10 Facts that Prove Coffee Isn’t Bad for You

10 Proven Facts Coffee Isn't Bad for You

Every morning as I’m walking out the door, my (sweet, awesome, hott) husband hands me a tumbler of coffee, and I swear it makes me want to marry him all over again. In case you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with coffee. I love to drink it, smell it, try it in new ways. Earlier this summer, we had dinner with our friends and they served us Brazilian coffee after dinner. AKA espressos in the cutest little espresso cups. I fell in love.

I could talk about coffee all day long. Coffee fuels us. It brings people together. It makes people fall in love. (No, seriously.)

But sometimes there are those haters. There are those people who say, “Coffee is bad for you.” These are the kind of people I want to sic Lorelai Gilmore on. But instead, I would like to counter that argument with some hard facts.*

10 Facts That Prove Coffee Isn't Bad For You

Fact #1: Coffee is not bad for you because it gives you energy.

Sure, caffeine is the number one drug used in America, and sure it sounds bad if you say caffeine is a “drug.” But do you know what is also a drug? Ibuprofen. And if I don’t get my coffee fix, you can bet four of those little suckers are going straight to my liver ASAP because no coffee = major headache and low, low productivity performance. No one wants that.

Fact #2: Coffee is great for your digestive system.

Have you ever got 1/4 of the way through your morning cup and had to head off to spend some time in “the Oval Office” as they so call it? If you’re ever feeling constipated, just drink some coffee and BOOM praise the Almighty because your colon is cleared!

Fact #3: Coffee puts you in a good mood.

This is a proven fact. For me at least. And probably because I enjoy the smell of coffee. When I wake up in the morning to the smell of coffee brewing downstairs, I know today is going to be an OK day. When I’m having a hectic day and I step inside my favorite artisan coffee shop, I know all will be right with the world as soon as my cinnamon and honey cappuccino is in my hands. If your girl is in a bad mood, bring her some coffee. It will make her fall in love with you and put her in a better mood.

10 Facts That Prove Coffee Isn't Bad For You

Fact #4: Coffee keeps you from killing people.

We all know this. When someone is getting on my nerves, I have to take a deep breath, take a long sip of my coffee, put in my headphones, and pray to Jesus. It’s a four step process, but it works.

Fact #5: Coffee is healthy.

Coffee comes from a bean. . . beans are like vegetables. . . so by the transitive property, coffee is healthy. Right? I think right. . .

Fact #6: Coffee helps you live longer with a better quality of life.

Years ago when I was in college speech class, I did a whole informative presentation on the benefits of coffee. I had several sources that said that a) coffee helps you live longer and b) those who drink coffee on the reg decrease their chances of getting dementia. So anytime someone tells you coffee is bad for you, tell them to put down their soda, you’re choosing life.

currently very caffeinated 🙃☕️

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Fact #7: Coffee is a great ice breaker

Want to make a new friend? Ask him/her out for coffee! It’s not the commitment that dinner or inviting them over to your house is, but it also shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile and sit down with them in an artisan coffee shop and make eye contact with them for at least an hour.

Fact #8: Coffee relieves the awkward

OK so what if your friend date, first date, or tense conversation isn’t going well? You can look at your coffee, you can take a sip of your coffee. It is the physical manifestation of “Um.” Don’t know what to do with your hands? That’s what coffee is for.

Fact #9: Coffee is a great perfume.

I often smell like my grandmother (who smells like coffee) because I spill coffee on myself. While it may not be Dolce & Gabanna, at least it’s an attractive homey scent. You know all those older people that smell like coffee and you just want to give them a hug because they smell like comfort? You can smell like comfort, too! All it takes is one little spill and you’ll have a nice tan stain on your cream colored shirt and smell like a delicious cup of comfort.

Fact #10: Coffee gives you something to photograph.

Are you an amateur instaphotographer like me? Don’t know what to shoot? Take fun, artsy pictures of the artsy latte art that someone else did! It makes you look legit, and gets you thousands of coffee shop followers. #CoffeeisLife

10 Facts that Prove Coffee Isn't Bad for You


*These facts are not 100% scientifically proven by a study. They are proven from my daily life experiences.

How about you? Are you Pro Coffee or Pro Tea? What keeps you caffeinated during the day? How do you keep from strangling annoying people?

39 Questions I Have for Bloggers

39 Questions I Have for Bloggers

Every day week I come back to the laptop after a full day of actually living life (i.e. going to coffee shops, date nights with the boo thang, or just a Netflix coma) and wonder why. Why am I blogging? Why am I here? What is the point of it all? It’s an Internet existential crisis if I ever saw one. I’ve slowly developed my brand, and am still working into my brand/switching and refinding my new voice, and building my follower count slowly but surely. And then there’s some little whippersnapper who just pops up out of nowhere and “has only been blogging for six months!” and has 10k followers. Like, how?

How do you have so many followers when you’ve been blogging for four weeks? I’ve been here four long years. And I have to work for my 3-4 comments. And here you are, with your white background and your perfectly posed pictures.


