9+ Ways to Give Back This Christmas Season

9 + Ways to Give Back this Christmas Season

Yesterday I got the pre-emptive winter blues when I realized Christmas was only two weeks away, which means my favorite season is almost over.

I love the Christmas season for so many reasons: I love the music, the movies, the busy atmosphere, the holiday parties, studying the Advent – all of it! It’s easy to get bogged down with the commercialization of Christmas. It is easy to lose sight of why we celebrate Christmas, and sharing joy with those around us.

One big way to spread Christmas cheer is by getting outside yourself and giving back to charities! Today I’ve paired up with Tiffany from Endless Bliss while she does Blogmas, and we are teaming up to share several ways to give back during this Christmas season!

9 + Ways to Give Back this Christmas Season

Give Your Money

Send a Shoebox

Operation Christmas Child

My home church does Operation Christmas Child every year. I loved to pick out a child and an age and pack a shoe box full of goodies. It’s a fun, inexpensive way to give back some joy and good into the world!

Local ministries that support children and teens of low income families/inmates 

Check with your nearest food pantry, homeless rescue mission for a program like Angel Christmas Tree to bring joy to kids and teenagers in your city! My small group each pitched in a determined amount of money and went shopping to sponsor a kid in our local area. It was not only a fun night of shopping, but it also was a great opportunity to give back into our community!

Give a goat

Plan International

With Plan International, there are so many ways to give a family hope. You can support a family by buying a pair of goats for $110! There are several other options in the link above

Send kids to school for a year

International Rescue Committee

Support a young woman by sending her to school for a year. Education is a primary element to abdicate poverty in rural areas. When a young girl has provision to allow her to still go to school, she is less likely to become a child bride, and more likely to build a sustainable business for her family.

Mushayamunda Christian Development Foundation

MCDF is our family’s ministry in Zimbabwe that feeds orphans and widows. You can sign up to sponsor a child’s schooling fees for just a little over $100!

Support a Refugee Family

Hope for the Holidays

Can you imagine not living in your own country, your own home, not being able to work or understand the language? I have good friends in Louisville, KY who have become involved with a local refugee resettlement program. While I couldn’t find a holiday program specificially for this program in Louisville, KY, I did find a Hope for the Holidays program through the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services. The deadline is December 13th (today!) so if you’re like for an activity tonight – it’s the perfect fit. 🙂

9 + Ways to Give Back this Christmas Season

Give Your Time

If money is tight this time of year, there are still several ways to give back to your community without spending money!

-Go Caroling at the local nursing home, jail, or in your neighborhood!

-Make homemade Christmas cards to send to widows and widowers in your community.

-Bake goodies and ding dong ditch your neighbors. Leave the food on the doorstep!

-Invite people into your home for a Christmas dinner.

For more ways to give back, check out Tiffany’s blog!

What are ways you can give back to your community this Christmas season?