Leftover Turkey Recipes + Weekend Recap

Normally on Monday mornings I like to post something deep, heartfelt, or inspirational to start our weeks off right. But let’s be real, we’re all in a Thanksgiving coma right now, so today I’m going with a good ole’ traditional weekend recap + low maintenance delicious ideas for that leftover turkey in your fridge.


low maintenance turkey recipes

Thanksgiving for us began on Tuesday evening. Mr. M and I combined our respective small groups that regularly  meet on Tuesday night for a Friendsgiving extravaganza. I started roasting the turkey that afternoon, only after realizing I had to let the turkey “temper” from the fridge. I, of course, documented the whole ordeal on my Instastory, probably making my vegan friends unfollow me with grotesque images of raw turkey flesh.

But! Alls well that ends well. The turkey was delicious, and fellowshipping with friends was even better.


weekend recap

On Thursday, Mr. M and I traveled to my hometown to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Since Mr. M’s family doesn’t have a set Thanksgiving routine, they’ve joined us the last two years for Thanksgiving. If we’re all being honest, none of us remember much from Thanksgiving last year since we were all in wedding mode, so it was nice to have a more relaxed atmosphere this year. I made green bean casserole halfway from scratch (when I realized I ran out of cream of mushroom soup) and now it’s my designated dish. The key to good green bean casserole? Buckets of fried crispy onions.

Holiday Traditions

low maintenance turkey recipes

Growing up, my mom always rolled out buckeyes around Christmastime. Now when we come home for Thanksgiving break, I like to sit down with my mom and make buckeyes. It’s an office favorite, and I love carrying on traditions from my mom into my sphere.

Blogger Meet Up

weekend recap

Last year,  I noticed that Divya from Eat, Teach, Blog lived in my hometown, so when I came in town, we met up for a little coffee blate. It was so fun to hear more about each other’s lives, turning our online friendship into IRL friendship! She even brought me a little gift, which absolutely warmed my heart. She picked up a bangle from her sister’s wedding and a cute little Christmas scarf! She and her husband Ankur love to take weekend trips, so we’re hoping they’ll come check out our town for a visit!

weekend recap

Professional Tree Decking

weekend recap

Sunday afternoon after Mr. M and I got back, I helped his sister decorate their family Christmas tree; I’m considering making this a profession. If you are feeling joyless but want your house seasonally decorated, call your girl. Mr. M and I spent the evening snuggled up on the couch watching The Holiday and drinking hot tea. It feels as if the Christmas season has finally begun <3

Leftover Turkey Recipes

Delicious Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Last night while Mr. M was playing FIFA 18, I was scrolling through Facebook and happened upon a yummy looking leftover turkey recipe, so I thought I would share some yummy recipe ideas with you all so you don’t have to make that dreaded grocery store run this week!

For Breakfast: 

Waffled Leftover Thanksgiving Brunch 

Turkey for breakfast? Yes please! This spin on chicken and waffles sounds EVEN better. I’m thinking I can make our turkey last until Saturday so Mr. M and I can enjoy a nice little brunch.


Turkey Caesar Sandwich

This turkey caesar sandwich makes for a great lunch or a light dinner. I made this for Mr. M and I last night with a bow of chili on the side. It was quick and easy to whip up, and left our bellies feeling full and satisfied.


Caramelized Onion & Cream Cheese Turkey Enchiladas 

Ready to move away from comfort food? These caramelized onion & cream cheese turkey enchiladas sound delicious and low maintenance.

How was your Thanksgiving holiday? 

The 3 Places You Want to Go in Greenville

3 Places You Want to Go in Greeneville, SC

Happy Wednesday!

I’m back with the travel series to spill the beans on my favorite places to eat in Greenville, South Carolina. This summer Mr. M and I went to Greenville for an extended Memorial Day Weekend getaway. It was our first time in Greenville together and it was our first Air BnB experience! Mr. M was a little hesitant about actually staying in someone’s house, so he said if this didn’t go well, we wouldn’t be doing it again.

3 Places You Want to Go in Greeneville, SC

Our First Air BnB Experience

Luckily, our first Air BnB experience was absolutely amazing. We stayed at a little place close to downtown Greenville called The Studio. The host was phenomenal in touching base with us, and even stopped by to say hello one morning. Because I shout “we’re newlyweds!” from the rooftops, she even left a baby orchid for us and a sweet note welcoming us to their home. The Studio was the perfect mix of modern and cozy. It had a stove and oven where we could cook breakfast, organic and ethically produced coffee beans, and – most importantly, a comfy bed. She even left little chocolates on our pillows for us!

3 Places You Want to Go in Greeneville, SC

3 Places You Want to Go in Greeneville, SC

10/10 would Recommend

(If you’ve never signed up for airbnb before but would like to try it, you can do so here! By booking through this referral link, you’re giving Mr.M and I the opportunity to get travel credit so we can tell you about more adventures!)

Our stay in Greeneville was so short, but we made sure to spend a lot of time outside and most importantly, eating great food.

