Smokey Takes Over [When the Cat Blogs]

So we have this cat, Smokey. He’s been with us for 11 years now, which makes me both happy and sad. I’m happy because we’ve had such a good pet for so long. He loves us, I’m pretty sure. It makes me sad, though, because he’s old. And I’m extremely allergic to him, so I can’t love on him. Sometimes I wonder if it bothers him, so I’ve asked him to take over for the day. He said he had much too many rodents to kill today that he couldn’t possibly, but when I told him that I would feed him twice today, he gladly obliged.


I apologize, dear Humans. This is my first time at this so called “Photoshop” thing. Nina says I’m not very good. But how would she know? She’s no expert herself.
Good morning, Human Blogging Friends. 
What are you all doing with your lives, wasting away on the internet? Nina reads blogs like she gets paid for it. Sadly, she does not, which makes me feel sorry for her. I’ve been with Nina since she was a sassy eleven year old. Not much has changed, except her age and she has learned to direct her sassiness towards people other than her parents. Sometimes I worry about my family, that they don’t get enough food. That’s why I like to leave mice, rats, and chipmunks on the back door. They never seem to like it when I pick up dinner for them. Curious. 
Once I watched Nina shovel my chipmunk offering off the back door step. She carried it ever so gingerly (do you humans use that term anymore? I hardly keep up with such trivial things as the changes in langauge. Society has become so unrefined, with all your “IDK, my BFF Jill!” blabber and such. Tsk tsk. Learn some real words.) Anyway, she carried it across the driveway and threw it off into the woods. The woods! I worked hard to catch that chipmunk, and she just threw it away! All the while, she was dry heaving and squealing “ew ew ew ew ew ew ew.’
See if I ever try to feed my family again. 
Living the life of a cat is hard work. All day long I stalk my prey, and then I like to take naps right in front of the back door where people have to walk over me (or else they trip.) Nina has told me she is pretty certain I was a panther in my past life. I wouldn’t be surprised. I am an excellent hunter. 
I actually started out as a street cat. I learned how to survive on my own as a baby. I, of course, said no to cat nip whenever offered. That delicious monstrosity will get you higher than a kite, plus, it packs on the pounds like nothing else I’ve eaten before. (Although I’ve heard far too often recently that I am quote fat, unquote.) My mother abandoned me. Thankfully, Momma Carrie (that’s my human mom now) found me on the side of the road. She told her husband (who is now my human dad. I like to cuddle with him and leave my cat hair all over his nice work clothes) that she needed to adopt me since it was her birthday. 
So here I am, just trying to give back to the people that loved me, trying to provide for my family, while they reject me when I bring home the bacon. It frustrates me to no end. Just take the da- Just take the food! My apologies, I’m still trying to rain in what some may call a potty mouth. Some street habits die hard. 
Sometimes I’m tempted to wander off, and see if they can survive without me. But since I already know that answer is no, then I’m satisfied to stay right here. 
Alas, this post is getting too long, and the day has gotten shorter already. I must now go taunt the dog (who they keep in a fence. We obviously see who they like better. Me. I roam free.)
My human interrupting my meal because “It’s for the blog.”

Here I am, about to bite my human for getting on my nerves.

“For the last time, Nina. No, I will not take another selfie.”


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What You Should Be Listening to This Summer

If you’re anything like me, you crave music that makes you feel, that makes you want to dance. While I’ve been told I don’t have the best musical taste in the whole entire world, I think I’ve got the FDA approved (Fun, Danceparty, and Awesome) playlist that can make your life go from drab to fab. 




1) Big Booty Women: Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears

 This song will make you want to get up and shake your rump, even if you aren’t a BBW. Small bootys represent. This is the song you should listen to alone, or with a friend, driving 30 minutes down the road, or for a roadtrip. It is sure to pull you out of your bad mood. PS Sorry for the boring video



2) Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls) – Foster the People

I’m pretty sure this song was in a Chicklet gum commercial years back? Either way, it makes me want to skip walking down the road, and I know it’ll do that for you too. Walk little, walk tall, my friends.




3) Cold Stone Lips – WE ARE TWIN

This band’s name is in all caps, which makes me feel like they are yelling at me. YES. I KNOW YOU ARE TWIN. Except, I’m pretty sure they aren’t. Anyhow, one day I stumbled across them because they were the free single of the week on iTunes last year, and they are pretty fabulous. Talk about throw back to Amy Winehouse.  They are fantastic.




4) California Gurls – Katy Perry

I love me some Katy Perry, and this song was my theme song summer of 2011. Too bad I’m a Tennessee Girl, maybe I should make a parody? Surely the California girls cannot have all the fun.




5) Fun Fun Fun – Beach Boys

I’m a firm believer that you cannot have fun in the sun without the Beach Boys. Granted, I haven’t listened to them in about 5 years, but it’s always nice to throw back. Also, does the Beach Boys remind anyone of Uncle Jessie and his love for them? Anyone? Oh, John Stamos. What a stud.




