Your Body Shouldn’t be Your Kryptonite

Friends! I am so pumped to share one of my all-time favorite encouraging bloggers with you. Megan writes for Apron Strings and Sticky Fingers, but she has gladly done a switcharoo with me. (After you read today’s post, head over to her page to read about Life’s Transitions!)  Today I have her on Hugs & Lattes to share an important topic that 97% of us women struggle with: Body Image.

Negative Body Image is something I started to encounter in my post-grad adult years. So I turned to my dear friend, Megan, to encourage us and speak into our lives about loving our bodies. She is a gorgeous lady with a gorgeous heart, so I am thrilled she is gracing my page with her wisdom!

Your Body Should Not Be Your Kryptonite

I was thrilled when Christina asked me to write a post on this topic because basically it’s my thing. You know how you have that one thing (or maybe multiple things if you’re a teeny bit of a hot mess) that always slip you up. That one thing that is your kryptonite, your weakness, the devil’s foothold in your life?

Yep that’s body positivity for me. Or really the lack thereof.

For those of you who know me, you know I’ve got a little bit of history with loving my body. We haven’t always been the best of friends. Back in high school I developed an eating disorder and was trapped in a terrible cycle of restrictive eating, obsessive calorie counting and not very fun amounts of exercising (although to be honest no amount of exercising is really fun.)


Looking at photographs of myself back then always horrifies me because I can still remember how awful I felt and how much I hated my body, when in reality there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. I was a waif. I was wasting away day by day. I was so painfully insecure and I thought changing the shape of my body would fix that.


Well five years on and I am happy to say that God has done a marvelous job of healing the damage I caused. I’m at a happy weight (very happy thanks to my love of chocolate.) I no longer restrict what I eat or exercise like a mad woman. And most days I can genuinely say that I love my body.


But this body loving stuff…it’s hard work. And nothing is more annoying than someone saying just love yourself. As if it’s as easy as flipping a switch.


If you are really struggling with body positivity you need more than just an airy fairy answer, you need some practical ways to make this change. So I wanna share a few things that have worked for me.

Your Body Should Not Be Your Kryptonite


How to love your body:


Be mindful with the media you consume

Your Body Should Not Be Your Kryptonite

Stop reading women’s magazines.


Bummer I know because it’s fun seeing what Beyonce’s mansion looks like or who Jennifer Aniston is gonna marry next but these magazines are the worst.

Not only are they airbrushed, photoshopped and touched up so that nobody is even the slightest bit real. They also promote fad diets, body shaming and food fear. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Get rid of the fitspo

Hands up if you are guilty of having one of those fitspiration pinterest boards…because I sure was. A little bit of motivation never hurt anyone but the just do it, go hard or go home, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels (lies!) stuff is one of my pet peeves.


Exercise should be about feeling good, not going until you pass out from exhaustion. I say get rid of the fitspo.


And while you are at it, unfollow all of those fitness models on instagram. They’re just trying to sell you gross skinny teas and that nasty chalk dust, protein powder anyway.

Your Body Should Not Be Your Kryptonite

Surround yourself with truth

First of all by reading what God says about you because obviously that’s the truest words you’ll find.

But secondly, follow body positive and encouraging people on social media. Fill up your newsfeeds and timelines with people of all different races, shapes and sizes. Broaden your definition of beautiful.


Stop trying to fit into your clothes


You know that pair of skinny jeans that are a little too tight around the thighs and make you feel awful every time you struggle to zip them up? Yeah well they’ve got to go.


Stop feeling guilty for not fitting your clothes. You are constantly growing and changing and so is your body…it just means an excuse to go shopping!

Your Body Should Not Be Your Kryptonite

Treat your body with respect


This one is kind of intuitive. You know what your body needs best. Start listening and taking cues from it.

Try to eat a vegetable every once in awhile. Make time for exercise that you love. Drink plenty of water. Sleep as much as you can. Laugh often and much.


You’ve only got one body so you should probably take good care of it!


Every time I’m having one of those days where I’m feeling especially crappy because my skin is breaking out or my hair’s a mess, I remind myself that right now I’m in my prime, this is the best I’m ever gonna look, it’s all downhill from here.


Right now I can get away with eating another piece of cake and not putting on foundation and sweeping my hair into a ponytail but one of these days that won’t be the case.


One day I’m gonna be wrinkly and need mascara to make my lashes even visible. I’m gonna be wobbly and unable to enjoy a brisk walk. And I’m gonna be on a bunch of medication that probably means I can’t eat as much cheesecake.

