Funny Marriage Quirks & How to Handle ’em

Funny Marriage Quirks & How to Handle 'em

I remember while preparing myself for marriage I read a lot of marriage books, listened to podcasts, etc. In fact, I still read marriage books, listen to podcasts, etc. Because are you ever really ready for marriage?

Marriage is a lifetime of learning and relearning things about yourself and your spouse.

Because Mr. M and I chose not to live together before we got married, we got to learn about each other’s living habits after the honeymoon.

Funny Marriage Quirks & How to Handle 'em

A Clean Kitchen is a Sexy Kitchen 

I didn’t realize how much of a clean freak I would turn into after we got married. It’s not that I’m a clean freak per se, but I’m quite miffed by a dirty kitchen. When I lived by myself, I had no one to blame but me. If I didn’t do the dishes for two days, that’s my own dang fault. Now that there are two of us, I’ve turned into a dishes nazi. I like to come home to a clean kitchen, go to bed with a clean kitchen, and wake up to a clean kitchen.

This was likely an adjustment for Mr. M, considering he had seen a messy person at work for the two and a half years before we lived together.

Don’t Move the Chargers 

The other day I took a phone charger out of the car and forgot to put it back. My husband is so gracious, though. He didn’t actively act annoyed with me even though I knew he probably was. He’s so kind in his responses that it encourages me not to go ballistic when one little thing goes wrong.

Funny Marriage Quirks & How to Handle 'em

To Speak, or Not to Speak

A list of times to not talk to my husband about serious things:

When he’s watching soccer
When he’s playing FIFA
When he’s reading a really great book on leadership

A list of times my husband shouldn’t talk to me about serious things:

When I’m in the bathtub with my book and my bubbly
When I’m writing a blog
After 10pm

Seriously, my brain turns off after 10pm, and this is when Mr. M wants to discuss theology and how to solve the world hunger crisis.

Whenever Mr. M is watching soccer or playing FIFA, that’s when I tend to want to discuss a new blog post or I’ve come up with a list of chores.

Marriage is all about timing and giving each other space.

How Hot is Too Hot? 

Getting married in December is getting married in optimal cuddling season. East Tennessee only had one big snow, but it was quite chilly from January until March, which meant heating a 1940s house isn’t quite enough – we need teh space heater.

I joke that my husband likes to keep our house as hot as Africa. This isn’t entirely true – it’s not our whole house, just mainly our bedroom. My prime sleeping temp is 69 degrees. His prime sleeping temp is hot.

There was one night in the first month or so when I woke up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. The space heater was still on. It was 3am. It was 300 degrees. I was on fire – with anger and heat.

In a fit of anger, I threw the covers off me and shoved them towards Mr. M. My shove was so forceful that I hit him. He woke up, frightened and confused, and I played innocent. “Oh I hit you? I’m sorry.”

A week later I told him the truth.

*I need to note here that I do not hit my husband. This was sleepy Nina. Sleepy Nina is irrational and full of rage.
**Also you may be wondering how high our electricity bill is in the winter with all the heat. I don’t know. We got lucky and pay one flat fee for the house. When we eventually move and have to pay our own heat bill, I’m sure we will go the down blanket route over keeping the space heater on.

Funny Marriage Quirks & How to Handle 'em

Loving Your Spouse and Loving Their Quirks

Before you get married, it seems like your partner can do no wrong. They’re little quirks are endearing.

After marriage, you can do wrong, your partner can do wrong, and those idiosyncrasies walk the line between endearing and annoying.

But it’s all about how you swing it.

I get annoyed by my husband, and I annoy my husband (sometimes on purpose.) If I choose to allow every little thing he does to annoy me, then we will have a joyless marriage. I will be too focused on what is irritating me rather than what is delighting me.

This is WAY easier said than done. And remember: I’ve only been married 9 months. I don’t have all the skills.

So far, I’ve found that it is easier to embrace my spouse when I embrace their quirks.

I love that he wants to call and talk to me on his way home from small group (when it’s my scheduled bath tub alone time.)

When I find myself starting to get annoyed that he’s wanting to talk and I’m just wanting to soak in silence, I recognize the selfishness that is in me. I always want to choose my husband over myself. Even if that means I only get 10 minutes of quiet bathtub time and 15 minutes of getting the privilege to talk to my husband. I love that he wants to talk to me so much!

I love that my husband is just as particular as I am, but in different ways. The joys of two first borns marrying each other.

When I take an extra step to accomplish a small task for him in a way I know he likes it, I know that I am loving him by adjusting an old habit that isn’t a big deal to me and showing him that I care even about the little things (like keeping the car clean.)

Marriage is really just two quirky people learning to live together and love each other.

I’ll have to revisit this post and update it once we have kids in the future.