15 Chickflicks to Watch Tonight

15 Chickflicks to Watch Tonight

One of the saddest things of 2018 is the lack of chick flicks we’re producing these days. One of the staples of my childhood and teenage life was getting together with my best friends, or having a girl’s night with my mom, sisters, and grandma and aunts to watch a feel-good, cry your eyeballs out chick flick. And sadly,  I haven’t seen too many “I MUST GO SEE THIS” films coming out that represents what a 90s chick flick should be.

I’m a huge movie watcher, so I wanted to get together some of my favorite films that you can watch by yourself, with your bestie, or with your man for Valentine’s Day this year! And to my knowledge there are no Nicholas Sparks inspired movies on here. But there are a couple Julia Roberts movies mentioned because I think all good chick flicks should have Julia Robertson in them.

Cry Your Eyeballs Out

Steel Magnolias – 1989

This is the perfect “coming of age” movie in chick flicks, if you ask me. You deal with life, love, and loss. There are so many big named, amazing actresses in this movie and Sally Fields – she just takes the cake for her performance in this one.

PS I Love You – 2007

OK when I watched this for a second time in college, I started crying before the movie started, throughout the entirety of this film, and for 10 minutes after the movie ended. Granted, I was in a very dark place emotionally but if you need a cathartic movie – this is the one for you.

Happy Endings

Licensed to Wed – 2007

I don’t know how I just discovered this movie like a month ago, but it was recently added to Netflix so I watched it with my sister and Pai and we laughed the entire time! It features John Krasinski, Mandy Moore, and Robin Williams – so an A+ class in the comedy department.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding – 2002

I can watch this movie over and over and over again because it is so stinkin’ quirky, and quirky is my favorite. I also felt like it mirrored my life as I was planning our own intercultural wedding.

When Harry Met Sally – 1989

When Harry Met Sally has an R rating, so I didn’t watch it unitl I was a grown up, but as soon as it was over, I had to call my grandma as this is one of her favorite movies. We talked for a long time about love and marriage after watching this movie, so it holds a special place in my heart. The downside is it’s hard to hear Billy Crystal without thinking of Mikwasowski from Monster’s Inc.

Unconventional Endings

Me Before You – 2016

just watched this movie this week. I read the book last year and liked it, but didn’t think it was absolutely amazing. I would almost say I like the movie more than the book in this one! Louisa is so quirky and adorable, and the chemistry between her and Will Trainer is adorable. You’ll probably cry at the end.

LaLa Land – 2017

La La Land is a movie I need to own. Once I got past Emma Stone’s breathy singing, I fell in love with the head nod to 1960’s cinematography, and this is one modern day musical I can get behind. I love my chick flicks to be realistic, so the ending here was perfect for me.

15 Chickflicks to Watch Tonight

Quirky & Cute

500 Days of Summer – 2009

If there ever was a perfect casting choice, it was to put Zooey Deschanel across from Joseph Gordon Levitt. THEY ARE THE PERFECT AWKWARD COUPLE. I had no idea what to expect watching this movie in college, but I want to get my hands on it again because it is so perfect. Anytime I am at Ikea all I can think of is the line from this movie, “Honey, there’s an Asian family in our bathroom.”

About Time – 2013

I can’t mention chick flick movies without putting a movie on here with Rachel McAdams. If I’m being completely transparent with you guys, I don’t remember what this movie about (which is typical, this is why I get to watch movies over and over again) but I remember absolutely loving this one. It has time travel in it, so this is the second time Rachel McAdams is married to a time-traveler. Go figure.

Girl Power

Hidden Figures – 2016

Now that I’ve seen Empire, it’s hard to watch a movie with Taraji P Henson in it without imagining her screaming, “Lucious!” and banging someone with a broomstick. However, Hidden Figures is the perfect girl power movie – these ladies are smart and fierce. I love that this story is also based on a true story.

