10 Self-Affirmations to Make Your Day

10 Self-Affirmations to Make Your Day

Have you ever had those days where you just feel as if you aren’t enough? Like everything you do – no matter how well you do it – isn’t right?

Recently I received some news that made me question who I am. While it wasn’t exactly terrible news, it still caused me to doubt in my abilities and in my identity. I soon started to spiral down into a dark place where I was believing lies about myself that I knew weren’t true.

I have long said that being in your 20s is like being in the middle school of adulthood. We all are all in different stages. You have 25 years old who are still in school, who are out of school, who are married and unmarried, who have 1-2 kids and who don’t have children.

I recognize that we each have our own journeys, and our timetables vary. But some days it can still feel as if you’ve been left behind.

So what do you do?

You can sulk and have a pity party, or you can encourage yourself. I often use to wait until my mom or my husband would talk some sense into me, but the other day I realized (because Pai wasn’t texting me back) that there are just those days where you have to talk sense into yourself. So I grabbed my favorite pens and a piece of paper and wrote down things I knew were true:

I am a strong woman.

I am a confident woman.

I am a great wife.

I am competent.

There is a pastor from Bethel Church in Redding, California who says, “Your words build worlds.”

I used to not put much weight in what I had to say, but the older I get, the more I realize that the words I say not only reflect my situation, but speak life into my situation.

Even if something is the pits, I don’t have to say, “This is the pits.” Instead I can flip the situation on its head and say, “Even though this really sucks, it did give me the realization that I do ____ really well and that is going to help me in the future.”

After I wrote down my self-affirmations, I realized that the lies that were in my head didn’t measure up to the truth I had to tell myself. I was then able to go about my day confident in myself and in my abilities.

If I’m being honest, I never put much stock into self-affirmations. But it seems as if the older I get, the more I realize I don’t have it all together and I need that much more encouragement to make it through on those tough days.

10 Self-Affirmations to Make Your Day

If you’ve noticed, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on a Monday. And that’s becauuuuse I’ve been working on soemthing that has been on my to-do list for months.

An email list!

I really pushed off the idea of having an email list for a long while, but I realized that if I want to get serious about this passion and hobby of mine, that this is the definite next step. So I am excited to introduce to you the Hugs & Lattes newsletter!

And to celebrate, I have 10 self-affirmations to make your day go right to download for you today.

What are  your favorite ways to pick yourself up on the down days?

3 Steps to Take Towards Your Dreams Today

3 Steps to Take Towards Your Dreams Today

Like Cinderella says, “A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep.”

But not all dreams happen while we are asleep. Some dreams are planted into us while we are awake. Those dreams are contrived by our passion to change the world, to leave a legacy, to make our life matter.

We all crave purpose. We want to know why we were put on the Earth at this specific time and place in the world. And as a result, each of us have a dream placed somewhere deep inside ourselves that both terrifies and excites us – because that dream could be the dream that give us true purpose in our life.

Maybe we don’t think about too often because we have practical things to do. There are groceries to be bought, laundry to be washed, work projects to complete.

You know what those are called?


We like to use those distractions as excuses to say no. But what if we didn’t allow that fear to paralyze us? What if we didn’t push the dream down deep inside our hearts, and instead made practical steps to move towards our dream?

What if we allowed ourselves to open our hearts and actually dream?

What if we didn’t just stop at dreaming and started doing?

3 Steps to Take Towards Your Dreams Today

Dream Big, Start Small  

If you know you want to achieve your dreams, you have to dream big and start small. Set realistic goals. Start with baby steps. You can’t expect to run a marathon if you’ve never ran a 5k. So start by running a mile, then sign up for a 5k, and a half marathon. After enough training, you will be ready for that full marathon.

If you have a dream of opening up a bakery one day, then take small, active steps towards opening up your bakery! Take baking classes, bake cake pops from your home, get a business degree if you have to. Your dream may not be for today, or tomorrow. Your dream may be for 20 years down the road, but if you start setting small goals today, you are more likely to achieve it than if you started tomorrow.

Discipline Yourself 

The other day I was watching Asaake’s Instastory (from Asakemi.) She posted a picture at 2am answering the question “How does she do it all?” Asaake consistently blogs while killing it in grad school. She does it all by  choosing her priorities (and staying up late.) She checks off her responsibilities and still makes time to follow her dreams.

If you know that accomplishing your dream requires an extra hour in a day, then find that hour. Look at your schedule, add in the little things you do that are not necessary. Where can you carve out one extra hour? It may require to give up that 15 minutes of Facebook scrolling, but let’s be real – how many of us are better off for Facebook scrolling? None of us.

If I’m being honest with myself, I love when I’m disciplined enough to say NO to the scroll and say YES to doing something productive that moves me towards my dream.

Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Last week I made the mistake of telling my husband about a goal I had promised myself last year. When I told him about the teeny dream inside my heart, he said, “OK, well that’s what you’re going to do.” I then spent the entire evening making an outline of realistic goals I could set towards accomplishing a small dream.

