3 Steps to Take Towards Your Dreams Today

3 Steps to Take Towards Your Dreams Today

Like Cinderella says, “A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep.”

But not all dreams happen while we are asleep. Some dreams are planted into us while we are awake. Those dreams are contrived by our passion to change the world, to leave a legacy, to make our life matter.

We all crave purpose. We want to know why we were put on the Earth at this specific time and place in the world. And as a result, each of us have a dream placed somewhere deep inside ourselves that both terrifies and excites us – because that dream could be the dream that give us true purpose in our life.

Maybe we don’t think about too often because we have practical things to do. There are groceries to be bought, laundry to be washed, work projects to complete.

You know what those are called?


We like to use those distractions as excuses to say no. But what if we didn’t allow that fear to paralyze us? What if we didn’t push the dream down deep inside our hearts, and instead made practical steps to move towards our dream?

What if we allowed ourselves to open our hearts and actually dream?

What if we didn’t just stop at dreaming and started doing?

3 Steps to Take Towards Your Dreams Today

Dream Big, Start Small  

If you know you want to achieve your dreams, you have to dream big and start small. Set realistic goals. Start with baby steps. You can’t expect to run a marathon if you’ve never ran a 5k. So start by running a mile, then sign up for a 5k, and a half marathon. After enough training, you will be ready for that full marathon.

If you have a dream of opening up a bakery one day, then take small, active steps towards opening up your bakery! Take baking classes, bake cake pops from your home, get a business degree if you have to. Your dream may not be for today, or tomorrow. Your dream may be for 20 years down the road, but if you start setting small goals today, you are more likely to achieve it than if you started tomorrow.

Discipline Yourself 

The other day I was watching Asaake’s Instastory (from Asakemi.) She posted a picture at 2am answering the question “How does she do it all?” Asaake consistently blogs while killing it in grad school. She does it all by  choosing her priorities (and staying up late.) She checks off her responsibilities and still makes time to follow her dreams.

If you know that accomplishing your dream requires an extra hour in a day, then find that hour. Look at your schedule, add in the little things you do that are not necessary. Where can you carve out one extra hour? It may require to give up that 15 minutes of Facebook scrolling, but let’s be real – how many of us are better off for Facebook scrolling? None of us.

If I’m being honest with myself, I love when I’m disciplined enough to say NO to the scroll and say YES to doing something productive that moves me towards my dream.

Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Last week I made the mistake of telling my husband about a goal I had promised myself last year. When I told him about the teeny dream inside my heart, he said, “OK, well that’s what you’re going to do.” I then spent the entire evening making an outline of realistic goals I could set towards accomplishing a small dream.

For the past week, and for the next foreseeable future, I’ve been consumed with holing myself away to work on something that has been in the back of my mind for almost 10 years. And my awesome, supportive husband has been taking it all in stride. He not only encourages me to work on meeting my goals, but he also enthusiastically participates in dreaming out loud with me.

When you know you are ready to move towards making small steps to accomplish your dream, you have to surround yourself with supportive people. You have to have a person to stand behind you and cheer for you when you triumph, encourage you when you fail, and push you to go on when you’re just too tired.

So what small step are you going to take towards your dream today?

3 Steps to Take Towards Your Dreams Today

When Tomorrow Doesn’t Come

Fighting those New Year’s Resolutions One Lazy Moment

at a Time

WhenTomorrow Doesn't Come

Well my lovelies, we are six days into the new year and I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally. Maybe physically, too – yesterday I came home from work at precisely 5:30 and the first thing I did when I got home was fall into bed for the next hour and a half.

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t 100% prepared for 2015 to so abruptly end. Maybe it’s because I’m still “new” at this “working” thing, and I wasn’t sure how to get back into the groove of 2016 and work after spending a lovely 6 1/2 days with my beautiful family. And as a result? I’ve not done well at all at my New Year’s “Resolutions.”

On Monday I was up by 6:45, doing my devotions, drinking coffee, and spending 15 minutes in “Creative Writing” time. This is also the day I drank 5 cups of coffee.

I LOVE my creative writing time. I separate it from “Blog Writing” time, because when I blog, I’m pounding out a post I know hope will be read. When I’m writing for myself, I get a more creative license to just write away. I also prefer to spend my creative writing time with a pen and paper rather than a screen and keypad. There is something intimidating about a blinking cursor. Plus the fact that I get to erase so easily on a computer is detrimental to the natural flow of my thoughts.

