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Not Alone – Alyssa Kibiloski

I’ve been scrolling through Facebook for the past week watching the drama unfold. It annoys me, but I still do it. Why? Because it fuels my poetry I guess. Growing up in a rural area, I have a lot of people on my news feed who support the President and call those of us who don’t agree with all of his policies and have protested his candidacy “babies.” Going to a liberal arts school, I have a lot of people on my news feed who support women’s rights and human rights and marched on Saturday either in D.C. or their respective counties. There is quite a diversity on my feed, and not many people are nice about it.

I’m still trying to figure it all out.

I am a feminist, but maybe a bad feminist. To the liberals, I’m conservative. And to the conservatives, they would definitely think I’m liberal. It’s a time in my life where I am figuring out my place in the world. I loved reading this article by Sarah Bessey about what it looks like to be a Christian Feminist and not exactly knowing your place.

That may be how I would describe myself. I squirm under the title of evangelical Christian when I realized there is so much pain attached to the name – when I realized that so many of “my people” put a man in office who contradicts the value system that my Jesus taught me.

I start to sweat when people in my family start to speak out against feminism solely because of pro-life issues. Pro-life is a huge thing in conservative cultures. And of course I would never advocate for the death of a child or a fetus. But what about women who have been raped? What about women who live in poverty and cannot raise their children? What about sex traffickers? I’m not saying these are reasons for abortion. I’m just externally processing which is a dangerous thing to do on the internet.

But feminism is beyond pro-choice, rights for the LGBTQIA community. Feminism is about having a choice and standing up for the oppressed. Maybe not all white upper middle class women feel oppressed, but minority women do and they are. Muslim women do and they are – especially in countries around the world (thanks to healthy discussions with close friends to remind me of this!). And yes, there are white women who are oppressed. To those who say feminism is irrelevant in 2017, look beyond yourself. Take off those privilege glasses and choose to get in the trenches. Like I said with the BLM movement, talk to someone outside your circle. And preferably, do it in real life, not on Facebook. That way you can see their face. You can see their humanity. You can see their expressions when you say something that hurts them. Stop cowering behind your keyboard.

But if you don’t have access to that, then read blogs. Those are generally well constructed and more thought out than a Facebook status.

For someone who says it better than me, read this post at The New Wifestyle.

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