Mona Lisa Smile – 2003

I love it anytime Julia Roberts comes onto the scene. As a lady armed with a liberal arts degree and dreams of teaching one day, Mona Lisa Smile was the perfect feminist, liberal arts film.

The Help – 2011

Anytime you put Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer together, you have a power team. I love the bravery these ladies show in sharing their stories. Plus when a small town writer changes the world? It’s a great ending.

Movies You Can Watch With Your Man

Hitch – 2003

I am all here for Will Smith making us laugh. I have seen this movie more times than I can count, and a couple of those times have been with my husband and my parents. It’s the perfect rom-com to settle down with valentine.

Princess Bride – 1987

My husband didn’t initially think he would like Princess Bride, but after he sat down and watched it with me, he loved it! It’s corny, the hero saves the day, and it will make you laugh. This is a timeless classic you could watch even with your kids!

15 Chickflicks to Watch Tonight

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

5 Quirky Ways to Celebrate Love this V Day

5 Quirky Ways to Celebrate Love this V Day

If I’m being honest, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I mean, I enjoy chocolate and a good excuse to celebrate love. But why do that just on February 14th and not all year? Some say (my dad, my husband) that I’m high maintenance.

It probably doesn’t help the fact that Mr. M and I met and consequently fell in love at an Anti-Valentine’s Day party. So February 15th is my preferred day to celebrate love.

But I’m not one to pass up an excuse to come up with an excuse to celebrate love – whether you’re loving on your partner or on your best friend: these five ideas are fun and quirky ways to celebrate an inexpensive Valentine’s Day!

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Inexpensive Valentine's Day Ideas

Take Awkward Couple Photos (on purpose)

I’m not gonna lie. . . I have done this both with my  best girl friends and with Mr. M. The girl friends were easier to convince. Awkward couple photos are bound to make you both laugh and have a fun time being silly. It also gives you a good excuse to make fun of Valentine’s Day and couples that take awkward photos by accident (because they’re awkward. . .)

Make a Spotify Playlist

When Mr. M and I first started dating, we spent a summer apart, so we stayed connected by making a collaborative playlist on Spotify. It’s like making mix tapes for each other, but in 2018. Pick out your favorite songs, or songs that remind you of each other and make a joint playlist! (This is also the perfect time to come up with your couple name.)

My best friend from college also regularly sends me an ACTUAL mixed cd for my  birthday or other special occasions and it’s my favorite part of snail mail.

Go on a Thrift Shop Shopping Spree 

Give each other a budget of $5-10, then go and pick out something fun and useful, or an item of clothing for each other. If you pick out clothes, wear those outfits on a date later that day!

Write a Poem for Each Other 

Whether you are a secret poet, or you just like to be adventurous, writing a poem for each other can be a fun way to express your love for your loved one. Your Valentine’s Day poem can either be silly or serious. My personal favorites are ones that make me laugh. If you’re not a great poet, you can still come up with fun ways to write about your loved one in a way that can make them feel special.

Make a Scrapbook Together

This one may appeal more to girl friends, because I have never met a man who willingly sits down and works on a scrapbook with his lady. I’ve started this thing where every New Year, we take time to reflect on the previous year and write down our highlights from each month and print out pictures from each month. Something like this could also be done for dating anniversaries, best friend-aversaries, or just any time you realize you have 1000 pictures on your phone.

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Inexpensive Valentine's Day Ideas

Anti-Valentine’s Day Gone Wrong

hugs and lattes

Happy President’s Day! Happy Snow Day (to me, which is why this post is late because #sleepingin)! Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day!

Here is a little story about how I went to this Anti-Valentine’s Day party and ended up meeting my Valentine. . .

A couple of years ago our college ministry had an anti-Valentine’s Day party full of garlic knots and Lord of the Rings – none of that lovey-dovey stuff. I appreciated the sentiment. I was still miffed over failed pursuits of love in the past year, and was reeling from awkward decisions which defined the first half of my 20th year of life. So I went to this Anti-Valentine’s Day party dressed in black and ready to settle down with a bowl of cheese dip and a 2-liter of Dr Pepper.