Jamaica Mi Irie

Our first stop for lunch was at this amazing Jamaican restaurant in downtown. We sat outside and each picked out a lunch special. Mr. M had jerk chicken and I tried the curry chicken. They gave us SO much food for only $6 each, and they even topped our meals off with the most delicious tropical tea I’ve ever had. I came back to work and raved about it to my Jamaican co-worker.

3 Places You Want to Go in Greeneville, SC

3 Places You Want to Go in Greeneville, SC

Fall at Reedy Park

If you need to take a break between all the eating you do on vacation, I recommend going for a stroll around Fall Park on the Reedy. This park is behind Furman University and is a favorite for wedding and prom photos. There is a beautiful, massive waterfall and a gorgeous walking trail around the park. My favorite landmark is this tree with exposed roots. (You may recognize this tree from Monday’s post.)

3 Places You Want to Go in Greeneville, SC

Spill the Beans

Greenville in the summer time is basically a heat bath of humidity, so it was absolutely necessary that we avoid a heatstroke with ice cream. We checked out this cute little ice cream shop, Spill the Beans, right beside Fall Park. Our bellies and our souls were satisfied.

3 Places You Want to Go in Greeneville, SC

3 Places You Want to Go in Greeneville, SC

Tandem Creperie 

OK, y’all. I saved the best for last. TANDEM. CREPERIE. This little gem of a creperie is located outside of Greenville in this precious little spot called “Traveler’s Rest.” It will be a mandatory stop along the way any and every time I pass through this adorable little town. But y’all. These were the best crepes I’ve ever had. Mr. M with the savory and I went with the sweet this time, and then we split it in half. (This is really the way to go, my friends.) But I almost didn’t want to share my sweet crepe because it was mainly blueberry yogurt and whipped cream.

3 Places You Want to Go in Greeneville, SC

3 Places You Want to Go in Greeneville, SC 3 Places You Want to Go in Greeneville, SC

If I had more time, I would have taken a thousand photos of and around this little place because it was just too adorable. We need an Indie film to come shoot a movie here.

We had a great time in Greenville, and we definitely did not get to uncover as many of this city’s littl gems as we wanted. Greenville is a perfect little short weekend getaway. and if you have a hankering to watch Clemson play, they’re pretty close, too. 🙂 (Let it be noted, though, I know nothing about football. I don’t even know if Clemson is good. I just think somehow they pull off orange and purple quite nicely.)

Have you been to Greenville before? What are your favorite things to do on your weekend getaways?

To check out our other adventures, see here and here.

The Best Meals to Prep When You’re Busy

The Best Meals to Prep When You're Busy


Comin’ at ya real late on a Wednesday afternoon because my computer wasn’t working last night. Whomp.

If there’s one thing I love to do to destress, it’s cook. If you followed along with my Instastories this summer, you noticed that I cooked a lot but most importantly, I tried my hand at baking. I tried to bake bread and that was . . . well. . . a disaster. Maybe this fall I’ll be brave and try it again.

Cooking is somewhat of a love language to me. I love to put on an episode of Gilmore Girls and try my hand at a new recipe. The only thing that is even better is when my husband offers to clean up afterwards. 😉

The Best Meals to Prep When You're Busy (1)

As a college recruiter, I stay pretty busy in the fall season. There are a lot of days when I don’t come home until late in the evening or I have to stay overnight somewhere else for an event. While I’m 100% confident Mr.M knows how to cook (he’s an excellent cook, he just doesn’t like to do it necessarily. . . ) and I know he wouldn’t starve, I still like to be prepared – just in case I come home in the evening with a hankering for something homemade.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite go-to recipes, and some recipes I can’t wait to try.

The Best Meals to Prep When You're Busy


Oven Baked Taquitos

I am down always for Mexican food. If my husband would let me, I would eat tacos and chips and salsa for every meal. For some reason that’s not “healthy.” But these oven baked taquitos are a fantastic late night snack. I like to make mine with a little bit of cream cheese which is not AT ALL healthy, but oh so good for my soul. The nice thing is, the prep time is relatively short and you can freeze ’em and pop them in the toaster oven when you want one!

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Ok so I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with any and all potato items. So this loaded potato soup is a for sure winner in our home. I dump everything in the crockpot before I go to work, let it simmer all day, and go to bed with a massive food belly afterwards. Loaded Baked Potato Soup is like a little hug for your soul and I will anyone who says otherwise is a liar.


Chili is also the perfect crock pot dump. I don’t really adhere to any recipe, I just throw a bunch of beans and tomato based items into a crock pot, load it up with a bunch of spices and pair it with a buttery cornbread for dinner. My secret ingredient to my chili is using breakfast sausage instead of ground beef. The extra spice is the perfect kick to keep you warm on those chilly fall evenings.

Cilantro Lime Tacos

Remember when I said I could eat Mexican all day every day? Here we are again. This delicious bad boy is currently simmering in my crock pot and I pumped for dinner tonight. When I’m tired, I like for my meals to be minimum to no effort. (And then when I host people, they’re all like, “Whoa you cooked an amazing spread!” And I’m like #crockpot.)

