a Literary Bachelorette Party

A Literary Bachelorette Party

OK so this is the post I have BY FAR been the most excited to write about – the bachelorette party. My sister, Abigail, who was also my maid of honor made sure she quite outdid herself by throwing the most fun, exciting, and (mostly) clean bachelorette party there ever was. It was the perfect way to start off wedding week, so I can’t wait to relive it with you here today!

Anyone who knows me I love three things: books, coffee, and music my mother never let me listen to in high school.

Abigail kicked me out of my own house the evening of the bachelorette party so she could decorate. Although we were hitting the town of Asheville for the main portion of our evening, she wanted to make sure the final portion of the night was still cute and fabulous. I got ready for the evening while she decorated the house with some of my friends. She had printed out several engagement photos of Pai and myself and pasted them onto the walls of our living room. Being the sentimental sap I am, I kept them up for so long that Pai finally said, “People think we have a shrine to ourselves. It’s time to take them down.” #truth

To begin the night, Abigail booked us a reservation at Zombra’s in Asheville, NC. Zombras is a tapas and wine bar. We each could pick out about two appetizers each and shared among each other and oh. my. goodness. The food was amazing. Abigail, being the cute and crafty thinker she is, made place cards for everyone to sit at. I loved Zombras because we were seated in a corner booth and there were pillows everywhere. It definitely had a Spanish but hipster vibe going on, and the mood lighting and our corner made it the perfect little dinner getaway.

a literary bachelorette party

After dinner, a couple of the girls distracted me while Abigail went to set up the next part of the evening. We walked around Asheville until we found The Chocolate Fetish, my favorite chocolate store in the city. The Chocolate Fetish serves truffles, so went in to peruse the offers and I found a truffle called “The African Queen,” so of course a couple of my friends surprised me with one.

a literary bachelorette party

We finally caught up with Abigail at my favorite place in the world – The Battery Parks Book Exchange. This is a fun bookstore in Asheville that I’m obsessed with. They have a bar that serves wine, beer, literary cocktails, and coffee. The carpet is a fun bright red color (think Edgar Allen Poe red) and the bookcases are dark black. It’s a two story bookstore, but with a split level as well, with lots of seating areas. You can bring your dogs and just sit and read and sip on whatever beverage you like for the afternoon. So Abigail had coordinated with the bookstore to host a lounge party in a cornered off section of the bookstore.

But someone else was hosting their own party – the Santas. At the bookstore on this particular night there was a Santa Con festival. There were drunk Santas, drunk reindeers, drunk elves, drunk Christmas fairies EVERYWHERE. When we got into the bookstore and ordered our drinks, the server said, “Are you the bachelorette party? I’ve never been so happy to see a bachelorette party in my life.” We were very tame.


Abigail set the mood for the lounge party with cute decor and fun games. We played a game where I had to guess what answers Pai wrote down for certain questions and if I lost, then I had to eat a jelly bean. But it wasn’t any old jelly bean, it was Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans. Y’all HP fans raise your hands if you know what I’m talking about. I ate dirty gym sock, dog food, and spoiled milk. BLEGH.

She had also compiled everyone’s favorite quotes from their favorite books and had each of them read their quotes and why they chose it. As an avid lover of books and all things inspirational, I was definitely a fan. Abigail even made gift bags for all the bridesmaids and she was so thoughtful with each thing she put in the bag – a note book for memories, a paperweight with our initial & wedding date so they could remember to pray for us whenever they saw it, tissues for crying, a face mask, and more!

The bookstore closed at 11, so we had to leave but the party wasn’t over. We drove the whole way home with 2000s hip hop blasting and me rapping along to every word.

When we got back to my house, Abigail poured out more food. There was chocolate covered strawberries and assortments of fruit, and chocolate candy which they had to put into certain molds that I never approved of. . . But it was all in good fun.

a literary bachelorette party

We ate more, giggled more, and I opened a few gifts they gave me for after the wedding. Abigail’s intent was for us to watch a girly bridesmaid movie, but by the time we were done with everything it was 3, almost 4am and I had fallen asleep on the couch.

I woke up the next morning feeling groggy for all the best reasons. It was officially wedding week, so Abigail, my friend who stayed with me to help me out with last minute wedding chores, and I christened the week by drinking coffee all day and watching The Notebook.

a literary bachelorette party

Advice for future brides: don’t watch The Notebook the week of your wedding when you’ve only had 4 hours of sleep because you will sob uncontrollably. Part of it is because the movie is sad. Part of it is because your motions are whacko.

All in all, it was the most fun I think I’ve ever had, and it was the best day of my life up until December 10th. 🙂

a literary bachelorette party

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