So my goal was to spend 15 minutes every day in creative writing. Winter is the perfect time to be that disheveled author who keeps a cup of coffee at hand until 5pm and then pour the red glass of wine in the evening and stay up all the crazy hours chasing her latest muse. Except I have a day job, so I can’t stay up all the late hours and sometimes red wine gives me a headache. So I desperately want to become a morning person and enjoy a quiet morning with coffee and my books and my paper. I’ve set my alarm for 6:30 every day this week and yesterday I didn’t hear the alarm go off at all and today I hit snooze for an hour.

I’m back to the old me. 

And I keep telling myself all these lies:

“I’ll do better tomorrow.”

“I’ll start working out tomorrow.”

“I’ll wake up early for sure tomorrow.”

But tomorrow never comes! Well, tomorrow does come because the sun keeps rising, but I don’t stick to my resolution to start “tomorrow.” It’s like in college when you say, “Okay, I’m going to start studying at 7:15” and you look at the clock and you see it’s 7:18 and you’re like “Oh, I’ll start at 8.” But then by 11pm you find yourself 5 episodes deep into Gossip Girl and Chuck Bass keeps smoldering, making you feel guilty to leave, but you have a study guide untouched and a heart full of regret.

Why do we do this to ourselves? I don’t have the answer, so I’m hoping you do. I’m the type of person who looks forward to setting goals for myself and accomplishing them, but I often lack the discipline to jump off and make it consistent. It doesn’t help that I’m such a procrastinator, either.

I get emails from inspirational people almost every day, and one of those is Jeff Goins of Tribe Writers. I’m not in Tribe Writers because I’m on a starting salary and that ish is expensive right now, but one day! I take advantage of all the free stuff he offers, so I’ve joined the 500 Words a Day Challenge. It’s for writers who want to accomplish their writing goals in 2016. We start off by writing 500 words a day. He says blogging counts, but for the purpose of my creative writing goals, I’m going to take blogging out of the run for me (because I can pull out 600+ words in 15 minutes on the blog. What can I say? I’m a Chatty Cathy.)


I’ve decided to stop beating myself up. So what I like to sleep until the last second in the mornings? One day I’ll learn go to bed earlier. Yesterday I did make progress – I was in bed by 11, and asleep a little after 11:30. We’ll just slowly work backwards from there. This lady loves her 8 hours of sleep each night.

I can write creatively anywhere, it doesn’t have to be in the morning. As long as I go to sleep at night having talked to Jesus and writing my 500 words, I’ll go to sleep a happy girl. At 11pm. Eventually.

What do you do to help you keep your goals each month/each year?

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Realistic Goals

Realistic Goals

Today I woke up and stayed in bed reading, blogging, scrolling through Instagram, drinking coffee, and eating breakfast. My grandma gave me a new duvet for Christmas, and I didn’t know that I needed a new duvet. Until I put said duvet on the bed and now it’s like I’m sleeping in a cloud. Let’s see if I ever get out of this cloud. Reality check: It’s 12:16 and I’m still in bed. I don’t think I’ve done this since college. This is wonderful. Like Adam Levine, I never want to leave this bed.

I wasn’t planning on posting today because yesterday when I was supposed to write, I watched Gossip Girl, colored in one of my THREE (!!!! YAY) adult coloring books, took a long hot shower, and then took a long hard nap. I closed 2015 out in style. Pai and I lounged around watching Parks and Rec while he made a 9pm dinner of fried cayenne chicken and rice. He put so much cayenne in the chicken that it spread throughout the teeny apartment and we couldn’t escape it. We kept coughing and sneezing and I couldn’t stop laughing, which is good.

I’ve definitely been in a post-holiday slump this week. Since returning home from home home, I’ve spent the majority of my time in my pajamas, and not cooking anything. I’ve eaten out for almost all my meals. Last night we did go to a New Year’s Party, though. We left the house at 10:40 and returned at 12:30. We are becoming anti-social, old people. I loved the party, though. Yummy drinks were had, loud games of Catchphrase were played, we counted down, I got kissed at midnight, and I got to play around with my new selfie stick. WEE.

Realistic Goals

Grainy iPhone Selfies FTW

But like I said, there wasn’t supposed to be a post today, but I have FOMO and after scrolling through countless blogs and their New Year’s Resolutions, I have to join in. But realistically. Last year I did something similar, but I am now one year older, and wiser. So you may find that this New Year’s list is a little more, *ahem* mature.