6) Springsteen – Eric Church

Another good one from my summer after high school. I listened to this song like it was crack. This is one of those that just brings up all the feels, ya know? (Even though I don’t really know or care to listen to Springsteen himself)




7) Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira

You cannot have a summer dance party without some Shakira blasting in the background. I’ll admit, my hips do lie sometimes. They say “You can dance!” when I probably can’t. I can move my hips to the right, but to the left is a serious joke. Is it sad that I know this? That means I’ve practiced wayyy too much. And somehow this song just turned into a confession for me. But really though, why can’t we all move like her?




8) West Coast – Lana del Rey

I’m pretty positive that it is illegal to enjoy summer time without listening to Lana del Rey at least once every day. She is the goddess of summer time music. 



9) Problem – Ariana Grande 

This one goes out to all my ex’s and enjoying the freedom of summer time. I got one less problem without you. (Shout-out to my boo thang who makes me happier than a fat kid with cake: this song is not about you) Question: If Iggy Azalea is a rapper, why am I not? 




10) Summer – Calvin Harris

Did y’all think I was going to forget this song? As if! This EDM lovin girl’s gotta have something on here. Party hard, my friends.







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Chicken Soup for the Soul: BOOKS

I’m just in one of those incredible moods today – you know the ones where you’re giddy for absolutely no reason? 


I saw the sunrise this morning, then went back to sleep for three more hours, got in a good thirty minute swim, a lunch date with my dad, and now I’m back out by my pool by myself with  my Sonic Raspberry Limeade and some glorious “Me Time.” I have my 50 SPF + my tanning oil so maybe this white girl will get a teensy bit more bronze by the next time I have to take a picture with someone darker than me.


You know what else is also awesome?? Books.


Books are so good for the soul, and good for your brain, and are just bundles of learning and happiness (or sadness, depending on what you have in your hands.)


Now I must admit, college has turned me into a bit of a book snob. I can’t do trashy romance novels anymore (not that I ever read any, MOM), and I like to glean something out of what I read these days. 


I signed up to do the Book Swap with Tiffany & co this month, and I must encourage all of you to do something like this at least once in your blogging lifetime. 


I was paired with Lissa from all the way across the country, but you can find her little corner of the internet: Here


Lissa and I took some time to get to know each other, and we both found out that even though we have different tastes, we have read a lot of the same books! She’s more interested in the Dystopian mysterious side of things, while I prefer realistic literature. She even had made surveys for us to fill out to get to know each other better! What a smart cookie is she.

I got so excited when I alighted upon a package from her this week. I received not only one, but THREE books! So obviously I have not had time to read them all yet, but they’re the perfect coffee table books. Note to self: Get a coffee table.


Aren’t those page clips adorable?!


Lissa is definitely more creative than I am; I’m even in love with the adorable thumb print card she sent.


She picked the Eat, Shoot, and Leaves book for me because I am an English major. It’s a comedic explanation of why we grammar nazis are the way we are.


Stuff White People Like is based off of my Signs You Might be a Typical White Girl blog post.


Letters from a Nut is this RIDICULOUS book of outrageous complaints and requests from this Ted L. Nancy. I’ve been reading this book at break, and I’m LOL’ing, which I’m sure my co-workers think I’m the nut, because they don’t read much English and don’t understand what I’m laughing at, or quite possibly they don’t even understand me half the time. Which, that isn’t saying much because I don’t understand me half the time. 


Lissa was probably the best partner in this swap, so I feel sad for all of you who didn’t have her. But besides being an awesome partner, it’s been lovely getting to meet and get to know someone new. Creating new friendships is really what this blogging community is all about, right? 


Summer Blog Swap
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God’s Faithfulness



I feel like writing sarcastically is my style. I have found my niche in trying to humor people. But there is a time to be silly, and there is a time to be serious. . Today I just want to take a chunk out of the serious cookie and talk about how great God is. 


Yesterday, I was convicted during Sunday School about how we use God’s Name. Ashamedly, I have found myself taking the Lord’ Name in vain every now and then. But taking God’s Name in vein doesn’t even stop there, it’s how we represent Him. If we are Christians and not living a Christlike lifestyle, then we are using his Name in vein. I never thought of it that way until my Sunday School teacher pointed that out. And all God’s people grabbed their toes and said ouch! 


I wonder, though, how often we would use God’s Name if we were only allowed to say His Name in praise. I try to have a childlike wonder at things of God, but it’s so hard the older I get. The older I get, the more I see the evil around me. But do you know what is also awesome? The older I get, the more I choose to surround myself in a community that uplifts the Name of the Lord, and the more I see the goodness of God, and the goodness of people. 


