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A collage of posts I’ve written within the past year or so that have received the most feedback, the highest pageviews, and demonstrate the best of the best that I can offer to this blog. Here you will find social issues, faith, humor, and lifestyle. Click the text link or the photo to read more!

Dear Future Self, Sincerely a Disgruntled 20-Something.

An open letter to myself (and a #subtweet of sorts to the world) about hope

Dear Future Self

25 Things I’d Rather Do than Adult

Part of the Blogging Elite Monthly Link Ups – Being an Adult is Hard

25 Things I'd Rather Do than Adult

 Advice for my Sisters

Pearls of wisdom from a 20-something to the teen-somethings. 

Advice for my Sisters

The Truth About Interracial Relationships

Breaking down stereotypes that some people may have about what it’s like to love someone who doesn’t look like you. 

The Truth about Interracial Relationships

You Know I’m All About That Bass. . . But Not Skinny Shaming

Learning to love EVERY body type, not just booty-licious ones, or thin ones.

All About that Bass

Aaaaaand this is why I’m not a fashion blogger {an open letter to What Not to Wear}

A post showcasing all of my terrible outfit choices.

Why I'm Not a Fashion Blogger

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