So I’m actually definitely an extrovert {5 Minute Fridays}

So last week, I explored the possibility of me becoming introverted. I love being by myself, reading, and journaling, but I also love being around people. I definitely thought I was becoming introverted, but then I found this link on Buzzfeed about being an extrovert. Go read it. It’s full of GIFS and lovely facts about extroverts. I’ll wait patiently . . . 

So after reading this link I was like Holy cheeseballs . . . I am not an introvert I relate to every single thing on this list. Nothing about me is introverted except that sometimes I hate people. But then other times, usually on a Friday night when I have nothing to do, nowhere to go, no people to see, I am going crazyyyyyyyy and my tweets are all like “I’m so lonely, someone love me please. Just spend time with meeeee!” Granted, I don’t run into these kind of nights too often, because I always try to make sure that I am doing something for at least a couple hours.

But you know . . . being an extrovert is kind of tough, because I definitely feel like I’m the loudest person in a room, and I’m so full of life, energy, and lack of tact. I know I make a fool of myself, and I embarrass myself and make situations awkward. I sort of feel like Jess from New Girl, although I pray I’m not that awkward. I just speak without thinking a lot, and I honestly wish that sometimes I was a bit more introverted than I am now. Because I want to be mature. And I feel like my lack of tact is often a result of my lack of filter and probably somewhat immaturity. But seriously, I can be mature when I need to be.

So yeah . . . I don’t know if I’m an introvert or an extrovert. I think I’m both. Or a wanna be.



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Thankful Thursday

Aaaand now it is time for “Thankful Thursday,” the part of the blog where we all come out and say all we are thankful for. 

My Thursday was so wonderful, that I almost didn’t get this post up on Thursday. So hold onto your hats and be jealous because I have great friends.

Today, I am thankful for . . . 

  • My legs which pulled me through an hour run and even didn’t let me stop when I felt like my stomach was going to fall out of me. I really can’t wait for the day when I can run, or just go around every day life without feeling sick. 
  • The rain which kept me cool during my run. It is seriously so much fun to run in the rain. And that sentence was one of the funnest sentences I have ever written. 
  • Small town garages which “hook you up” when you are low on cash. The man said it was our “secret,” so everything must remain anonymous. But seriously, this nice fella helped this girl with new windshield wipers when she was low on cash and it was raining outside. Such a sweetheart
  • Technology! I was able to Facetime one of my good friends whom I haven’t seen in a year! 
  • Rain because of rain boots. My rain boots are so adorable. If you don’t believe me, just have a look see.
  • And finally, I am thankful for Taco Bell, Tasty Time (fro yo bar), Tara Time. This girl is seriously the sweetest, but we never get to hang out. She’s also a faithful blog reader of mine, and that makes my blog feel special! 
  • At Tasty Time, they have strawberry bobas, which are basically like a party in your mouth and I’m obsessed and love them. My sisters thinks they are like popping a water blister, but I. LOVE. THEM. 
  • Oh, I’m also thankful for my new nephew, Sal, and my Facebook/Instagram friends for not hating me because I spam them with pictures of this cutie and me.

Rainboots. They are pointed. They are like Cowgirl rainboots. How fun?!
She’s the cutest, right?
Seriously. Party. In. Your. Mouth. Huge Party.



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15 Things I’m Really Good At

Sometimes when you’ve had a bad day, or you’re down in the grumps, and your feel like a total failure, you just have to look at yourself and appreciate the things you’re good at. Even if they are just average.
  1. Watching TV. I can watch hours of mindless sitcoms. Now, watching movies? I’m not so great at that. Unless I’m in a movie theatre. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  2. Drinking coffee. I am so good at this, that I sometimes drink too much coffee in one day. For those of you who say this is impossible, my racing heart argues differently.
  3. Google. I am an expert at googling things. 
  4. Pretending I’m productive. I have been trying to clean my room all week since May and while I walk around feeling accomplished . . . I’m actually not.
  5. Eating while driving.
  6. Lying. I am terrible at eating while driving. I also am horrible at lying.
  7. Rapping like Nicki Minaj. I’m pretty much the white version of Nicki Minaj. Just call me Nina Minaj. 
  8. Drinking Dr. Pepper. I may or may not have consumed the better part of a liter in one evening at work.
  9. Tweeting. I am so good at tweeting that sometimes losers unfollow me just because my tweets are too awesome for them to handle. Their loss. I’m hilarious. 
  10. Procrastinating. I would make one of those cliché procrastinating jokes like “will answer this bullet tomorrow,” but it’s just not worth it. 
  11. Texting back. It might be scary how fast I text back. It might show that I have no life. But at least you know that I care about what you have to say and I reply in a timely fashion.
  12. Being dramatic. Especially when I am using that IT band rolly thingy after I’ve started running again. Never in my life have I experienced something that painful.
  13. Making lists. I. Love. Making. Lists. Lists are wonderful. They keep you organized. They make the world go round. 
  14. Using the correct usage of “your/you’re; their/there/they’re.” This one is a biggie for me. If you text me the incorrect usage of the above words, and it’s not an autocorrect, your number will be deleted from my phone forever and you can bet your bottom dollar you will not be getting a date. (Just kidding, I love free food.)
  15. Baking brownies. From the box, of course. But you know what I’m even better at than baking brownies? Getting rid of the leftover brownie batter. With my tongue. Yum.
The best part of baking brownies is eating the batter.

