10 Fun, Frugal Date Nights for Fall

10 Fun, Frugal Date Nights for Fall

I know that I asked for cooler weather back in the beginning of October when it was 80 degrees, but y’all. . . last week I was traipsing around North Carolina and it was 40 degrees. I think the earth needs to find a happy medium of a brisk 65 degrees and we call that winter. It’s the perfect temperature to wear blanket scarves, eat some chili, and snuggle up with your boo. 40 degrees just makes you grumpy and your feet cold. No one is happy with cold feet.

Needless to say, I was overjoyed one Friday evening when it was the perfect 57-65 degree range and I could wear my cardigan to the pumpkin patch for date night.

10 Fun, Frugal Date Nights for Fall

Mr .M and I try to have a date night set aside each week. Some nights it turns into Netflix and chill(i), but other nights we’re a little more creative.  Because fall is my favorite time of year, I thought I’d round up some fun, cheap, fall date nights for dating couples, newlyweds, oldlyweds, or just a band of best friends!

10 Fun, Frugal Date Nights for Fall

Go to the Pumpkin Patch

Who says pumpkin patches are just for October? I say “Seasons Greetings!” Gourds and squash are still a component of Thanksgiving decor, so grab your boo and head out to the local pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin. Like every basic blogger in the blogoverse, I’m always on the hunt for white pumpkins. . .

Have a Pumpkin Painting Party!

And speaking of white pumpkins, they prove to be the perfect pumpkins to paint for that Friendsgiving you want to host. Grab a plastic tablecloth and a cheap painting set from Walmart, and have a contest to see who ends up with the most beautiful/creative pumpkin.

Host a Chili Cook off

When I think of the fall, I think of chili, apple cider, and cornbread. It’s by far my favorite fall dish. Do you have a famous recipe with a secret ingredient? A chili cook off is a fun way to double date with a close couple friend. Each of you bring a small pot of chili, and vote on whose is the best! For my favorite cornbread recipe check this one out.

Leaf the Party to Me. . . 

Mr. M and I have a HUGE tree that litters the yard with perfectly crispy leaves. For a fun date night outside, rake a pile of leaves together and jump on in! You’ll feel like a child, but what brings more joy than childhood memories and laughter?

Find Your Way Through a Cornmaze 

Nothing brings couples together like getting lost. I was devastated at the end of October when I realized we would run out of time to do a corn maze. The joy of being a college recruiter means there is limited time/energy to engage in fun, fall activities. However, I have dear memories from going through a corn maze a couple years ago with a couple friend of ours. We were all very hungry and grumpy by the end, so the night ended with pizza.

Host a Friendsgiving

I LOVE THANKSGIVING. And a great precursor to Thanksgiving is Friendsgiving. One year I hosted friendsgiving, and as the host does, made a turkey. The afternoon started in tears but ended well and without food poisoning, so I would say it turned out OK. If you ever want inspiration for throwing a killer Friendsgiving, I recommend checking out this post from Endless Bliss. Tiffany is the queen of throwing the most beautiful and fun parties.

Serve at your local soup kitchen

OK so this may not be a glamorous date night, but be a dear and spread holiday and fall spirit cheer by being the good you want to see in this world. Mr.  M works at a nonprofit, and he can tell you that life gets CRAZY this time of year. Volunteers are MUCH appreciated. Take a morning with your loved one and serve at a local soup kitchen, or help prepare for Thanksgiving meals. You not only find joy in serving, but learn more about each other’s hearts through service.

10 Fun, Frugal Date Nights for Fall

Take Fun, Fall Pictures

This one may be geared more towards you blogger S/Os, but in the spirit of blanket scarf season, take cute fall photos! It’s the most gorgeous time of year, and why not commemorate your love? If you have kids, these photos make for GREAT Christmas presents for grandparents.

Have a Seasonal Movie Marathon

If scary movies are your thing for Halloween, then cozy up and enjoy the adrenaline rush of watching Michael Myers stalk people. [Also, sorry this post is v late, but it’s not Halloween anymore.] If you’re like me, and hate scary things, then curl up with your favorite holiday movies. It is never to early for It’s a Wonderful Life. (Rachel from the Confused Millennial has a great list of fall-themed movies to get into!)

