I Started a War. . .

check your passion before you post

Check your passion before you post.

Something I am definitely guilty of not doing enough. I don’t really consider myself a political person, but in light of recent events, I guess I am. I consider myself a passionate person. And that’s where I can get myself into trouble.

I genuinely want a healthy conversation, and I learned Facebook is not the place to have those. I posted out of confusion yesterday. I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t passionate. Just baffled. I genuinely wanted an honest, healthy conversation with people with whom I don’t see eye to eye.

My heart is hurting along with many people both in our country and in countries around the world. We live in a place where we prize Facebook wars, our comfortable lives and our opinions. We fear the unknown. We reject those who disagree.

We live in a broken world. But there are beautiful people around us. And I have to choose to find the gold.

The beauty of speaking out is that you learn.

You learn about your own heart, and where lies the heart of others.

You learn about how you could have/would have/should have said something differently.

You learn that your opinion is not always right.

Some people agree with you, and some people will light you on fire with their dissent.

But in all – you learn to see the beautiful privilege of speech – even the words furiously pounded onto a quiet keyboard.

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