Setting Your Purpose

Setting Your PurposeGood Monday morning! Who here feels like the weekend needs to be a tad bit longer? I’ve loved July because we spent 4 out of the 5 weekends here in town rather than out traveling and beyond. For a long while, I thought July was the first month where we had not traveled at all in over a year, but then I realized we did, in fact, spend 4th of July weekend nestled in the mountains of North Carolina. But I’m not complaining. It’s been a good month of rest and relaxing before the start of fall and all its busyness. Which, by the way, I’m so pumped for fall that I might just start burning my fall candles tomorrow. The mornings are getting cooler and it’s making my pumpkin spiced coffee heart happy.

I’ve been thinking about the word PURPOSE a lot lately. Last week you’ll remember that I talked about running your own race, finding your purpose and fulfilling what you have been called to.

It’s hard when you don’t know what your purpose is, though. I’ve been in one of those “What is my purpose?” seasons for the last 2 years.

My first year after graduating college, I was caught up in learning the ropes of my new job. My second year after graduating college, I was caught up in planning a wedding. And now we are starting year 3 since graduation. I see everyone around me with fulfilling jobs, chasing their dreams, and spending countless hours in coffee shops writing papers (the dream.) In all of this, it seems like everyone knows what they are doing and where they are going. However, if you sit down with someone and ask them, “What is your purpose?” You might find that they are just as clueless as you are.

One thing the yogis do really well is setting intention. I love reading up on how they take time out of their day to sit, meditate, and set their intention. The intention can be “to love myself to the fullest,” or “to speak kindness to myself and to others.” You get the gist. I’m not into yoga particularly, although I do the child’s pose quite frequently when I’m trying to coax myself out of my cozy bed.

Even for those of us who aren’t yogis, we can take a page from their book and set our purpose (or intention) for the day.

5 Steps to Setting Your Purpose

5 Steps to Setting your Purpose

1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier.

I enjoy hitting snooze as much as the next guy, but the key component to setting your purpose is waking your brain up and giving yourself the space to think and reflect on your day/week.

2. Pull out the planner

I’m such a planner freak. It’s July and I’m already looking at the planners I want for 2018. (If you have planner suggestions, leave them in the comments!) One of my very favorite things about Mondays is pulling out my planner and looking over the week, adding and tweaking important appointments, to-do lists, and blog posts. When setting your purpose for the day, pull out your planner and see first of all what your day beholds. Is it a nice, relaxing day? Or is it a day full of meetings and appointments? Knowing what you are about to face will help you to mentally prepare.

3. Reflect

Reflection can come in a multitude of ways. You can sit and stare off into space, journal – whatever. The most important aspect is that you take these quiet few minutes of solitude with your coffee or tea to spend some quality me-time before you rush about the day.

4. Meditate

When I’m meditating, you won’t hear me sitting cross legged saying “Ommmm” and clearing my mind. Instead, whenever I do meditate, I like to pick a Scripture or a prayer and repeat it to myself whether as a whisper, in my head, or out loud. If I’m distracted by the silence, I may put on some worship music quietly to help me focus on the task at hand. The Scripture I pick out for the day may, in fact, lead me towards setting my purpose.

5. Set Your Purpose

What is it that you feel you are being called to today in this moment? That is your purpose. Write your purpose down, speak it over yourself. Live it out for the day.

Setting Your Purpose

Your purpose is not just for yourself. Your purpose is for others as well. If my purpose for today is to find a unique way to love myself, then I am loving others as well. When I learn to love myself better, I learn to love others better. If my purpose for today is to seek an opportunity to serve someone else, I’m not serving someone else for the feel-goods, but I’m serving someone else because I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus.




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