5 Quirky Ways to Celebrate Love this V Day

5 Quirky Ways to Celebrate Love this V Day

If I’m being honest, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I mean, I enjoy chocolate and a good excuse to celebrate love. But why do that just on February 14th and not all year? Some say (my dad, my husband) that I’m high maintenance.

It probably doesn’t help the fact that Mr. M and I met and consequently fell in love at an Anti-Valentine’s Day party. So February 15th is my preferred day to celebrate love.

But I’m not one to pass up an excuse to come up with an excuse to celebrate love – whether you’re loving on your partner or on your best friend: these five ideas are fun and quirky ways to celebrate an inexpensive Valentine’s Day!

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Inexpensive Valentine's Day Ideas

Take Awkward Couple Photos (on purpose)

I’m not gonna lie. . . I have done this both with my  best girl friends and with Mr. M. The girl friends were easier to convince. Awkward couple photos are bound to make you both laugh and have a fun time being silly. It also gives you a good excuse to make fun of Valentine’s Day and couples that take awkward photos by accident (because they’re awkward. . .)

Make a Spotify Playlist

When Mr. M and I first started dating, we spent a summer apart, so we stayed connected by making a collaborative playlist on Spotify. It’s like making mix tapes for each other, but in 2018. Pick out your favorite songs, or songs that remind you of each other and make a joint playlist! (This is also the perfect time to come up with your couple name.)

My best friend from college also regularly sends me an ACTUAL mixed cd for my  birthday or other special occasions and it’s my favorite part of snail mail.

Go on a Thrift Shop Shopping Spree 

Give each other a budget of $5-10, then go and pick out something fun and useful, or an item of clothing for each other. If you pick out clothes, wear those outfits on a date later that day!

Write a Poem for Each Other 

Whether you are a secret poet, or you just like to be adventurous, writing a poem for each other can be a fun way to express your love for your loved one. Your Valentine’s Day poem can either be silly or serious. My personal favorites are ones that make me laugh. If you’re not a great poet, you can still come up with fun ways to write about your loved one in a way that can make them feel special.

Make a Scrapbook Together

This one may appeal more to girl friends, because I have never met a man who willingly sits down and works on a scrapbook with his lady. I’ve started this thing where every New Year, we take time to reflect on the previous year and write down our highlights from each month and print out pictures from each month. Something like this could also be done for dating anniversaries, best friend-aversaries, or just any time you realize you have 1000 pictures on your phone.

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Inexpensive Valentine's Day Ideas

10 Dates to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

10 Dates to Get You in the Christmas Spirit


Christmas is my very favorite season, and I wish I could start celebrating October 1st. With quality time being one of my primary love languages, date night is SO important, especially in the busyness of the holiday season. Last year, Mr. M and I didn’t do much to celebrate the holidays besides decorate our Christmas tree. Instead, we were enjoying ourselves in PCB and by the time we got home, Christmas was upon us. So being the Christmas fanatic I am, during the month of December, I came up with some fun Christmas-themed dates for us.

10 Dates to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

Host a Christmas Party

OK so this is less of a date night and more of an event. HOWEVER. If you and your s/o are extroverts like Mr. M and I are, it’s the perfect way to kick off the season. I remember in JULY I texted Mr. M and asked him if we had anything going on December 8th. He said no. And I said, “We do now!” We threw our first annual Christmas party last year and that was the moment the Christmas season truly felt like Christmas to me. Even though Mr. M and I hardly said two words to each other all night, it was fun to be in a space together with the people we love.

Go Ice Skating!

This is a fun activity to do with you s/o or with a group of friends! If you’re still in college, many places often have discounts for college students. 

Sleep Under the Tree

One of my FAVORITE Christmas memories as a kid was sleeping under the tree. Ideally, we wanted to fall asleep under the tree on Christmas Eve, but we didn’t want to see Santa come down the chimney and therefore forfeit our presents, so it was usually a Christmas Eve Ever tradition. All of us kids couldn’t wait until our Aunt came to visit us because she would sleep next to the tree with us. Now I get to do it with my spouse! Except rather than cozy up with sleeping bags, yours truly will DEFINITELY be blowing up an air mattress and sleeping beside the Christmas tree, because I do not do floors.

See a Christmas Play Together

Whether it’s White Christmas, The Nutcracker, or a clever Christmas show, a Christmas play is a fun way to spend an evening snuggled up in the arms of your beau!

Build a Gingerbread House

I couldn’t tell you the last time I built a gingerbread house, but I recently found one at Walmart for under 8 dollars and I said, “Oh heck yes, we’re going to build a gingerbread house.” And because I, being the terrible Christian I am, do not have a nativity scene for our house, decided to buy the nativity gingerbread stable. The kit came with everything we needed, plus I had some extra icing and sprinkles. We spent a cozy evening huddled next to our space heater decorating camels and baby Jesus. When we were all done I asked Mr. M where we should put it. He said the trash. In all fairness, it did look like 2 four year olds did it rather than 2 people in their mid 20s.

10 Dates to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

Go Caroling Out in the Snow

While Mr. M and I have never been caroling in a neighborhood, I still hold onto this life long dream. If you would rather be someplace safe and warm, visit your local nursing home and spread some Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear.

Go Christmas Shopping Together

I have a hysterical memory last year of my brand new husband calling me on the evening of December 23 from the mall saying, “I’m so overwhelmed. I don’t even know where to start. The mall is full of helpless men just wandering around.” I giggled because it is so typical. Meanwhile, I had finished all my Christmas shopping before our wedding because I could not be messed with such stress. Christmas shopping with your boo could be a fun date night activity! I always encourage one to be armed with a list and ideas, Chickfila French Fries, and end the evening with a Peppermint White Mocha. Go to the mall if you like the hustle and bustle, or cozy under a blanket and shop online while watching a cheesy Christmas movie.