Make Fall Scented Candles

OK I’ve never actually done this, but I think it would be so fun! Please let me know if you do this so I can live vicariously through you. I’m always a sucker for candles, plus they make great gifts! I found this tutorial on making candles, and it looks like it would be a breeze! Your house gets to smell good, you get to upcycle and be creative, and now you have candles for the rest of the season alll for yourself. . . or to give away.

10 Fun, Frugal Date Nights for Fall

What is your favorite fall-themed date night?

11 Reasons Why Halloween is the Worst


Halloween is the Worst

I’m probably in the minority here, but I just passed by a house on the highway on my way to work that had dolls hanging by strings from the roof. DOLLS. Like creepy, scary dolls that could very well be haunted by the same spirit of Chucky, and that will just not do. Why, Halloween, why?!

I don’t mind if you are all about the costumes and candy, but I do mind if you try to scare the jeepers out of full-grown adults. (Me.) When I was a kid, I was intrigued by the scariness of Halloween, and I loved dressing up and eating candy! But now that I’m an adult, I could care less, and I have a few explanations:

The Scary Movies

Sure, I watched Nightmare on Elm Street and screamed the whole way through; Mike Myers was a creep; and that part where the guy pulls chunks out of his face in Poltergeist? Ew. Somehow my seventeen year old self could handle the scary. Heck, even my twenty year old self went through this period where I was emotionally numb and watched Mama and loved the Haunted Forest. But not now. Now, I would prefer to watch Elf tomorrow night rather than watch a scary movie.

Scary Movie Previews that I can’t Shut Down

The other day I was just happily listening to a Spotify playlist when I hear in a eerie whisper, “Beware of Crimson Peak.” Normally I just take my headphones out, but this time for some reason I tried to turn the volume down and clicked onto the Spotify page and it was a VIDEO AD. I jumped out of my desk chair at work. And then there was this other Spotify commercial about this lady who was going to be a nanny at this huge mansion (and I should have known, because what good ever comes out of huge mansions?) and I thought it looked interesting so I started to watch it until I realized she was nannying a porcelain doll. As soon as crazy ish started to happen I shut that thing down. I will not have any of this scary movie business, no sir I will not.

The Scary Yard Decor

There is a 25 foot blow up Grim reaper with red eyes that sways in the wind in the neighborhood that Pai lives in. #CAN.WE.NOT. The same goes for houses THAT HANG DOLLS BY STRING FROM THEIR PORCH.

The Slutty Costumes

Look, I’m glad you think your body looks great, but I don’t need to see all of it, and neither does anyone else in the world. Let’s be real, the only people that are fully going appreciate your Halloween lingerie costume are people who are just going to want to take advantage of you. You’re worth more than a guy who takes you home to “Netflix and Chill.”

-Speaking of Netflix and Chill, this is a hilarious costume –

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter is full of Said-Slutty Costumes

I know when it’s dangerous to get on any form of social media: a) during election season b) during a sports game c) during wedding season and d) during Halloween. Like I said, I don’t wanna see your ta-tas all over my Twitter. K, thx, unfollow, bye

Gross Candy

Sometimes I love candy. But I can’t eat all this candy by myself. And let’s face it, it’s not even the good candy. These trick or treating houses have to buy oodles and oodles of candy, so it’s not like they’re going to be handing out Dove Dark Chocolate morsels. No, you get a Tootsie Roll. Or better yet – the butterscotch hard candy that the old people like to give.

It’s Cold

Can we just agree to call global warming global freezing? Because I can’t remember a Halloween night where I wasn’t freezing in my costume. How am I supposed to look cute when I have to wear a Parka?

