How to get out of the January Slumps

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Admittedly, I have fallen off the face of the earth this month. I like to call it The January Slumps. I know I know, I’ve talked about it before. Can we all just take a step back and raise our hands if we’ve struggled with being a blogger? Adulting? Cooking for ourselves? Cleaning up after ourselves?

How did I become an adult whose discipline went straight out the window and into the frosty air? It was like when I came back from Christmas vacation I forgot how to take care of myself and instead caught up on Season 4 of New Girl in one weekend and picked up hand lettering when in reality I probably should have picked up a dish or two.

You know it becomes a problem when your boyfriend who hates doing the dishes says, “Can I help you with the dishes sometime?” And I’m all like, “Am I not clean enough for you right now?” And then there’s a *chirp chirp.* And then I clean up.

I’m not really sure what has taken over me. Maybe the sheer amount of ridiculous New Year’s Resolutions I made.

-Re-learn the violin

-Memorize a Bible verse every week

-Less Netflix

-Go to bed early

-Start on Creative Writing Portfolio/E-Book

-Learn to like broccoli

I put a lot on myself, and then I overwhelm myself, and then I freeze up and do nothing. I was talking to my blogging bestie, Erica, about my problems and decided that rather than coming up with goals for the whole new year, that breaking them up by weeks and months would be better!

Like Bob Goff says, quit something every Thursday. There are a lot of things I should quit. There are also a lot of things I should take up and I’m only one person. The older I get, the more perfectionistic I get. I chide myself deeply anytime I do something wrong. Rather than overcoming failure, I just sink into a sort of slump. Thus, the January slumps.

Can any of you relate? The thing that always help me is making lists. Enjoy my list of advice I should really follow.

How to get out of the January Slumps

Step 1: Recognize you are in the slumps

Take some time to explore your feelings. Why are you in the slumps? For me, it was a combination of guilt that I couldn’t be home with my family longer and the stress that is switching schedules so frantically. I piled a lot on myself and got emotionally tired.

Step 2: Reflect on your feelings

Don’t just think about why you are in the slumps. Do something to help you process the slumps. Journal, color, paint. Turn your phone off, turn your computer off, turn your TV off. Enjoy and embrace the quiet.

Step 3: Set Boundaries.

For me, the only thing I want to do when I’m in the January Slumps is to numb myself by scrolling through Instagram, watching Netflix, or just pinning workouts that I don’t want to do. What helps with these mind-numbing habits is creating boundaries. Set a 5-7 minute block every couple of hours to scroll through Instagram. If not, you may find yourself on a page of cat vines and watch them over. and over. and over and 3 hours later what have you done with your day?!

Step 4: Set Goals

Now that you have your boundaries set, come up with goals that you want to complete. I like to write down 1 thing I want to accomplish each week, and then track my progress. For instance, last week my goal was to be on social media less. I set times to check Instagram. This worked great for 1 day while I was working. When all the Snow Days hit, I just scrolled through every now and then. However, because I was more conscious of how I was spending my time, I did get on social media less. I felt a lot healthier the less I was on my phone and even on the Internet! If you’ll notice, I only blogged twice at the beginning of last week. I spent the rest of my week playing games with Pai’s family and reading lots of books.

Step 5: Celebrate

If you meet the goal at the end of your week or end of your day – celebrate! Treat yourself to a bubble bath (I recommend this one daily) or treat yourself to your weekly latte. Take yourself out on a coffee date with a good book – but don’t celebrate with more mind-numbing things like Netflix. Enrich your life!

I believe in mental health. If you have the time available and need a mental health day, take it! We stress physical well-being so much that we often forget our emotional and mental well-being. Treat your body holistically. Like you would put healthy food in and exercise your body (do as I say, not as I do. Sincerely, the girl who eats a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos and regrets it the moment the bag is empty) put healthy things in and exercise your mind.

What do you like to do to get out of the slumps? Tell me your favorite thing in the comments!

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