Realistic Goals for 2016

1 – Cook once or twice a week. Refrigerate leftovers. Forget/Refuse to eat leftovers. Discover 4 month old moldy leftovers in the back of the fridge. Ahhh, there’s where all my tupperware has gone!!

2 – Plan out my entire month of January. Plan out half the month of February. Look at my planner in March. Forget about writing anything down in April, May, June. Remember planner in July. Forget about writing anything down August, September, October, November, December. Start again in 2017.

3 – Call my mom at least once a week. To ask her how to get rid of pantry pests (it turns out I don’t have a mouse. Woohoo!) To cry because I’m stressed out. To ask her for old recipes.

4 – Stay up too late. Be too groggy in the morning. Tell myself “I’ll go to bed earlier tonight.” Stay up too late. The vicious cycle continues.

5 – Drink more coffee.

6 – Spend more money on lattes. Note to self: Budget “lattes” into budget.

7 – Save up money for a new car. Transfer money back into checking account for people’s birthday presents.

8 – Continue to have really high expectations for events and people and get my hopes dashed.

9 – Practice letting go of Type A tendencies. 

10 – Wake up each morning grateful, hopeful, and loving life.

What are some of your realistic goals???

A Progress Report on New Year’s Goals.

Back at the beginning of January, I made a list of 5 goals I wanted to accomplish in 2015.


Now that we are more than halfway (HALFWAY!!) through the year, it is time for a little check up to see how the New Years Resolutions are.


Statistics say that 101% of people don’t keep their New Years goals.*


*I made this statistic up.


I think this year, though, I actually did pretty well.


As you know, statistics say that 80% of people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.*


*This statistic could be accurate. But I don’t know.


Goal #1: Worry Less


I was a worrier so much that it consumed me. My anxiety culminated one night where I just had a break down in Pai’s car, crying about everything I was nervous about. It was from that moment on March 16th that I decided to stop worrying and start trusting God. It was then that God started working in my heart. I prayed a lot, repeated a lot of verses out loud, and prayed a lot more. Praying out loud especially has helped out with the worrying less.


Goal #2: Get a “Big Girl Job” by the Summer


Well here we are, nearing the end of summer and I have been working as an admissions counselor for almost two whole months. The adult life – working 9-5 during the heat of the summer – has been quite an adjustment but I am seriously loving every minute of it. Especially the part where I don’t have any homework and have 5-6 hours of free time. This. is. the life.


Goal #3: Do a Show


Alright, still working on this one. However, I think I’m getting a little bit closer by going to several shows. I saw Les Miserables and Rent two weekends in a row.


Goal #4: Do Something that Scares Me


At the beginning of January I had no clue what this looked like. Ever since the end of my junior year, it seems as if I have been living out of my comfort zone. It has been so hard, but also so rewarding. I think the past two years have been the biggest growth years that I can look back on. This summer, my opportunity to do something scary presented itself.


If you have ever been to or heard Elevation and their worship music, then you would get an idea of what our church’s worship team is like. In June, they announced they were having worship team auditions. I had been toying with the idea of wanting to join the worship team. I used to be on the praise team in high school, and someone told me once that if I didn’t use the gifts that God gave me that I wasn’t acting as a good steward of the talent God gave me.


So I auditioned. I was nervous the whole week prior and completely lacking in confidence, but when the day arrived I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and an, “I can do this!” attitude. I focused more on the words I was singing, and who I was singing to rather than how I sang.


In all honesty, I thought I did a terrible job. Performances in my shower were way better. But, here I am, on my way to practice after work tonight!


Goal #5: Invest more in the Blog


Now, I can’t be giving away all my secrets, but I imagine if you stick around, here soon you’re going to be seeing a lot of changes. I have a lot of exciting and daunting stuff up under my sleeve, but I can say that I am stoked at where the direction this little corner of the Internet is going!


How have your New Year’s Resolutions been going?