Decorate Cookies

For your next date night, buy a roll of sugar cookie dough, make some icing, and decorate cookies while listening to holiday music! In a previous post on Christmas theme dates, I talk about ding dong ditch: a fun game where you ring the doorbell and run away, but you leave Christmas goodies in your stead. I highly recommend this date night activity.

Go to a Live Nativity

Live Nativity’s can be so fun! If you’ve never been, it’s essentially an interactive walk through of a nativity scene. Instead of figurines, real people are stationed in different areas. These are often free events with an encouragement of a small donation. I heard of one place recently that requires you to “pay tax” as you “enter Bethlehem.” It sounds precious. Word to the Wise: if you’re allergic to animals and/or hay, take a Zyrtec before you go.

Sponsor a Child

I have a friend who decided with her boyfriend that they were not going to buy gifts for each other that year. Instead, they decided to sponsor a child through a local ministry. This is a great way to spend intentional time and money with your significant other. Some places even allow you to drop the gifts off with the family, which is SO fun!


What is your favorite Christmas time date activity? 


10 Fun, Frugal Date Nights for Fall

10 Fun, Frugal Date Nights for Fall

I know that I asked for cooler weather back in the beginning of October when it was 80 degrees, but y’all. . . last week I was traipsing around North Carolina and it was 40 degrees. I think the earth needs to find a happy medium of a brisk 65 degrees and we call that winter. It’s the perfect temperature to wear blanket scarves, eat some chili, and snuggle up with your boo. 40 degrees just makes you grumpy and your feet cold. No one is happy with cold feet.

Needless to say, I was overjoyed one Friday evening when it was the perfect 57-65 degree range and I could wear my cardigan to the pumpkin patch for date night.

10 Fun, Frugal Date Nights for Fall

Mr .M and I try to have a date night set aside each week. Some nights it turns into Netflix and chill(i), but other nights we’re a little more creative.  Because fall is my favorite time of year, I thought I’d round up some fun, cheap, fall date nights for dating couples, newlyweds, oldlyweds, or just a band of best friends!

10 Fun, Frugal Date Nights for Fall

Go to the Pumpkin Patch

Who says pumpkin patches are just for October? I say “Seasons Greetings!” Gourds and squash are still a component of Thanksgiving decor, so grab your boo and head out to the local pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin. Like every basic blogger in the blogoverse, I’m always on the hunt for white pumpkins. . .

Have a Pumpkin Painting Party!

And speaking of white pumpkins, they prove to be the perfect pumpkins to paint for that Friendsgiving you want to host. Grab a plastic tablecloth and a cheap painting set from Walmart, and have a contest to see who ends up with the most beautiful/creative pumpkin.

Host a Chili Cook off

When I think of the fall, I think of chili, apple cider, and cornbread. It’s by far my favorite fall dish. Do you have a famous recipe with a secret ingredient? A chili cook off is a fun way to double date with a close couple friend. Each of you bring a small pot of chili, and vote on whose is the best! For my favorite cornbread recipe check this one out.

Leaf the Party to Me. . . 

Mr. M and I have a HUGE tree that litters the yard with perfectly crispy leaves. For a fun date night outside, rake a pile of leaves together and jump on in! You’ll feel like a child, but what brings more joy than childhood memories and laughter?

Find Your Way Through a Cornmaze 

Nothing brings couples together like getting lost. I was devastated at the end of October when I realized we would run out of time to do a corn maze. The joy of being a college recruiter means there is limited time/energy to engage in fun, fall activities. However, I have dear memories from going through a corn maze a couple years ago with a couple friend of ours. We were all very hungry and grumpy by the end, so the night ended with pizza.

Host a Friendsgiving

I LOVE THANKSGIVING. And a great precursor to Thanksgiving is Friendsgiving. One year I hosted friendsgiving, and as the host does, made a turkey. The afternoon started in tears but ended well and without food poisoning, so I would say it turned out OK. If you ever want inspiration for throwing a killer Friendsgiving, I recommend checking out this post from Endless Bliss. Tiffany is the queen of throwing the most beautiful and fun parties.

Serve at your local soup kitchen

OK so this may not be a glamorous date night, but be a dear and spread holiday and fall spirit cheer by being the good you want to see in this world. Mr.  M works at a nonprofit, and he can tell you that life gets CRAZY this time of year. Volunteers are MUCH appreciated. Take a morning with your loved one and serve at a local soup kitchen, or help prepare for Thanksgiving meals. You not only find joy in serving, but learn more about each other’s hearts through service.

10 Fun, Frugal Date Nights for Fall

Take Fun, Fall Pictures

This one may be geared more towards you blogger S/Os, but in the spirit of blanket scarf season, take cute fall photos! It’s the most gorgeous time of year, and why not commemorate your love? If you have kids, these photos make for GREAT Christmas presents for grandparents.

Have a Seasonal Movie Marathon

If scary movies are your thing for Halloween, then cozy up and enjoy the adrenaline rush of watching Michael Myers stalk people. [Also, sorry this post is v late, but it’s not Halloween anymore.] If you’re like me, and hate scary things, then curl up with your favorite holiday movies. It is never to early for It’s a Wonderful Life. (Rachel from the Confused Millennial has a great list of fall-themed movies to get into!)

Make Fall Scented Candles

OK I’ve never actually done this, but I think it would be so fun! Please let me know if you do this so I can live vicariously through you. I’m always a sucker for candles, plus they make great gifts! I found this tutorial on making candles, and it looks like it would be a breeze! Your house gets to smell good, you get to upcycle and be creative, and now you have candles for the rest of the season alll for yourself. . . or to give away.

10 Fun, Frugal Date Nights for Fall

What is your favorite fall-themed date night?