5 Ways to Rock a Swimsuit this Season

5 Ways to Rock a Swimsuit this Season

Who here has felt personally victimized by a bathing suit? I can recount numerous times growing up where I was choking back tears in the fitting room as I tried on bathing suit after bathing suit.

Now that swimsuit season is fully upon us and I’ve been married for 6 whole months, I realized that some things on my body have changed. The beginning of marriage is like puberty all over again. Your body starts to change, and your hormones are out of whack, and you’re establishing a new identity.

The Sin of Scrolling

The more I scroll on my Instagram feed, the more I start looking at pictures of myself, and the more I feel down on myself. It came to a head yesterday when we got our staff photos back and I sat in my office, big fat hot tears rolling down my face because I realized how self conscious I have been feeling about myself and my body.  I had a good little cry sesh, ate lunch, spent time with Jesus, and came back to the photo at issue and saw that it wasn’t really as bad as I thought it was.

We compare. So much. I do it, you do it. We all do it. We look in a magazine or our Instagram feed and look in the mirror and see that someone else has something we don’t have, so we feel like we don’t measure up, forgetting that each of us has something that someone else wishes they had. The women on the magazines always have the skinniest, toned legs, but we know that is airbrushed. Now we have Instagram models. Who still have the skinniest legs. And not every girl with an iPhone can airbrush those beauties.

James 3:16 tells us, For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice.

My heart breaks to think about how many pre-teen girls are growing up glued to their Instagram right now. Comparison is at an all time high because it is so accessible. And when we compare, we try to find ways to be better, overcome, or somehow measure up. We starve ourselves, we throw up, we cake our faces with makeup. And instead of measuring up, we imprison ourselves to our insecurities.

When we compare, we are focusing solely on ourselves and what we lack. By focusing too much on ourselves, we are distracted from our destiny. We are sidetracked from our potential, and from chasing our dreams – which is exactly what the enemy wants.

Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit season is a big deal for women. There are diets, fads, advice on how to get swimsuit body ready. I know all the ab workouts to have a perfectly toned bikini  body. I also know how much I love to eat tacos.

Because we are in a fitness trend society right now, there are a lot of healthy lifestyle ideas going around right now, which is a good thing. I believe we should live healthy lifestyles, but every body type has a different definition of healthy. Not everyone will be able to rock a thigh gap, because their bone structure is not built that way. A girl can run and run and run and eat healthy and still have a little pudge around her belly, because her body is just built that way. And when we look at each other and compare, the only result we will get is hating ourselves.

I hate that our society is so hyper focused on our appearance, that even if we think we walk with confidence in a bathing suit, there is still the voice in the back of our head that thinks, Can they see how my thigh jiggles? Does this bathing suit make look ___ Insert your own insult, because we are all definitely guilty of pointing out every flaw. Like my mama always said, I am my own worst critic, and I bet you are too.  Instead of enjoying myself, I find myself wondering what other people are thinking about me.

Choosing Confidence

I have a teenage sister, so I am constantly thinking about how I view myself, because I know that she is looking to me and my other sister to see how we interact with our bodies.

I don’t want her to feel insecure in a bathing suit, so I am going to have to show her that I am not insecure in a bathing suit. And in order to do that, I am going to have to choose not to feel insecure, and celebrate the things my body can do.

I don’t want her to feel like she needs to lose weight when her body is normal, so I am going to have to show her that it is not about being skinnier, but it is about making healthy choices. I’m going to have to start eating more vegetables, and less potato chips. But if I’m at a cookout and there are potato chips, yes I will eat them. And I’ll have a brownie, too, because I’m not going to neglect the good things in life. A good thing in life for me is a sunny day and a pool, so I am going to rock my swimsuit this season, and enjoy a little splash under the summer sun.

5 Ways to Rock a Swimsuit this Season

1 – Like they say on Annie,  You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

Even though swimsuits mean we are barely dressed, at least we can smile and light up the room, er, the pool area.

2 – Find a swim suit that flatters your body type & makes you feel cute.

I know, this is a tough one. The one reason I do like two pieces is that I can mix and match sizes. There are some two pieces I will never be caught dead in because I’m not about to be the girl who wore an itsy bitsy tweenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini. I’m really digging the high waisted trend right now; it’s a modest way to rock a two piece and cover up as well! If two pieces aren’t your thing, there are so many cute one pieces around. Online shopping for bathing suits can be scary, but I had a really great experience buying my bathing suits with Cupshe, and they have so many cute items!

3 – Drink lots of water.

Because you’re having fun in the sun and dehyrdated looks and feels beautiful on no one. Duh.

4 – Stop looking at yourself so much.

Let’s face it, everyone else is feeling too self conscious about their own problems to notice you in a bathing suit. When I notice other women in bathing suits, I’m looking at the suit, not their body, because heck their swimsuit is cute! I’d imagine a lot of other women are doing this, too.

5 – Speak kindly to yourself.

I heard the other day that we think around 55,000 words a day to ourselves. 70% or what we say to ourselves is negative, unconscious self talk. We also repeat 95% of the same statements to ourselves. If we are spending 70% of our time talking negatively to ourselves, what are we going to become? We are going to become what we have declared over ourselves. Half the things I say to myself I would never say to my best friend, because I don’t take pride in being mean to people, but I have no problem in being mean to myself. The ugliness that sits in my thoughts will eventually make its way to my face, and I certainly don’t want to have an ugly face.

So tell me, what is something you love about yourself when you wear a swimsuit?



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