From Bloggers to Bridesmaids

When I woke up this morning, I saw that it was 63 on the thermostat. SIXTY-THREE. INDOORS. Now I love a cold night’s sleep (I actually had the AC on in my room last night) but that is far too frigid for someone who is rudely awakened by her alarm clock and forced from her cozy covers. Y’all, it’s officially fall. Bring on the cardigans and blanket sweaters.

Hottest Trend this Fall - Blanket Scarves and Burgundy Pants

Sadly, it’s been an entire month since I last hopped upon this little place. I’ve been traveling throughout the Appalachian region and beyond for work this past month. When all you do is drive and talk at fairs and drive some more, you really only have enough energy to put on a little face mask and watch Grey’s Anatomy for the 5th (or 6th?) time in a row.

So much has happened, though, that I couldn’t let this month pass by without telling you about the grand adventures we went on throughout the month of September.

One of my favorite parts of September was traveling to Pennsylvania to see two great friends get married (not to each other, to their respective grooms!) Yup, we went to two weddings in a day – both in Pennsylvania. How we managed that is luck and a lack of traffic. My good blogging friend, Erica, married her sweet husband, Jamie. She originally asked if I would be a bridesmaid, but I wasn’t able to since I had another wedding later in the afternoon. Instead, I had the honor and privilege to pray the intercessory prayers. (And she gets the honor of being a bridesmaid at my wedding!! #FromBloggerstoBridesmaids) Since Erica is Catholic, her wedding was essentially a Catholic mass. It was my first time experiencing Catholic mass, but I was thankful for the opportunity to worship God in a new way. In mass, I can see how it would be easy to go through the motions after doing the same thing every week, but I also see how it is a great way to “go back to the basics” and practice purposeful reverence. All that said, Erica’s wedding was lovely. And she had roses, no surprise there.

from bloggers to bridesmaids

The night before her wedding I was able to join them for a delicious rehearsal dinner and hang out with the bridesmaids and Erica afterwards while we all discussed weddings and married life. I had met Erica back in March – but we talk almost on a daily basis – but I had never met any of her other bridesmaids before. It was crazy, though, how at home I felt with everyone even though I only knew them for a few hours! It’s a great testament to the types of friendships you make when a stranger can join you and feel like an insider.

After Erica’s ceremony, Pai and I high tailed it to another friend’s wedding about an hour away. We got to sit outside next to a creek and the woods while our college friends wrote the sweetest vows for each other and their pastor (the bride’s dad) delivered the most beautiful, intentional wedding sermon I’ve ever heard.

The following Sunday Pai and I took our first long road trip together – 8 hours! – and didn’t even argue (although I was particularly whiny at 11 o’clock after we had been driving all day and I did not like a song on the radio.) It felt like a long date, which we hadn’t had in a while since I had been gone for work. We drove a few hours and stopped at an outlet store where I did not need to spend money at Gap buying burgundy pants and a whine colored sweater. Oops. Then we drove a few more hours and stopped at the sweetest place in the world – The Hershey Factory! We didn’t have enough time to do many of the excursions, but we did make sure to go on the tour. It was fascinating (and smelled delicious!) to see how the cacao bean is harvested and how they process it. I’m also excited that they are on a mission to ethically source their chocolate.

the sweetest place in the world

We also had to make a stop at Red Robin because Pai had never been there and I just really needed some hamburgers and bottomless fries. Seriously y’all, all I’ve eaten over travel season is french fries. I just go through these phases where all I want is one thing. Three years ago it was flaming hot cheetos, this time it’s french fries. ANY french fries. Give me the salty goodness.

So that was the first exciting weekend in September. Stay tuned later this week for pictures of the cutest little bridal shower you ever did see!

What was your favorite part of September?



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