In my life, I’m trying to adopt an attitude of prayer. This is an area I can always do better in. I want to become a prayer warrior, and I want to grow in the Lord by trusting Him more. I think I’ve talked about it before, but trusting Him is hard for me even though He proves Himself over and over. The funny thing is, my God is mighty. He needs not prove Himself to me. Like who am I to need God to prove why He is worthy of my love and trust? But here I am before God and all of you, unfolding my struggles before you. 


God is and always will be faithful in our lives, but sometimes we don’t always see the evidence in the moment. Right now, God has blessed me with almost instant gratification. I know it will not always be like this, and it hasn’t always been like this. Very often I look back in retrospect and I see God’s handprint in my life. But right now, I am in a place where, very soon, I have to start making big life decisions and it’s stressing me the heck out. It’s pretty cool, though, because this is an opportunity for me to 100% lean on God, and for me to bask in God’s faithfulness.


Here’s just one example: I also struggle with tithing. I do it, but I don’t always do it, and I don’t always do it with a happy heart. But I am committed to making a habit out of giving 10% back to God, because I want to be an obedient child.


Yesterday I tithed and then I went to work. I’m working at a restaurant on weekends right now. I hostess and I am a cashier. Sundays can be crazy days, but I actually felt the impact of all those hungry Baptists wanting their food pronto. One lady was hateful and rude towards me, and I felt like I could cry because I was so stressed. All the other waiters were extremely busy, and I seated a table of two gentleman. About five minutes later I passed them and no one had been by to check on them, so I spoke with my manager to make sure it was ok. I put on my (figurative) waitressing hat and waited my first table ever in my whole entire life. Thank goodness I had such sweet and gracious men, because I was still running around like a chicken with their head cut off. I was also late in getting a to-go order to a couple from my church, and I felt horrible about that.


I’m getting to the point of the story, I promise. 


I don’t have a ton of money right now because I don’t know how to save money. But I was obedient in tithing yesterday. I needed a little extra cash to hold me over until my next pay check just for gas, but my money went in the offering plate. At work, the nice gentlemen at my one table and the couple from my church both tipped me. It wasn’t a ton, but it was almost to the exact dollar the amount of money I tithed at church. God gave me back just what I needed, because I was obedient. If that doesn’t show God’s faithfulness, I don’t know what else does.


God is good, all the time.

Oceans (Where My Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United on Grooveshark

Claiming this song in my life right now. 


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WARNING: Photo Heavy Post {Birthday Recap}

Because I don’t want to blow up Instagram with a ton of photos (I may or may not have posted, like, four yesterday. Whatevs, it was my birthday) I’m going to just make a really picture heavy blog post. 


Please allow for a moment of narcissism. 


Yesterday was probably my favorite birthday that I can remember. As I tucked myself in bed at the ungodly time of 2:30 am, curled hair matted into dreadlocks and beyond exhausted, I thought “My heart is so full.” 


I was surrounded by family, my childhood best friend, Kendra, and my loving boyfriend. The only way my day could have been better was if my best friends from school could join. But alas, that is the curse of summer birthdays. In all honesty, I had low hope. I was worried the day would be a bust because I had such high expectations of what I wanted my birthday to be like that I was afraid I would be disappointed. I wasn’t. The day was just absolutely perfect. 


Family photo – it’s hard to believe we are all getting to be so old!

Can we just talk about how adorable this salt & pepper shakers are?! *property of AKW*  

*property of AKW*

I don’t know about y’all, but I like white wedding cake for my birthdays. Also, my real name is Christina. My mom doesn’t like my nick name “Nina” because she never intended me to have a nick name. 10 year old me changed alll that. True story. *property of AKW*

Look at these handsome studs! My brother Luke LOVES Pai. He basically wants to be just like him, and is his constant shadow at home. It’s really endearing except that I get really selfish and don’t like to share my Pai Time. *property of AKW*

#sisterselfie *property of AKW*

Post-Saki face at a shmancy sushi restaurant. I was not a fan. *property of AKW*

This lady has been my best friend for almost 11 years. We’re goofy old ladies who spend most of our time reading books in bed together. *property of AKW*

This guy. Heart faced emojis all over the place. *property of AKW*

I can’t believe my sister is an adult with me! I can’t wait to spend a year making memories at the same college with her! *property of AKW*

And then, of course, I wouldn’t be here without the parentals. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for raising me 21 years, teaching me to love God and love people, to work hard, and for teaching responsibility. Also, thanks for the good genes. I still dance like a white girl without rhythm, btw. *property of AKW*


If you made it to the end of the post, thanks for following along. I felt all the love from you bloggers and tweeters and facebookers yesterday. I just love this blogging community, and I love getting to know all of you, and I’m just full of happiness and love today! (Yes, I’m sober. I’m just a happy person sometimes.)


But now, I must go eat some more cake. 

Hashtag Cake Face. And all my people sang “cake cake cake cake cake” *property of AKW*



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