5 Ways to Connect in the Busy Seasons

Tip #1: Regular Date Nights [ Connecting in the Busy Seasons]

I don’t know what it’s been, but lately Mr. M and I have been like two ships passing in the wind. We spend a lot of time together, but we’re often out of the house and around each other but with other people present. It’s great; we love people and we love to go DO. But then we come home and we fall asleep talking about our day.

Life gets like that sometimes. The stress of work and responsibilities consumes our minds so when we are home, we aren’t really present. It’s not a bad thing if you notice it and face it head on; sometimes you can’t escape the busyness of life. So what do you do? You have to embrace the busyness and embrace each other at the same time.

5 Ways to Connect in the Busy Seasons

Embracing Each Other

Connect Throughout the Day

If you don’t normally talk much throughout the day, intentionally remember to send a thoughtful text to let your S/O know you’re thinking about them. It’s a nice little surprise and a break from the routine.

Bring Home a Treat

Gifts being my love language, I’m a big fan of spontaneous little surprises. A couple of years ago, I had just got back from a 2 week work trip and Mr. M brought over a pizza, my favorite drink, and my favorite chocolates. He told me I could pick out the red box movie and we would just have a relaxing evening. It’s one of my favorite dating memories. It was just a little thing, but it meant so much to my exhausted self.

Be Intentional with your Words

I am 100% guilty of not being intentional with my words. I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve, so when I’m stressed, I act out in my stress. Things that I normally would let slide tend to compile in my head. I say things I normally would hold back, or I don’t say sweet things I normally would say. When you’re living with someone, they feed off the atmosphere. So if you’re letting out an atmosphere with your words and aura, then they’re not going to feel super either.

Tip #2: Be Spontaneous [Connecting in the Busyness]

Set a Date Night

One of the best things Mr. M and I did during our dating relationship was set a specific date night. We both were busy in school and our schedules didn’t line up very often. We realized that unless we had an intentional time set aside to spend with each other, we could go all week without seeing each other’s face. We set Wednesday mornings as our intentional date “day.” Every Wednesday morning, we would make brunch and watch Parks and Rec. Because it was intentional, it gave us something to look forward to.

Be Spontaneous

This one may be counter intuitive since we are talking about how busy we are. The fact is, we all aren’t as busy as we think. Because we think we are so busy, we act busy, and because we act busy, we think we are busy. Try being spontaneous. If you find a free moment throughout your day, call your S/O and see if they’re available for a quick ice cream or a taco food truck lunch. It’s a little treat to break up the day, and it gives you all those good feelings you had when you first started dating.

Be Silly

I can be accused of not being silly enough sometimes. When I get stressed, I turn into more of a control freak than anything. When Mr. M gets stressed, he gets silly. He loves to let loose by being his goofy self, and while most of the time he cracks me up, when I’m feeling stressed, I feel impatient by the silliness. It was a cause for conversation early in our marriage, but now that I understand where he is coming from, I get to practice letting loose and enjoying his silliness.

Tip #3: Be Silly [Connecting in the Busyness]

Embracing the Busy Seasons

We can’t escape our jobs, our children, etc. But we can embrace how we go about our jobs. Like we set aside time for our significant others, we can be intentional about how we go about setting aside time for our jobs. Sometimes we have to take our work home, or our hobbies that bring an income are done at home. Set a time to do your work, and make it clear with your S/O that you need to work from 7-9 tonight, but after 9 it is time for you two. Then once it hits 9, turn off your phone, be present, and be all there.

What are some ways you and your S/O spend intentional time together in the busyness?


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