BBQ Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

I’ve done this one with regular potatoes, and it’s a perfect way to diversify your bbq chicken meals. And if you’re a Southern girl like me, you know we need our barbecue!

And if all else fails. . . 

There’s pizza.

The Best Meals to Prep When You're Busy

What are your favorite easy go-to meals?
Do you do all the cooking or all the eating in your home?


6 Cures for a Food Hangover

6 Cures for a Food Hangover

*The above clothing – aka my eating sweater and eating pants – the best clothes to hide food babies on Thanksgiving – are from consignment stores. Good luck trying to find them anymore. Except the sweater is from TJ Maxx.* 

Did you wake up this morning unable to move, five pounds heavier with a headache? I did and the cause is Thanksgiving. Too much food. Too much coffee (could there ever be such a thing?!) Too much napping. How do we get over such a Food Hangover?

1. Lots of sleep. Sleep all day, wake up only to eat. Go back to sleep.

2. Drink lots of water. I only drank coffee and Dr. Pepper yesterday because #holidays. Reason #1 for this headache? Dehydration.

3. Decorating the Christmas tree. It’s the day after Thanksgiving and it’s officially the start of the Christmas season (even though I’ve been singing and decorating since Halloween). Your body will thank you for putting that tree up and going on your merry way.

4. Singing Christmas songs. The best way to spread Christmas cheer cure a food hangover is singing loud for all to hear.

5. Speed walking. Join the chaos and shop all the Black Friday deals. Or just go on a run and avoid all the people.

6. Eating more food. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Eating more food is always always the cure.

I’m going to go sop up some turkey gravy with a biscuit now. Bye y’all.

What It’s Like to Eat a Salad

What it's like to eat a salad


Whenever I start to feel sluggish in my skin, I try to make lifestyle changes. I sit down and make a work out schedule that I don’t follow through. Rather than sit around and eat raw cookie dough, I try to bake it instead (because it’s healthier baked) or I start buying veggies from the grocery store. The problem is, when I buy vegetables, I actually have to pretend that I want to eat them or else they’ll go rotten. It’s hard enough to cook for one person, and veggies go bad so quickly! Especially spinach. It’s like they expect me to eat an entire box of spinach by myself in 4 days. Yes, I would like to be put on the spinach diet, thanks. No. I love spinach, but I don’t want to put it in every. single. thing I bake. Spinach in my eggs, spinach in my cookies, spinach in my popcorn. So yesterday I decided I would make a salad for lunch. The problem was, I didn’t have any nuts or much else to put in the salad, so it was basically a huge tupperware container of spinach leaves with feta, deli meat, and a lemon/pepper olive oil dressing I whipped up at 7:30 yesterday morning.

I actually really enjoyed my salad, but I started to eat it at 11 and by 12:15, I had only conquered half the box. My favorite bites were when I got a piece of turkey and feta in my mouth, but it was mostly soggy spinach. I just looked down and thought, “Wow. These are just a lot of leaves.” I kind of felt like an herbivorous animal just stuffing leaves into my mouth. It takes me around 17 chews to even break the leaves down into tiny enough pieces that it won’t go down into my esophagus and make me choke and die. (Once, a salad almost killed me..)

I affectionately refer to “side salads” as “sad salads.” It basically sounds the same, especially if you’re from the South and your long “i’s” sound like short “a’s” anyway. Side salads can be tasty, but just the fact you’re eating a salad instead of something tastier is sad. I have never been that kind of girl who goes on a date and orders a salad. No, siree. If the date is buying I’ll at least be considerate and order the chicken. But if I’m going out to eat with my dad then give me the bacon-wrapped filet with a loaded baked potato and the mac-n-cheese please. #allthecarbs

In fact, I can think of one time I ordered a salad on a date in my entire life. It was a few weeks ago and I wasn’t in the mood for meat and they had a strawberry pecan spinach salad and it was actually kind of like dessert with green stuff in it. It was amazing, but talking about this amazing salad completely defeats the purpose of me complaining about eating salads instead of chicken, or quesadillas, or cake.

Perhaps if someone said, “I will pay you 1 million dollars to be a vegetarian for a year,” I would negotiate with them to give me a quarter million and I would be a vegetarian for who cheats  for three months. But I would really just rather not. Once Pai and I did a no-meat diet and it was fine, but I’m pretty sure my protein was way off because I subsisted on chips and salsa and pasta instead. I started to get light headed and headaches a lot, so we won’t be doing that again. If you tell me no-meat, I will still find a way to avoid eating vegetables, unless it’s a candy salad like the aforementioned one.

It can’t all be negative; there are a few pros to eating salads: for instance, you can justify eating a slice (or maybe 2) of pumpkin gingerbread when your boss brings cake to the staff meeting. Also, you get to brag to others about how you’re eating a salad and pretend you’re all healthy for that day. You can pretend you’re Popeye the Sailor Man because he loved to eat spinach. And maybe you feel a little bit better and you don’t have to suck in the food baby as much after lunch.

But in the end, you’re just left hungry and drinking excessive amounts of water (and peeing 7 times in one afternoon) in order to trick your stomach into thinking it’s full.