What are some average things you’re really good at?


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The Weekend Update

Whuttup, Monday. It’s so good to see you! My weekend was fantastic, and it started on Thursday.

I woke up to this humongous plate of bacon and cinnamon rolls. And then when I swallowed the last swig of my Dominican coffee, I discovered some unfiltered coffee grounds and almost threw up all the bacon that was sitting in my belly. Good times almost turned into bad.
I enjoyed some pool time with these kiddos. The water was freezing and the air was like 73°, which is about 35° cooler than I am used to. 
On Friday, I finally splurged and got my hurr did up professional style. It’s not too different, but we extended my roots so now I’m rockin the oh-so popular ombré style. I also had my eyebrows waxed for the first time in 7/8 months. Never. again. will I wait that long. It took her a solid 15 minutes to reconstruct the damage that had occurred to my eyebrows via yours truly. I just need to accept the fact that paying $12 is way better than plucking my eyebrows myself.
I also befriended a poky hedgehog. He pooped on me.
And was finally reunited with my bestie after practically a whole summer apart. We’ve been best friends for 9 years! #HollaAtYaBoi
Saturday afternoon my Mom, sister and I attended a sweet birthday party for an adorable lady in our church. She is seriously the cutest. She even has her own TV show!

I picked up this hobo/aka my Bestie and we got half-priced milkshakes. Don’t be jealous, but it definitely brought all the boys to the yard.
The Bestie is an awesome nail painter, and she loves it. She says it’s “therapeutic.” This is totally fine by me, cause I suck at nail painting. I also suck at sitting still. Then she gets angry when she has to paint my thumb nail for the 3 time and has a death grip  holds onto my thumb until it dries.
Look at your woman, now back to me . . . now back to your woman, now back to me. Sadly, she is not me. But she can smell like me if she buys these soaps (that I set up) at Bath and Body Works on Sunday night. 
Now look at me, I’m on a loft. 

For those of you who did not understand my parody of the Old Spice commercials, reevaluate your life. Then go youtube Old Spice commercials with Isaiah Mustafa. Sexy. Black. Man.
I figure since I’m going to try be a legit blogger now, it’s okay to take mirror selfies. I love everything about this outfit that I wore to church Sunday – from the sports watch, to the cross bracelet that I made at the Lily House, to the seashell ring I wore. You can’t really see the jewelry, though. Oh. and the shoes. I <3 shoes. But I’m seriously loving this little red dress. I got it from my sister. She said, do you want this dress? It’s “fo freeeee, so I said, shuw” — I don’t blame you as much if you don’t get the Bridesmaids quote. 
Speaking of my sister, she is pretty awesome. Big shout out to her for running short and slow with me on my first run in like 3 months. I’m such an emotional runner. When I’m grumpy or stressed, I run. I’ll run consistently for 3 weeks straight, then I won’t run for 3 months. So I guess I’m an emotional binge runner.
I also did this at work on Sunday night. I was thinking, “Wow, I am so glad that our box cutters are safety proof, because I totally would have stabbed myself by now.” Then BOOM. Off comes my middle finger. Just kidding. I just cut it near the nail and it bled profusely for a half hour and I had to make a makeshift bandaid and it messed up my cutesy manicure that the Bestie did Saturday night. (She never reads my blog, so she’ll never know, therefore she cannot hate me for this accident.)
Deuces, Weekend. See ya on the flip side.


This weekend update brought to you by:

Sami's Shenanigans

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Introversion {5 Minute Fridays}

This is my new blogging sanctuary for the 3 short weeks that I am home: 

Bonita, verdad?

When I was younger, I was a social butterfly. I still am very much a social butterfly. I don’t like to stay home all day. I love to be out of the house – even just for a run. It’s even better, though, when I get to enjoy coffee with friends, or lunches, or going out dancing. However, there is a limit to how much social interaction I can take.

I swear that the older I get, the more introverted I become. I didn’t even notice it until this summer. As much as I love being around people, I love to just be by myself as well. I love to just sit and read, or listen to music, or blog. I love blogging. 

I think it is really healthy to have alone time. A lot of times we are scared to be alone because we are scared of our thoughts. I like to stay so busy sometimes that I don’t have time to process and think, but if I have learned anything this summer, I learned that we should embrace our minds and our thoughts.

But then I can only take so much alone time. Life for me has to be this perfect balance of social interactions and alone time. I expect the people in my life to know when I need what I need. Okay, I don’t really, but wouldn’t that help if people could read my mind? Just kidding . . . I would not wish that horror movie on anybody. Especially with how fast my mind jumps from one subject to another. I think I have self-diagnosed ADD. See? I just completely changed subjects.

I was speaking with my Dad about this and he said “I think introversion comes with maturity.” So if that isn’t motivation to become more introverted, then I don’t know what is.


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