6 Things That Surprised Me About Marriage

6 Things That Surprised Me About Marriage
Last Saturday, Pai and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary with him camping, me exploring Asheville with my blog bestie, Tiffany, and then a game night with a few friends. I collapsed into bed at 1:30 after a spontaneous trip to a bakery, we said Happy 6 months, and rolled away and went to sleep.

When I thought about how we would celebrate this half a year celebration 6 months ago, this is not what I thought would happen. Likewise, marriage is not everything I thought it would be, and it’s even MORE than I thought it could be. Basically, marriage is awesome, and completely surprised me.

Intimacy is not like the Movies

Let’s just clear this one right away. Now, I knew intimacy would not be like the movies, but I’m quite surprised at how much it is not.

For instance, last night Pai and I were watching Batman v Superman and Clark Kent hopped in the tub with Lois Lane with his clothes on. ALL HIS CLOTHES ON. EVEN HIS SHOES. And he had just been grocery shopping! Pai looked at me and said, “That is definitely the movies.” Uh, yeah. Rather than laughing like Lois Lane, my reaction would be more along the lines of, “Ew, no, you’ve been walking outside with those shoes on, what if you stepped in dog poop! This is my clean bathtub, this is my alone time!”

My Selfishness

They always say marriage is like a mirror. While Pai definitely builds me up, encourages me, and loves me well, I see a lot of flaw in myself. And it’s not because Pai points them out. It’s just his general goodness. He is so selfless, compassionate, and kind. He will work late just so he can help out his employees so they can get home sooner. He teaches me a lot about being available to love on people, and not hiding in the bathroom when it’s socializing time at church. (Sometimes that is 100% me.)

The New Relationships We’ve Formed

So, part of this is more likely because we also switched churches shortly after we got married. One of our favorite things to do is have people over for dinner and game nights. In the past six months we’ve made several new friends who are AWESOME. We wanted to be sure that we weren’t the old married couple who hid out and watched Netflix on their couch every night. We are both relationship people, so we make sure that we make a couple nights a week available for girl time, guy time, and time together with friends.

6 Things That Surprised Me About Marriage

The Sexiness of a Clean Kitchen

I truly underestimated how much of a turn on a clean kitchen is. On the days when I come home from grocery shopping, or a long day at work and I see the dishes loaded in the dishwasher and the counters wiped off, I am overjoyed with gratitude. We attended a Valentine’s Day Brunch back in February at our church and there was a discussion panel on marriage. One of the female pastors said, “It’s the sexiest thing to walk in the kitchen and see my husband bent over a dishwasher.” I didn’t understand then, but boy do I now.

How Much I Enjoy Being a Housewife

Even though I consider myself a strong, Christian feminist, I find that I truly enjoy doing the little things at home. Cooking dinner for my husband and myself is a way I get to serve my husband, and a fun stress relief after work – and when Mr. M loads the dishwasher after dinner, it’s even better. We’ve separated house chores pretty well, too. I consider myself lucky that I have a man who loves to do my least favorite chores and vice versa.

How Awesome my Husband Is 

I obviously already knew how awesome my husband is because I chose to marry him. I’m still not used to saying “husband” and signing my new last name. I still get a little giddy inside every time, because I’m just so dang proud of my husband and am so honored to be a part of his family. I learn so much from Pai every day. I learn so much about him, too. The idiosyncrasies we both have are somewhat hysterical. We are both so particular about certain things, and we’re both just learning to let it be so. I love how Pai is so passionate about whatever he sets his mind to – his most current adventure being gardening. He gets hyper focused and incredibly enthusiastic. He loves me in a way that shows me the love of Jesus. His love for people comes from a source of joy that can only be from an intimate relationship with God. He makes me want to be a better person. And he’s stinkin’ hot, so that’s pretty awesome too. 😉

6 Things That Surprised Me about Marriage


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