Why don’t we use GIFS anymore? Is that a thing of angsty teens and Tumblr? I miss GIFS.

Is everyone an inspiring minimalist? Because I’m just an aspiring de-clutterer. Someone teach me to not be sentimental.

How do you have money to pay for ipsy boxes every month?

How do you have money to buy $150 ad spots, and does it work?

When do you find the time to take all your photos with your DSLR?

How do you know how to work a DSLR?

Did you paint a wall entirely white and install a floor length window just for your “blogging desk” and how do you keep that wall free of scuff marks?

Did you find a house with granite countertops just to take the perfect pictures of your perfectly proportioned strawberry/granola/overnight oatmeal for the Instagram?

Doesn’t it take 5 hours to cook dinner for your husband if you have to stop and take pictures of the whole process?

Does your boyfriend/husband/mom/co-worker get annoyed with taking OOTD pictures for you?

How do you look so stylish? Who pays you to wear their clothes? How do you afford to buy anything that isn’t from TJ Maxx?

How do you find the time to just sit down and write out 5 posts faithfully each week with great content

How do you get 312 likes on your picture of flowers? I got 22 on a picture of my family.

Why do staged pictures do better than real life pictures?

How do you “theme” your Instagram?

How can you afford all the blog seminars/webinars/conferences?

Do you have to drink wine to be a blogger?

Why do you have to say you have fur babies?

Where do you find all the white rugs/towels/shirts/sheets/bed comforters and how do they stay white?

How do you work full time, work out full time, and blog full time and still have time for a social life?

Do you buy your followers?

Do you buy flowers just for the ‘Gram or do you ask Kroger if you can walk outside with a bunch of flowers just to take a picture of them?

Do you get sad when people unfollow you?

How do you get so many sponsors?

How do you have time to do sponsors?

How do you get sponsored posts?

How do you get sponsored posts where people are still willing to pay you?

What the heck is SEO?

How do you SEO?

Do you hide from your Google Analytics like me?

How do you vlog without being awkward?

How do you Snapchat/Instagram in public without feeling awkward?

Are all the rings on your hands real or fake?

Do you pay for perfectly manicured hands for your pictures?

Doesn’t blogging exhaust you too?

How are your iPhone photos not grainy?

How do you have time to network?

Do you hide from your emails, too?

If the blog life confuses you too, raise your hand and lets all kumbaya together.

What It’s Like to Date a Blogger

As told by the blogger. . .

what it's like to date a blogger

I dated a guy my sophomore year of college who knew I was a blogger, but pretended the blog didn’t exist. He thought it was weird, and was uncomfortable with the notion that I bared my soul in words to the rest of the Internet world. I was already insecure about being a “blogger,” because yes, we basically write every week about ourselves on the Internet. I battled with whether or not I should tell my next boyfriend that I had a blog. And how do you know the right time to tell a guy that you blog?

1st Date: *lets it slip into conversation* Oh yeah so I have a blog and it’s a lifestyle blog and I have a significantish following and – Date looks at you as if you have a nubbin on your face. “So. . .um. . . are you gonna write about. . . this?” He proceeds to ask awkwardly. There isn’t a second date.

3rd Date: This is the date where, according to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days you can kiss. *Date leans in for kiss, you start to lean in, put your hand on his chest, “Um, Tom, I have to tell you something. I have a blog.” Mood. Killed. “A blog?” He asks. “Like, you display your life on the Internet like you’re some kind of famous novelist?” Well. . . yeah. . . isn’t that what we all do? There is a fourth date, but no kiss.

1 Year into the Relationship: *You’re hanging out, eating pizza, watching The Bachelor, and your bae looks up from his computer, “Babe, I found pictures of us on this website. Weird, huh?” All time and space stops. “Oh, yeah I’ve been meaning to tell you about that. . .I’m a blogger. That’s my website. I wrote a post about our trip to the Hamptons.”***

*** Clearly these are all made up scenarios (I’ve never been to the Hamptons) just to show you it’s hard to tell a potential mate that you write a blog because it’s just weird. Thankfully, Pai already knew I blogged before we started dating. In between my sophomore and the spring of my junior year, I became more comfortable in my literary skin (if you call a blog literary) and began publishing different posts on my personal Facebook page. I was in the running to win “Sweetest Single Blogger” in a blogging contest and I asked my Facebok friends to vote for me and Pai commented on that post and said, “No.” I don’t know why I’m telling you all this. But I took that as a sign that he actually liked my blog, and liked me.

Since then, he’s learned a lot about what it’s like to date a blogger. But he’s really busy with work and grad school so I’m just going to tell you what I imagine it to be like from his perspective, which brings me to my first point:

–>Your woman speaks up for you. Maybe you’re in one of those couples where the man “wears the pants” in the relationship, but on her blog, she might occasionally speak for you even though you never said any of this.