In walked this supah handsome guy who dressed nice and always had these amazing, insightful comments during Sunday School and had me saying daaaaaaang. On this particular night, he was rocking a Bill Cosby sweater and a beret. Bold choice.

The confidence he gained from strutting around with a beret must have taken over me and I said, “Heyyy nice to see you!” and went in for this “Christian side-hug” to this stranger/acquaintance with whom I had never even high-fived before. It’s fine. Months of this guy favoriting my hilarious tweets and I thought I knew him well enough to give him a side hug. But he didn’t know I was going in for the side hug. It turned into this awkward interchange of arms bumping into each other and then that awkward back pat. I was mortified. He doesn’t remember. Praise Jesus.

My bestie talked to the beret man with the smooth cocoa butter skin pretty much the whole night while I was occupied by this other guy who just started to our college ministry. This couldn’t be happening. Here was this handsome guy talking to Chels and I was 98% sure he should be talking to me, too, because I was slowly developing this crush but here I was talking to this new guy (no offense, man.)

I had admired beret man for a couple of months but was in no place to date anybody because I was in the pit of bad decisions. But it was like the Anti-Valentine’s Day party opened our eyes, because we both look back and pinpoint this as “the moment.” (It turns out, he was admiring me from afar as well, but he thought I had a boyfriend. Boy, was he wrong. #singleandreadytomingle)

That following week I kept bringing him up to my girlfriends at lunch. I needed to be his friend and then win him over with my charm and before he would know it, we would be in love and get married and have beautiful little biracial babies with eyeballs so big it’ll make those Precious Moments figurines jealous.

But I didn’t have to trap him with my charm, because the next weekend he asked me out of the blue to go to a bonfire with his friends and I said, “HECK YES.” And then a week after that he asked me on a date. And then a week after that he told me he liked me. And then two months after that he asked me to be his girlfriend. and then two months after that he told me he loved me.

This time two years ago I was just driving back to college after a Valentine’s Day night babysitting, having no idea that this handsome guy was going to show up at an anti-Valentine’s Day party in a beret and I was going to find myself giggling, sweating, and chattering idly to cover up all the butterflies he made me feel.

So. . . I’m not saying Anti-Valentine’s Day parties are the places to go to meet the man of your dreams. . . but I’m not saying they aren’t the places to go to meet the man of you dreams. . . oh! the irony.

For another cute post, check this one out.

hugs and lattes

Helping the World

Helping the World

My heart was heavy this weekend with the news reeling from attacks all over the world. Not just Paris – but Beruit, Baghdad, and countless more countries that don’t make it into the news because the story won’t sell.

We live in a world where a hashtag equates to recognition, and the value of human life is lost to ideologies sustained by bullets.

I’m left driving home from work wondering, “What do we do?”

How do I help refugees from Syria when I’m an ocean away?

How do I love those who have lost their loved ones in tragic events over the last several days/weeks/months?

I jokingly tell Pai, “I don’t present solutions, I only present problems” and it’s true. I don’t have a lot of solutions. I don’t want to fall prey to the “White Savior Complex” and think the world can’t survive without my help. The world is turning on its axis quite nicely without me spinning it along. But my heart is heavy, and I want to love people. But how do we do this?

I spent a lot of this weekend in prayer. It may be a cliche, but I believe that God hears our prayers, and I like to think that he pays attention when I pray the same thing over and over and over.

I don’t want to pray, “Jesus come quickly!” because that’s a cop-out. We’re displacing our responsibility by asking for the return of Christ and the end of the world.

My prayer is, “What do we do? How can I help?” Even though there isn’t seemingly a lot I can do, I can pray. I will pray.

I will help the community around me. I will love on the people in my sphere of influence. I will encourage the people in my path. I will hope.

What will you do to help the world?