Ravens: The Hallmark of Halloween

love Edgar Allen Poe (one time I was stood up and I spent the night reading Edgar Allen Poe instead. This was during the emotionally numbness season)  and The Raven, but actual ravens creep me the heck out. Once, I was running and there was this pothole in the ground and there was a huge raven in the pothole, dying. I ran past it and looked 3 seconds too long at the sad thing, and then it twitched. I screamed and jumped into the middle of the road by accident. Thank goodness there were no cars coming. Every time I had to run past that pot hole, I ran on the other side of the road. They eventually filled it in and when I drive over it I just think, “There’s a dead raven in here.” It was the stuff of creepy poems, y’all.

Lame Costume Parties

When I was a kid I thought costume parties (or any parties) that adults held would be so fun. Only on Gossip Girl; I was deceived. Parites nowadays are just an excuse to stand in the same room with other people and look at your phone while munching on some trail mix.

It’s So. Much. Effort.

To find a costume. Make a costume. Pay for a costume. Pretend to be social. Give candy to kids. Go trick or treating. Go to a haunted house. Go to a haunted corn maze. Just no. Can someone just sit at home with me with some pumpkin brew and let’s wear fuzzy socks and watch The Office?

Orange and Black are Ugly Colors

I might get fired for this one because my school’s colors are orange and black. Super convenient for us to buy fun stuff for display table around this time, but unfortunate for me because I can’t pull off orange. Only black. Like my soul. I’m sorry, I just am not a fan of this color scheme.

And so there we have it, 9 reasons why Halloween is the worst. For those of you who love Halloween, I’m glad you love it. I’m sorry that I’ve offended you. May you live long and prosper and cover up your butt cheeks in your Halloween costume.

As for me, I will be cozying up with a Harry Potter marathon and getting a jump start on my Christmas Caroling Playlist.

But for your sake, and because Halloween music isn’t all that bad, here are some slightly creepy songs to help you get ready for your costumes:

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone: Prologue – John Williams

Not only do I love the books, the movies, (and maybe I dressed up as Hermione for the final movie premiere), but this soundtrack is uh-mazing

Doubel Trouble – John Williams

How is this not a Halloween song?!

Spell on You – Queen Latifah

We could go with Nina Simone, but I’m really digging this more jazzy tune here.

Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell

The other day I showered with my bathroom door open and I was afraid to close my eyes to wash my hair, because what if someone really was standing there??

Stay warm, stay on that candy high.

Pumpkin Patches + Chocolate Factories

October Shenanigans

October has been a CUH-RAZY busy month for me. For starters, I moved to a new apartment, and a week after I moved, I left for Georgia for a week. But now I’m back and trying to get my feet onto solid ground again. So enjoy this photo post of Pumpkin Patches and Chocolate Factories!

Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago Pai fulfilled my dream by taking me to a pumpkin patch. We picked out our own pumpkins, and then we were too tired to carve them, so they are sitting outside my door, plump as they come. Maybe we’ll carve them before Halloween. But not likely. 😉

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

October 18th, I became the best girlfriend ever and took Pai to a Josh Garrels concert. Josh Garrels is one of his favorite musicians. This past summer, I bought him tickets for his birthday and that Sunday was the day! Josh Garrels was playing in Asheville, North Carolina, which is one of our favorite day trips to make. We left after church and had a late lunch/early dinner at this amazing Thai restaurant, and then found the French Broad Chocolate Factory. YUM. I ordered the liquid truffle – 4 oz. of pure dark chocolate. I added a shortbread cookie to help with the richness, but I had to hit up this coffee shop in a double decker bus afterwards to get a cup of coffee to pour the rest of that chocolate in.

Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factories

The concert itself was fantastic. Beforehand, (because I got VIP tickets  – ca-ching!) we got to sit in on a q&a sessions with Josh Garrels, and really learn about the heart behind his music. Pai asked the opening question – I’m so proud of him – and I asked the final question – I’m so proud of me.

I feel as if after listening to his testimony and his musical process, I was able to better appreciate his songs. The man writes pure poetry. I’m linking up my favorite album of his – Home. “Heaven’s Knife” has me in tears every time. This is the song I was listening to as I was sobbing and driving through the Asheville mountains on my way home from a college fair one day. Listen to it today – it’ll make your rainy work day so much more. . . productive. And spiritual!