So I’ve decided that I’m gonna enjoy these fresh faced twenty-something years and not let a pimple or bad hair day stop me from living fully.  


Love your body but remember it’s simply a shell that holds all of the rest of you.


Megan is the sunny personality behind Apron Strings and Sticky Fingers a lifestyle blog for twenty-somethings who are learning to become the best versions of themselves. Megan is a sucker for cute shoes and paperback books and she lives all the way at the bottom of the world in New Zealand. If you wanna connect with her, you’ll find her on Twitter, Instagram and of course on her blog.  


On the blog today: Designs by Emily F

Meet my friend Emily from Designs By Emily F. She’s an awesome graphic designer and blogs about all things from her life, to DIY projects, to all these fun blogger swaps that she does. Because I know all of you are dying to follow a new friend, I asked her a few questions so you can get to know her here: 

Tell us about yourself! What do you do with your life when you’re not
blogging? What are some things you love about your life? What are some
things that make you tick?
Right now when I’m not blogging I’m working. Ever since
I graduated college all my friends are slowly moving away so I’ve been
working on finding new friends (through
& I’m organizing a blogger meetup for bloggers in Michigan) I love
hanging out with my family and just being my normal weird self. I also
love thinking about what my life will be like in 2 years. I’m addicted
to Netflix and if I could be paid to watch movies all day I would, I’d
blog on the side of course. 

2) So you design blogs, what is your most favorite and least favorite part about designing? 

favorite part is making something that someone else is in love with.
The worst part would probably be waiting to get their opinions on the
design! I’m super impatient!
3) What do you use as blogging inspiration? 
Reading other blogs & magazines definitely. Although my best ideas always come to me when I’m not trying to force ideas.
4) If you could only write about one thing in the world, what would you write?
Probably tv shows just because there are so many and I’d never run out of ideas!
5) What is your favorite quote?
“She believed she could so she did”
Isn’t she awesome?? Follow Emily on Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get to know her even better!

Haaaave you met Devon?

Have you met Devon from New York Cut yet? If not, just hop on over to her little corner of the internet after reading this interview because, guys, she keeps it reaaaal. I’d really love to sit down and have a drink with this girl – of course, non-alcoholic because I’m pretty sure we’re both a little underage at the moment. She is pretty hilarious, and writes about awkward things, so I think we’re twins separated at birth, and she just gets to live my dream life in New York. #jealous We even like the same music, and I wish that I could rock a crop top like she can. Seriously, go follow her right now. Or in 3 minutes after you read this.
Tell us about yourself!
Hi I’m Devon from New York Cut
I’m a huge Stevie nicks fan,
my favorite food is peanut butter
and I’ve been able to rap every word of Gold Digger 
by Kanye West since the 5th grade.
have a horrible New York Accent, I can’t eat without getting food on
myself and my most recent credit card purchase was a Snuggie for my dog.
My life is a tornado of awkward situations and misplaced humor
but it makes for some pretty interesting writing.
What do you do with your life when you’re not blogging?
I love to paint. Well… I used to.
I actually spent the first semester of my freshman year at an art school.
Still being in recovery mode from finals week 
my most recent activities include 
eating, sleeping, studying and eating. 
But with is being summer time now!!!
Things are about to change.
I’m excited for concerts, beach trips and playing outside 
with the fuzz buckets (my dogs).
last summer’s Backstreet Boys concert
 What are some wonders of New York? 
The food, hands down. 
NY pizza is without a question the closest thing to heaven a person can imagine,
and a New York bagel could make a valid substitute for a pillow
(they’re just that fluffy)
What do you hate about New York?
The winter
(a.k.a. October to March)
it’s no wonder Southern Belles seem less angry New Yorkers
they aren’t coped up indoors 24/7 for six month a year.
You claim to want to be a Southern Belle, I happen to be from the South, 
what attracts you to all that is glorious below the Mason-Dixon Line?
I do a pretty good job of bashing my home state on my blog
It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s rainy, and the people are rude. 
and recently I have found myself being a little bit jealous of those cute southern belles
out there with their cute game day dresses,
and their cute southern accents that just make anything sound lovelier
(honestly one could call me a  and
I would still think they were the sweetest girl alive)
and here I am stuck in my old Eli Manning jersey, worn over a much needed wool sweater
trying to get over the harsh way that I tawk
(I can thank my mother for that)
still I must say I’m proud to be a home grown New Yorker.
New York is after all the Capital of the world
but after living your whole here you can get pretty sick of it.
I’m looking forward to giving up my down jacket for some thing a bit lighter and cuter and my black coffee for sweet tea.
 Where do you feel most inspired?
Have you ever seen the new Audi car commercial
(insert subliminal adverting here)
the one where it’s a mix of people quoting the lyrics of “We are the Champions” by Queen.
Yes well…the first time I saw it I made a heart provoked choice to rethink all of my life decisions.  
I guess what I mean to say is that I can literally be inspired anywhere, 
and isn’t that a great way to be?
At any moment little bits of inspiration can spring up
opening a fortune cookie at the Chinese Buffet, 
cutting the cake at your Grandmother’s 94th birthday
or even scrolling the quote section on Pinterest. 
Inspiration is everywhere.
If you could only write about one thing in the world,

