One of my Christmas Favorites – Ugly Sweaters!

So I had an ugly sweater once. I got it in a thrift store on a date in high school. When that guy and I broke up, I burned the sweater – not because I hated him, but because my best friend was mad at the guy she dated and so we just had a big bonfire.

Now I regret burning that sweatshirt, because I definitely could have worked it at an ugly sweater Christmas party.

But last year I made my own sweater. . . and rocked it.

I wish I had more ugly sweaters, so maybe this means that I should shop at my dear friend Brennan’s Etsy shop. . . whenever he opens it.

SPEAKING OF Brennan! He was on the blog last December talking about his blog.I’ve been following this blog for at least three years, (maybe 4?) and he cracks me up with his adorable Christmas sweaters and quirky, hilarious sense of humor.

But I’ll shut up and let him tell you all about how he’s doing things a little differently this year.

I’m back, friends! My name is Brennan Tracy, and I am the weirdo who runs Brennan’s 25 Days of Ugly Christmas Apparel! 

Last year, Nina asked me to do a guest post on her blog. 
(What? You don’t remember that?! You silly reindeer. Check it out HERE.)
This year, she asked me to do another guest post, and I was absolutely delighted! 
Last time, I talked about my “origin story.” 
This year, I’ll tell you how my blog has evolved over the last couple years, address a few FAQs, and tell a funny story because I’m a dork.
Originally, it was just pictures of me wearing a crazy sweater each day.
In year 3, I decided to give a holiday music album of the day to continue making the season brighter. 
(Today has been a Sufjan Stevens kind of day)

This year, I decided to add Christmas mugs to the mix!
I have an obsession with mugs. 
It seemed appropriate to add that to my Christmas obsession. 
It just makes sense. 
Many people ask me questions like “Where do you get all of your sweaters and mugs?” 
and “What do you do with them after you’re done?”
Well, I raid all of the local thrift stores! One in particular in Robinson, IL is called Turnabout. 
The ladies who work there know me now and know what I’m after. It’s quite hilarious. 
All my old sweaters are in boxes in my basement. I’ve sold a few to some friends and family. 
I do plan to sell them all online at some point on Etsy or Ebay, but I haven’t gotten around to putting them up yet… Stay tuned? 
This is a funny story… I was in the thrift store getting mugs, and an old lady asked if it bothered me that one I was looking at was chipped. I said, “No I don’t mind. It gives it character.” And she said, “I just couldn’t buy one that wasn’t chipped.”
I just stood there and I had this internal monologue going on about the character Chip from Beauty and the Beast. Did Mrs. Potts disown Chip because he had a flaw? No! Of course not! In fact she loved him more than her apparent other kids. 
Then I continued to think about the other 500 plot holes in the movie. I finally realized I was just awkwardly standing there and staring at this lady. I decided I needed to move on with my life and awkwardly walked away. 
I also wanted to point out that my blog has the word “Apparel” rather than “Sweaters.”
I don’t want to be limited to just sweaters. There are plenty of other Christmasy articles of clothing that cannot be ignored. 
We’re only in Day 10, and the apparel is strategically planned out to get worse as the it gets closer to the 25th. I hope the last day doesn’t disappoint… 
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I look forward to interacting with you soon!
Stay tacky,
– Brennan


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