–>She snapchats everything. You have to realize that bloggers have to stay current, stay consistent. They have to keep up with all the social medias and share their work on all the platforms. She’s exhausted. It’s exhausting. But her fans followers want to know the real her, not just the Internet her. Thus the Snapchat.

–>She stresses out about blogging. She hasn’t written a quality post in a while, her Instagram only got 23 likes (seriously guys?! Why is it that when  gram a picture of Doug the Pug you’re all like, meh but when Doug the Pug instagrams a picture he gets 17k likes? Seriously?!) and now she’s falling into a pit of irrelevancy.

–>She gets free stuff, but she has to take pictures of it and write about it. Don’t question why she spends 15 minutes arranging lighting and stuff on a white board.

–>She Instagrams a lot. Instagram is how bloggers connect these days. Don’t judge the above frame of her coffee, socks, and computer. Don’t judge the hashtags. Hashtags are what bloggers use to connect these days.

–>She wants to take lots of pictures of you two. You’ll thank her later when you’re old and grey and have all these beautiful memories surrounding you!

–>She drinks a lot of Starbucks. Part of it is taste, part of it is keeping up with the Joneses. Sometimes she may just get the cups to take pictures of it for a post. Because that’s what bloggers do.

–>She’s probably an oversharer. Oh, you mean you didn’t want all 800 of her followers to know about that one time you two almost got arrested? Oops. It’s fine. *My suggestion here is to set some boundaries. i.e. She can blog about your dates, but not about the really weird things you say that she keeps a list of in her phone.

–>She’ll want to take a picture. . . for the blog. . . for the gram. Just let it happen. If you tell her she’s too obsessed with social media she may break down and cry because blogging is hard and she may feel like you’re not supportive.

–>She has blogging friends-turned-real life friends. It’s weird, but it’s cool. Just accept it, bro.

–>She’s probably really good at writing you love letters because she’s really good at writing, so embrace her bloglife and maybe you’ll eventually start a blog too. . .

My Most Embarrassing Post

My Most Embarrassing Post


Do you ever have those posts that you publish and you look back and cringe? I have a few of those. I war between keeping them up and quietly converting them back to my drafts folder. IT doesn’t help the fact that when I merged to WordPress from Blogger, all my comments were lost and now I can’t merge them because Disqus is screwed. up. I’m a little sad about that. So here’s a disclaimer: *Any Blogs that have 0 comments in the past 3 years actually did have comments; I just lost them all in the move* Insert dramatic face crying emoji here.

Yesterday I received a tweet from Karen at A Peek of Karen’s World that I was nominated for a blog award. I love awards. I hopped on over to her blog and scrolled through the list and noticed I was awarded new blog (which I’ve been around for 4 years now, but thanks! Maybe they meant Hugs and Lattes is new…er?) and then I noticed that I was awarded funniest post and I thought, “Hmm…. which post is this?” I used to be hilarious. But then I grew up and got boring.

No worries, though, the post about having an IBS attack on a date definitely made it into that nomination. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read all about it here, and if it made you laugh, comment on it since I lost all the comments and then vote for it here.

Thanks, you’re a gem.


It’s OK to be Basically Basic


“I am so glad you don’t wear UGGs,” Pai said to me the other day. I sheepishly told him that if UGGs weren’t so expensive, I would totally own a pair. In fact, I used to own some Airwalk brand of Fake UGGs that I got at Payless when I was 15. I affectionately referred to them as FUGGs, but that can be a bit dangerous to say, so I don’t recommend it. *Diverts gaze as my mother sends me “the eye” over the Internet.

“You know that you would be a walking land mine of basic white girl jokes for my brother!” Pai warned me. And I’ve decided, I’m okay with the basic white girl jokes. In fact, I’ve embraced the fact that I love fall, I love pumpkin white mochas (but not pumpkin spice lattes), I love boots, I love scarves, and I love to pretend that I can rap like Nicki Minaj. Why is it that we white girls have been stereotyped into being “basic” just because we all like the simple things in life? Life is full of heavy moments, hard discussions, anxiety, stress, and responsibility. So why is it stereotyped as “basic” if we take pleasure (and gram it to the whole world) that we are enjoying a little treat for the day? If being basic means that I am enjoying the little things, that I am a-okay with being basically basic.

For instance,

If I want to throw leaves in the air because I love fall, I will throw those leaves in the air.

Basically Basic

If I enjoy a latte and I want to share my delicious concoction with the world, it’s fine.

Basically Basic

If I figure out how to rock a blanket scarf, you best be dang certain I will show you. Because I am proud (of my sister who actually is the one who helped me make it look semi decent.)

Basically Basic

If I am wearing boots and traipsing through the leaves, then let me wear boots and traipse through the leaves.

Basically Basic

I am of the school of thought that if we don’t appreciate the small things, we can’t appreciate the big things. So if I’m basically basic, then so be it. I will basically be basic all over the place.

*Drops latte, sha-says out of the room with her booties and skinny jeans.