Reasons why my Netflix viewing declined

No, this is not about the minor freak out I had Thursday afternoon when Netflix decided to shut down watch instantly and I thought I had lost Grey’s forever. I was going to write a strongly worded open letter, but then I realized they were having technical difficulties and decided to give them grace after sending out a few whiny tweets.


This is about the time when it took me two months to get through two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy rather than two weeks. I have good excuses, too. One of them was that I have been extremely busy with school.


And this is the other reason:



Friends, meet my guy. His name is Pai. (Pronounced like pie. As in: I like chocolate pie.)

A relationship shouldn’t be something that is hard to blog about, but for me it is. A good friend of mine pointed out the reason why, though. She said “Your blog is not very frequently serious, and this is a serious topic to you” and she’s right. I have no idea how to put the last few months into words. For someone who journals and blogs almost daily, this is something I treasure more in my heart rather than on a page.
Last semester I was not at all in a place where I was shining the light of Christ into the lives of other people, and I knew that I was a hot mess. I started going to a different church than the one I previously had been going to. In the Sunday School class, there was this really handsome guy who always said deep and profound things. I didn’t know him very well, but I could see love and Christ overflowing out of his life. I told Chels “I am in no place to date anyone right now. But if I did, I would want to go out with him. Seriously, I wouldn’t hate it if he invited me to go get coffee or something.” Chels encouraged me to ask him out for coffee to get to know him just on a friends basis, but I thought that was too forward and I knew that if I got to know him I would most definitely want to be more than friends.
Fast forward to this semester and I am in a much better place. Christmas break must have worked wonders for me. I was making smarter decisions and getting more involved with my church’s college ministry. I also found myself randomly thinking of this cute guy in my class every now and then. Usually it was on long runs when I was composing funny tweets in my head. One time I came up with a tweet and I thought “I bet he’ll favorite that tweet” and sure enough he did. That’s how I knew he wanted me. Just kidding.
One Saturday afternoon he messaged me on Facebook and asked for my number and we started texting. He asked me what I was doing with my Saturday night and I made myself sound like the damsel in distress I was: “Oh you know, just binge-watching Netflix.” He invited me to a bonfire at a mutual friend’s house. I did not say “Ohh well I don’t want to be an inconvenience,” I did not make him beg, I did not play games. I wanted to hang out with this guy so I just did the mature thing and said Yep, I want to go. The next weekend he asked me out for coffee to get to know each other. A week later, he told me he was interested in getting to know me and pursue me. After that, we spent several days a week with each other, and I started to move from admiring him and respecting him to liking him and developing more of an interest to wishing he would just kiss me already. (which he did, and I didn’t even have to pretend to fiddle with my keys!)

Anyway, he wanted me to meet his family first, and I wanted him to talk to my dad before we moved forward. After Pai met my dad, Pai said “you know we’re still not dating, right?” and I said I knew but I was frustrated. In my mind, we had been dating since the first coffee date a few months back. We were exclusively going out with each other and he was paying for my food consistently. We were totally dating.

The next day I texted a friend of ours and told him I was being really impatient, which was true. I woke up last Thursday on the completely wrong side of the bed. I hated everyone, my coffee made me sick to my stomach, which made me hate everyone even more. Thursday night, Pai said he had something for me. He picked me up and we drove down to the soccer fields where he used to be a soccer superstar back when he was in school. We talked for a few minutes and then he gave me a letter. I read the sweetest and most genuine words any guy has ever written to me. Then at the end of the letter, there was this:

 We didn’t have a pen, so naturally I sliced my finger open and signed it with blood.
Kidding. I said yes of course I would be his girlfriend.

He was dropping me off and we were doing the thing that couples normally do before they say goodbye, shake hands in a professional fashion, when this guy walks up to us and says “Oh! I didn’t know you two were a thing.” . . . “Yeah, we are.” . . . “So, you’re like official?” More awkward silence . . . “Yeah, just now actually.” . . . “NO WAY!” then he proceeds to take out the his phone and snap a picture, forever capturing the moment.

Because we aren’t awkward at all or anything. 

So yeah, I am a taken woman now. I’m sure I’ll talk about him more in the coming days because he takes me on some pretty epic adventures.

This is the first time I have ever been in a healthy, Christ-centered relationship. While he pursues my heart, he also is actively pursuing God’s heart, and encouraging me to draw closer to Christ. He has such an amazing heart for people. It’s amazing to watch him interact with others, because Christ’s love just pours out of him and into the lives of every one he comes in contact with. Words are definitely his gift. He has a talent for speaking God’s Word and encouragement into the lives of others in a down to earth non-judgmental way. It’s also impossible to be grumpy around him, unless of course it’s 1 am and you’re really tired and he won’t let you lay your head on the bench because surprise! You’re an adult and you have to sit up like an adult when you’re with company (not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything.) We laugh a lot a lot, and I think he has the most beautiful smile.

Chels recently informed me that I lost my privilege to make fun of all the sick, disgusting, love-stricken couples we see, because sadly, I have become one of them. Don’t worry, though. We both recognize that we are in the cupcake stage, and sometimes we realize that we’re being gross. And even though I get embarrassed, sometimes I don’t care. Unless we get called out for [me] being too giggly. Then I get embarrassed and laugh even more.

Isn’t he so handsome though?! 😀


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