathered this list from things that he does.

The major, blatant, obvious hint I’m dropping for him is to take me to get Mexican food ASAP.

5 Little Ways to Say -I Love You- (1)

Do the Dishes Without Being Asked

At church the other day, a visiting pastor shared an anecdote where he did the dishes before he flew out of town. He walked into the room where his wife was and said, “Honey! I did the dishes!” expecting an overwhelming thank you, applause, and a little something extra. His wife looked up and said, “And?”

The entire time this story is being shared, Mr. M is saying, “Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me.” We are stifling giggles because the day before, I came home from work, walked in, saw a clean kitchen, gave my husband a hug, and told him how tired I was. The next thing on my list to say was, “Thank you for doing the dishes!” but before I could get to that, Mr. M said, “Didn’t you see that I did the dishes?!”

Normally, I do make a big deal and a big thank you when Mr. M does the dishes because positive reinforcement. He helps out around the house a lot, but dishes are his least favorite chore, and the chore that always needs to be done.

I imagine many couples are in the same boat. So guys, if your girl is always doing the dishes, help a sister out and wash them for her. You may get an extravagant thank you and a little something extra, too. 😉

Make Her Coffee

I have said it before and I will say it again – aside from doing the dishes – there is no bigger turn on than a husband who gets out of bed first and makes his girl some coffee. My husband does this regularly, and I know this act of service comes from the bottom of his heart.

It makes my day to wake up and know there is coffee downstairs waiting for me that I didn’t have to brew. In fact, I’ve become so accustomed to Mr. M’s coffee brewing skills that I don’t even make coffee anymore. His is way better.

5 little ways to say i love you

Be Affectionate

There are sexual touches and non-sexual touches. Each are awesome and appropriate in their own time. But seriously, fellas, if you’re only trying to get her in the mood all the time, she’s not going to be in the mood all the time.

When you’re on the couch watching Netflix, intentionally sit together sometimes. Play with her hair, rub her back. Be physically affectionate in a way that doesn’t say, “Let’s get it on.”

Praise Her in Public

I’ve always heard older women say that their men need to be praised in public, respected, and so on. This is great – men do need to be praised, but your girlfriend/SO/wife also enjoys public recognition. We may blush and say “Oh stop” or shyly give a thank you, but when we ladies are lifted up by the words of our man, it makes our hearts swell.

Mention something she does well, support her verbally in front of her friends and family, post a picture of her on Instagram bragging on her. It’ll give her heart eye emojis everywhere.

Spend Time with the People She Loves

During the engagement season, I had a hard time reconciling changing my last name, and “belonging” to my husband’s family. I still very much felt like I “belonged” to my own family. And while Mr. M and I separated ourselves from our families and made our own family, I still very much wanted to be intentional in both of us spending time with the people we love.

If your lady has a great relationship with her parents, be intentional in creating a deeper relationship with her parents. If she spends all her time with her sister, get on her sister’s good side forever. (Because if you don’t, then good luck.) You get the gist. Make sure that you and your girl spends adequate time with the people she loves. And don’t always have her initiate getting together, suggest every now and then that you guys go visit/ask out to dinner/etc.

5 little ways to say i love you

(even if sometimes those people you love are grossed out by you. . . like teenage sisters.)

What are some things your man does for you that just screams “I love you?”

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