 what would you write?
Honestly? Probably Life’s Disappointments
it’s more raw and real then anything else I can think of
and I can speak whole heartedly from experience.  
There have been a handful of times in my life when I’ve been seriously disappointed…
when people I trussed showed their true colors, when I’ve had to accept failure
and when I learned the truth about Ghost Busters. 
Like it not being real life.
Life’s disappointments are devastating, demoralizing and at sometimes humiliating 
but they’re necessary for growth
…and fun to blog about!
5) What is your favorite quote
“Some people say, “Never let them see you cry.” 
I say, if you’re so mad you could just cry, then cry. 
It terrifies everyone.” 
-Tina Fey
Well that about wraps it up!
hope you enjoyed my interview 
and a BIG thank you Nina for letting me borrow her blog for a bit!

25 Days of Christmas! {Guest Post}

Hey friends! I hope you have eaten yourself into oblivion this weekend. (Fun fact: I’m watching Silence of the Lambs right now, so that has a bunch of fun innuendos in there. PS: Not the movie to watch whilst you set up your Christmas tree. Which we did, bee tee dubs. My sister was almost crying and I was intrigued.)

Anywho, it is officially the start of the 25 Days of Christmas! I would suggest you grab your remotes and turn your tv’s to ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, however, I have an even better idea! I am so stinkin’ excited to introduce my friend, Brennan. I knew him when he went to my college, but we didn’t become friends until more recently.  He is probably the nicest and most hilarious kid on the block. One of my favorite people, no lie.

Oh hello! My name is Brennan Seth
Tracy, and I am the creator and founder of Brennan’s 25 Days of Ugly Christmas

Nina asked me to write a guest post on her blog, so here we go!
In case you aren’t familiar with my personal blog, let me
give you the details.
As my own personal countdown to Christmas, I wear a different
ugly Christmas sweater every single day. I try my best to wear it all day (even
in public!) and I post pictures on my blog. It’s my favorite part of the
holiday season (except for Jesus, obviously)!!!

Here’s the E! Hollywood True Story about how my blog
About 3 years ago, I was getting
ready to attend an ugly Christmas sweater party, and I was at a thrift store
trying to find out the perfect sweater to wear. 
However, I couldn’t decide which sweater to get because there were
several good ones in the store.  I
started to think of an excuse to buy multiple sweaters…
Flash forward to the following
fall. I saw some countdown that said how many days there were until Christmas.
Now, if you know me, I have a strict “No Christmas celebration until after
Thanksgiving” policy, but the idea of the upcoming holidays excited me. A day
or two later, I remembered my thought about wanting to wear Christmas sweaters
more often. I decided it would be hilarious if I wore a different sweater every
day the first 25 day as a countdown to Christmas, sort of like my own personal
advent calendar of sorts. Thus, the idea was born! I didn’t tell anyone about
my idea, but I started collecting sweaters. The day before it started, I
created my blog, and waited to make my first post…
Honestly, I was really nervous
about starting this project. I was afraid that it was going to be a huge flop.
I remember my very first day I had a group presentation due in my Christ and
Culture class.  I got up in front of the
class, and got plenty of strange looks…
However, due to social media,
word of my project rapidly spread across campus. I had people stopping me on
the sidewalks and in the hallways to check out the daily sweater. It was this
rare phenomenon, and it kept growing. And I was SO happy that people found as
much joy out of it as I did.
When I decided to do this
project, I originally intended it to be a one-time thing.  I didn’t intend for it to continue after I
graduated. However, as the next Christmas season started to roll around, I kept
getting asked if I was going to continue it again. So, I decided to revive the
blog again for a second year.  However, I
was working in a more professional setting at the time, so it was a bit harder
to wear them every day because I felt I was being judged every 5 minutes. But,
I kept the blog alive for those who live further away. It was still fun.

