5 Little Ways to Say “I Love You” [for her]

5 Little Ways to Say "I Love You" [for her]

Happy Friday!!

I am so PUMPED for the weekend – it’s gonna be low key and chill and I am ready to embrace that. Quite literally – it’s chilly outside! I love marriage, I love my husband, and I love to show him my love. When yous study the ways women and men love each other, you see a lot of similarities, but a lot of stark differences. Of course every single person is different, so there is never going to be a one and done formula on how to love. Rather, you study your person, get to know who they are, what makes them tick, and what makes them swoon.

A couple weeks ago, I shared a few tips for the guys to woo their girl, but this time I’ve got 5 inexpensive ways to say “I love you” to your man.

5 Little Ways to Say "I Love You" [for her]

Give Him a Guy’s Night

I love spending every moment I can with my husband, but I know there are moments when we both need to spend time with other people. Especially when you’re married, it’s easy to be cooped up at home in the evenings. When you think about how much time you spend at work and how much time you actually spend with your significant other, it’s enough to make you want to quit your jobs and try to get paid to travel. Despite how much time you want to spend with your lovah, he needs his dudes. Kick him out of the house every now and then for wings and video game night.

Cook His Favorite Meal 

I adhere to the good old Southern saying that says “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Interestingly enough, Mr. M grew up not admiring food as much as we Americans do. I would ask him, “What do you want for dinner?” and he would always say whatever. Luckily, his favorite American meals are also my favorite American meals (chili and potato soup), so on the cold fall and winter days, he comes home a happy man when there’s chili with lots of meat stewing in the crockpot.

We like to take turns on date nights, so when it’s a special occasion, I’ll whip up a fancier meal than normal, kick him into the living room for some quality FIFA time, and I’ll prepare a candlelit dinner and dress up in something nice.

5 Little Ways to Say "I Love You" [for her]

Let Him Play His Video Games

Speaking of FIFA, you can absolutely love your man by letting him play his video games. I won major points last year for Christmas when I got Mr. M the only thing he wanted off the wedding registry (that I knew he definitely wasn’t going to get) – a playstation 4. We spent the winter months of marriage cuddled up on the couch under blankets – he played FIFA and I read my book. I didn’t always understand it before, but video games can be a necessary part of unwinding for millennial guys. When your man works hard all day and helps around the house in the afternoon, he deserves a solid hour or two to zone out with some online competition.

Be Respectful 

Husband’s love to be praised and respected, especially in public. I have to take a page out of my own book some days. While I love to consciously uplift and honor my husband, I don’t always keep control of my tongue on the bad days. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m a bit sassy. While the sass chills out the older I get, sometimes my sweet husband still gets the brunt of it. There are still many times when we are “discussing” something and I let my emotions take control. When I’m in my rational mind (aka I’m fed), I look back and think “Oh no!” It’s something I’m still working on in every moment of conflict. The longer we’re married, the less I want to have those “oh no!” moments, and the more I want to be respectful and honor my husband in every situation – even when I’m hungry.

Say Yes Even When You Don’t Want To

In the past 9 months of marriage I have learned how selfish I am. There are many times I would rather read my book or do my own thing than do whatever it is Mr. M wants to do. It’s so easy to say “Not right now” or “Later” when your husband wants to go work out, talk, be intimate – whatever it is he wants to do that interferes with your schedule. Remembering that time is precious and we don’t have a lot of it keeps things in perspective. I’m learning to say “yes” even when I have things I want to do. The neat thing is, when I am willing to sacrifice whatever it is on my schedule in the moment, I find that saying yes brings a blessing into that moment.

5 Little Ways to Say "I Love You" [for her]

What are some things you like to do to say “I love you” to your man?


2 Little Ways to Breathe Easier this Week

do 1 important thing

Millennials are the generation of self-care. We believe in self-care because we believe that in order to raise to our full potential, we have to take care of ourselves. What a foreign thought. You’ll read self-help and self-care blogs that say lots of things. Drink water first thing in the morning, do a face mask in the evening. Eat healthy. Put down those french fries (NEVER!) You get the gist. But I have a new idea and it involves procrastination.

Implement Little Things Throughout Your Day

In the summers at my job I get half days on Fridays. It’s an amazing morale booster. I can’t believe how I ever do anything working 8-5 M-F during the rest of the three seasons because I get so much done on those half day Fridays. Granted, the first two half days or so I spend lazing on the couch watching Netflix. But then the rest of the summer I ban myself from Netflix and make myself do something productive and I never regret it.

I’m the type of person to get quickly overwhelmed by chores, mess and chaos when there is already a lot going on in my life. I’ve started implementing little things throughout my day to make the rest of my life more enjoyable.

i.e. Making the bed in the morning – I am much more likely to keep a clean bedroom if our bed is already made. Or I will do the dishes right after a meal rather than letting them pile up and doing them at the end of the day. When I let the dishes pile, I get overwhelmed by the amount and procrastinate which creates more dishes. . . and more dishes. . . and more. . . and you know how it goes. Suddenly I’m spending an hour scrubbing oatmeal off yesterday’s breakfast dish and I’m not a happy person.

By implementing these little things that I’m doing throughout my day and throughout my week, I find that I have the brain space and energy to accomplish the bigger tasks.

do 1 important thing

Accomplish the Bigger Tasks

There have been 2 chores on my monthly goal list since January that didn’t get accomplished until this month. I eventually stopped putting them on my to-do list because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t carve out the time to get it done.

Our dining room and office both looked like the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. There were wedding gifts (that still) needed to be returned, items that needed to be taken to the local thrift store, etc. It was such an overwhelming venture that I kept putting it off and putting it off until one day I just decided I have to do it. I didn’t try to do both of them at once. Instead, one day in a frenzy, I cleared off our dining room table that hadn’t been used since we got married one night when I realized we needed more eating space. I piled everything that needed to be sorted through and made the room look semi-decent. That allowed me to go back into the room a few days later and knock everything out in 4 Gilmore Girls episodes.

With the dining room cleared, I gained momentum. This weekend I coerced my husband with a few episodes of our favorite TV show and ice cream as a reward to go through paper piles with me in our office. Now all I have to do is go in there on another day and clear out the stuff that needs to go into storage or to the local thrift store. It is a huge task if I try to do it all in one fell swoop, but I break it up by doing one important thing in each day.

Do 1 Important Thing

When I do one important thing, I waltz into the next day feeling relaxed and motivated to do something else. It’s amazing how the momentum keeps going! Rather than stockpile and procrastinate like I tend to do, I’ve noticed that doing one important thing each day gives me the space to breathe. Some days it’s cleaning out an entire room, some days it’s dusting the furniture in the whole house. Other days it’s taking a bubble bath and reading a good book or spending some quiet time journaling.

Whatever your one important thing is, stop procrastinate. Like Shia LeBeouf says, JUST DO IT.

2 Ways to Breathe Easier this Week