24 Books in 12 Months

I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers have been posting their book goals for the year, and I wanted in on the fun. With all this time on my hands after I graduate (read: I won’t have homework anymore and I’ll be a boring adult with hopefully a 40 hour a week job), I’ll have all this extra time and I’ll need to occupy myself. 
I have this goal of becoming a lifelong learner. I don’t ever want to stop. Thankfully, my mom instilled in me the desire to read. I remember being five years old and sitting on our black couch in our evergreen living room while Mom made me go over my Phonix homework. I kept brushing my blonde bob cut hair out of my face, and giving mom a very frustrated look, maybe it was because she had cut my hair into a bob, or maybe it was because I had better things to do on a hot day than sit inside and learn how diphthongs work. My jaw began to hurt from clenching it so tightly with annoyance, and my throat had a huge lump in it. (I’ve been cursed with this desire to cry when I’m frustrated.) 
I am so thankful that my mom made me learn phonics, though, because where would I be now? Ever since then, I’ve had a love for books. Book Fair day was my favorite day of school back in elementary school. I had all the kids versions of the Classics. 
Since college started, I don’t have as much time to read for fun like I used to. But soon that all will change. I hope. And these are the books I want to read this year! 
A Million Miles in a Thousand Years – Donald Miller
 Ok, it was on the list, but I already finished it last week. Still counts, right?

Jesus Is – Judah Smith
 I have had this book on Kindle for a couple years now. I saw Judah Smith speak at Passion and I loved how he portrayed the gospel so bluntly and realistically. I’ve read a few chapters, but I definitely want to finish it this year! 

Jesus Feminist – Sarah Bessey
 I used to read Sarah Bessey’s blog daily. In this day and age, “feminist” has a bad connotation, but I believe Christian women can and should be feminists. I want to explore more on the topic.

Yes, Please – Amy Poehler 
I’m in love with Amy Poehler. If Bossypants by Tina Fey made me laugh out loud, I have no doubt Leslie Knope will crack me up as well.

Their Eyes Were Watching God – Zora Neal Hurston 
This has been on my shelf since my amazing second-hand bookstore finds back in the summer, and I have still yet to finish it! 

Evidence Not Seen:  A Woman’s Miraculous Faith in the Jungles of WWII – Darlene Deiber Rose
My Aunt suggested I read the book, so read it I will!

The Art of War for Writers – James Bell Scott
Because I’m a writer, duh.

Life of Pi – Yann Martel
Because my boyfriend’s name is Pai, duh. Just kidding. 

The Waves – Virginia Wolf
Yet another bookstore find that I haven’t even opened yet.

Jacob’s Room – Virginia Wolf
This is in the same book as The Waves. Two for the price of one? Ok ok, I feel you Ms. Wolf.

The Road – Cormack McCarthy
I tried to read The Road back in my early high school days, but it went wayyy over my head, so hopefully with a more mature lens I can appreciate the art of McCarthy’s style.

Unbroken – Laura Hillenbrand
Everyone’s obsessed, and I need to know why.

Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert
Because food and Jesus. (I know, she’s Hindu or something of the sort.)

Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom
I found this book outside an antique store for $1, and so I said, “Why not??” I’m currently reading this one, and so far I am absolutely loving it. 
Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? – Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling is hilarious, and I’ve heard amazing things about it. If her Instagram feed makes me smile, then I know I definitely have to check out the book.

The Silver Linings Playook – Matthew Quick
I love love loved the movie, and even though I’m a book –> movie snob, I’ve seen it recommended on Goodreads.

The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini
I remember a lot of my friends talking about this book in high school, and I really enjoyed the movie, so now I want to try the book as well!

A Land of a Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hosseini 
Because I heard this one was even better than The Kite Runner

The Divergent Series
I really really really didn’t want to read these books, but my curiosity is taking over. Hopefully it’s as good as everyone says it is.

The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith
I bought this book once I found out the author was actually J.K. Rowling, and I got half way through and quit. It’s not as good as Harry Potter, but it definitely deserves a second chance. 

No Country for Old Men – Cormack McCarthy
Yet another second hand bookstore find that I have heard wonderful things about. This is another book I’m halfway through and haven’t finished. 

The Shack – WM. Paul Young
Because my boyfriend wants me to read it.

I Know why the Caged Bird Sings – Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou is such a timeless and influential author that I really want to read something of hers, so here I am finding out why the caged bird sings. 

Scary Close – Donald Miller
I’m in love with Donald Miller and his books. I almost pre-ordered this book, but I have so many books on my plate I can wait until it’s been out a few months. 
Looking at all these, I guess the theme should be: “Finish all the books I’ve started over my life in 2015.” Almost half of these books I’ve started and quit. I admit, I’m a total book snob. I’m hard to please.
But what about you? 

What books are you reading this year? If you have a whole post about it, leave me a link in the comments so I can check it out!