Josh Garrels

In November I’m hoping to bring to you some more updates about my new apartment (with pictures!) But first, I have to put in the final touches – aka Pai will put up the curtains. He’s an amazing boyfriend and tried tonight. But alas, this lady doesn’t have a drill.

Aaaaand bringing to you soon a Buzzfeed recipe that I tried out and it is TOTALLY delicious. Good things are coming. I can’t wait. 🙂

What was your October Shenanigan?

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Dear Blanket Scarf,

blanket scarf


Happy October 1! I am donned in my boots, my oversized sweater, and a scarf and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Granted, the high is 69, but it will be raining and that is how I get away with it. Let me tell you what I am not wearing right now, and that is a blanket scarf. Why? You ask. Because I am five feet tall and I don’t think the maker of blanket scarves intended them to fit around the neck of pygmy sized people like myself.

You see, the other day I went into TJ Maxx and made a bee-line for the blanket scarves. I figured since it is now the second season of their popularity, I could find one for $12 or $14 rather than the $30 American Eagle was boasting last year. I looked at all the Pinterests, all the Instagrams, all the blogs and it was time for my arrival to the blanket scarf. I found one and I unfolded it. It was legitimately the size of a blanket. Since when have we, as a society, picked up blankets and thought, “Yes, I will put this around my neck.” And since when have people been able to get away with it looking so great?

Pin #1:

Blanket Scarf

Look at how happy she is with her skinny jeans, little booties, blanket scarf and coffee? She doesn’t have a care in the world because she is 5’11 and rockin that tartan.




Blanket Scarf

Look at her! All happy and cozy standing in the leaves with her stunner shades saying, “I’m too cool for you wearing my blanket scarf with a belt, nonetheless. Get. At. Me.”


Pin #3:

blanket scarf

See? She looks petite and adorable and like that blanket scarf was meant for her. But you know what? I bet she wasn’t five foot nothing.

Because when I put on the blanket scarf. . . It looked like I was absolutely wearing a blanket.


Or that an anaconda curled around my neck and tried to swallow me up.

Or that I was just trying too hard to be fashionable.

Dear Blanket Scarf,

Why weren’t you made for short people?


Struggling in the Fashion industry.

I gave up and bought a smaller scarf (which is more like a large scarf, and not a blanket) and then a bunch more clothes because I have no self control I look supah fine.



Absolutely Fall-ing In Love

Absolutely falling in love


I LOVE FALL. Just in case you didn’t know. I have decided fall is officially my favorite part of the year, much like every other person on this planet. I try to ignore the fact that Fall leads into Winter since I hate Winter, but it is so easy and fun to enjoy fall. Here’s why fall rules:

-Pumpkin Patches. Pai and I take turns planning dates, and he suggested we carve pumpkins and make s’mores. I had only been thinking about this the entire time why I was in Florida but I didn’t tell him any of that and this is why I love him. (We didn’t get to go because it was rainy and muddy.) But we’re going when I get back from the trip I’m on now and I can’t be more excited.

-Pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin pie, pumpkin candles

-Oversized sweaters (whiiiiiiich I may have bought an entire new fall wardrobe yesterday. Oops!)

-Scarves (PS how the heck do short people wear a blanket scarf?!)

Warmly, Fall

-The cloudy skies that give an extra incentive to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon cuddling

-Hot coffee in the morning, hot coffee in the afternoon

-Chili, soups, and crock pot stews! And chili. Did I mention chili? I love chili.

-Acoustic coffee house music all day every day.

-More specifically: Josh Garrels. Pai and I are going to see him in concert in a few weeks. Pai is in love with the guy, and I thought he always sounded like a goat and then I started to listen to him in preparation and ended up driving through the mountains, sobbing because it was just so beautiful. I wish I was exaggerating. Tears were everywhere. I love being a hormonal woman with a sensitive soul.


-Bonfires and S’mores.


Fall Boots

-Pumpkin white mochas


-Fall-scented candles that aren’t necessarily pumpkin spiced. Friday night I bought a mulled cider candle. #love.

Fall is the best, don’t you think?

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