For the past week, and for the next foreseeable future, I’ve been consumed with holing myself away to work on something that has been in the back of my mind for almost 10 years. And my awesome, supportive husband has been taking it all in stride. He not only encourages me to work on meeting my goals, but he also enthusiastically participates in dreaming out loud with me.

When you know you are ready to move towards making small steps to accomplish your dream, you have to surround yourself with supportive people. You have to have a person to stand behind you and cheer for you when you triumph, encourage you when you fail, and push you to go on when you’re just too tired.

So what small step are you going to take towards your dream today?

3 Steps to Take Towards Your Dreams Today

My Encouragement Playlist

My Encouragement Playlist

Good morning!

This weekend went by WAY too fast for me. On Friday  night, Mr. M and I had a movie night date night with our couple friends from church. They have two littles, so we waited until the kids were in bed before we snuck over for cookies, cheetos, and popcorn. We felt like we were in college all over again staying out late. Because we forgot to have dinner (I was engrossed in a book; he was engrossed in FIFA), I binge ate Cheetos and then thought I was going to get sick to my stomach. I stayed nauseous all day on Saturday and will not be eating Cheetos again.

Saturday I threw a launch party for skincare products that I started selling. I had a great afternoon doing a spa day with some great friends. Then on Saturday evening, Mr. M and I FINALLY put our bed frame together. We are officially no longer sleeping on a mattress on a floor. We’re moving on up in the world.

Sunday was dedicated towards unpacking some more boxes of Mr. M’s – mainly boxes of books – and color coordinating the bookshelf in our office. Mr. M was away reffing for the day. And while I’m not saying I like it when he’s gone, I get a whole lot of organizing and cleaning and podcast listening done.

Mondays come way too soon, and some days, I just wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

To combat those Monday grumpies, I like to drink my coffee extra strong and get some encouragement in my head. Today I’m sharing with you my favorite podcast and sermon playlist that I listen to for a good mood.

My Encouragement Playlist

Rooted in Delight

This the most recent podcast from Jonathan David and Melissa Helser and as soon as I finished the podcast, I knew I needed to give it a second listen. I was floored with the message Melissa shares about grounding our identity in God and how he is a GOOD father who delights in us. Melissa is like my spiritual aunt. I’m touched and moved by everything Holy Spirit says through her. She is so creative and talented and open to the move of the Holy Spirit. You can check out a little preview of the podcast here. To listen to the whole podcast, check them out on iTunes!

Managing Your Emotions

If Melissa Helser is like my spiritual aunt, Abi Stumvoll is like my spiritual sister. A few weeks ago when I was having a particularly rough time with my work/life balance, I listened to her sermon on Managing your Emotions. This was another sermon I quickly put in my back pocket to pull out whenever I need an encouraging slap in the face to woman up and calm the heck down. The thing with Abi is that she is a very vulnerable and emotional person, but she also leaves room for Holy Spirit to speak through her. You can check out her podcast on soundcloud or iTunes here.

My Encouragement Playlist

Renewing Your Mind

This is a series of short videos from Abi Stumvoll about renewing your mind. There is also a Todd White sermon at the end that I haven’t had a chance to listen to yet. But I gave this series of videos a listen while I was getting ready on my Sabbath day last Wednesday. In today’s world of busyness and routine, it is so easy to become set in our way of thinking. Often the rut we can get into is not always healthy, so it’s always good to do a heart check and mind check whenever we feel as if our emotions are getting out of whack. (Which, for me, is almost every Monday morning.) Check out the Youtube series Renewing Your Mind.

Embracing the Seasons

I almost always share sermons by Kim Walker Smith when I’m talking about sermons or podcasts that impact my life. As soon as I type in “KI” into Youtube, it automatically brings up Kim Walker Smith sermons. I have her sermons bookmarked to listen to again and again. All of these ladies speak so much to my heart and soul and the seasons I’m in. Kim Walker Smith’s sermon on Embracing Seasons shares wisdom that I often fail to remember, so I have to go back time and again to remind myself that the season I am in is not a forever season. The season I am in is preparation for the next. Because when you’re in an exhausting season, it’s easy to lose sight of where God is moving in your life. You can view Embracing the Seasons on Youtube.

My Encouragement Playlist

The Starlight Album

And to cap it all off, an amazing worship album. I’ve been listening to the Starlight album nonstop in this season of my life. My favorite songs are Catch the Wind, Take Courage, and The War is Over. These are great songs to listen to at your desk, in the car, or on blast while you’re cleaning your house. I love how it gets me in the heart of worship, even when I’m in the grump slumps.

What do you do to encourage yourself out of the grumpies? Tell me in the comments below!

*All of today’s photos come from Unsplash. Because I own an iphone, I’m not a photographer, and I’ve not been doing any iphone photography lately because I am uninspired, too tired and lazy.