Alright, kiddos! We’ve been
renewed for a third season! This year, I’m working at a community college, so
it’s going to be a lot more fun. Since I’m working in the performing arts
department, it makes a lot more sense that I‘d be drawing a bunch of attention
to myself. I’m so excited about starting my favorite holiday tradition again!

Here’s where you come in! SHARE
MY BLOG TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!! Like my Facebook page, and share it with your
friends! Tweet the link! YOU KNOW THE DRILL!! I’d love to expand my blog even
I’d LOVE to see your Ugly
Christmas Apparel! Email me your photos, and I’ll gladly post them on my blog.
I’m also open to suggestions. What would YOU like to see on my blog? And I’m
also open to all suggestions. You can also submit your questions! I’m
considering doing a Q&A of sorts.
I hope you are as excited about
the holidays as I am! Check out my blog every day until Christmas! And keep
reading Nina’s blog. She’s awesome.
Keep it tacky,
Submit all
Photos/Suggestions/Questions via email at
Personal Twitter: @BrennanTracy
Personal Instagram: @brennanseth

Go give him some love!


A Fellow Adventure Lover like Me!

 So a couple months back, this sassy lady found me, so of course I had to blog stalk her back. Turns out, we are both adventure lovers! How exciting. She is so encouraging, always leaving sweet comments on my posts, and I love her for it. Also, she  sends the most precious snapchat vids of her kitty cat. Like. I want to steal your cat, Sarah. So naturally, I had to ask her to guest post for my blog while I’m trying (and failing) to step away from blogging to do school stuff. Aghh. So after you read today’s post, go check out her blog (and her new web design adventures!) and fall in love.


When Nina first asked me to write this post, I had no clue what to write about. So, naturally, I put it off and turned to BlogLovin
instead to catch up with all of my favorite blogs. And then…. It hit
me. What’s a better way to introduce yourself to new bloggy peeps than
to share a little bit about yourself and, more importantly, the blogs you love to read. You can tell a lot about a gal by what she reads, right?? 🙂

Quickly, about me. I’m… tall. And the oldest of four.
And I live on coffee and Diet Coke. And I have a cat named Ralph and a
foster kitty that needs a good home [so if you want her, TAKE her]. And I
live in Indianapolis. And no, I don’t know Peyton Manning personally
but yes, I did cry when that whole Denver ish went down. I just started my very own web design business [I do blog designs too!]. I like classic novels and crocheting things and I’m currently obsessed with “Pretty Little Liars.”
So that’s me. 
Now for the important stuff: 

Really Awesome Blogs 
[besides this one. duh.]
lady, the one and only MacKensie G., is basically my bloggy soulmate.
Well, she has a few faults: like she loves to run, and she cooks healthy
food sometimes, and she moved all the way to CALIFORNIA a few months
back. But mostly, she’s the bees knees. You learn to look past these
things. Recently, she has perfected the art of the Sweaty Selfie
[consider yourself warned…].
got great style, she lives in NYC, and she’s also stepping out into the
land of entrepreneurship. CP rocks. I don’t keep up with her posts
everyday [she posts a lot] but she’s always sharing little
inspirational bits from around the web and also creates phone and
desktop backgrounds with fun little patterns and sayings. Definitely
worth a look-see.
babbling brookelyn
lady is the master of disaster when it comes to .gif story-telling and
not-so-subtle sarcasm. Also, she seems like a really cool chick IRL.
[seriously. we’re snap chat friends] Plus, I just really like her blog
design and style. Definitely someone I’d want to grab a drink and play
UNO with on a random Wednesday night. #YesThatsAnInvitation

I love EVERYTHING about this blog. Such great photos and adorable kids
and a mom way more stylish than I’ll ever be… but hey. That’s life.
This blog inspires me to capture really cool photos of my family some
day. You know how sometimes people’s family picture posting on blogs and
social media can get out of hand? If they were all this beautiful and
artfully done, I’d never whine about it again.
are TONS of other blogs, of course, and I read several on the reg. You
can check out all of the blogs I follow on BlogLovin here. Let me know if you have a blog I’ve just got to check out!
Thanks for letting me stop by, Nina!