Leftover Turkey Recipes + Weekend Recap

Normally on Monday mornings I like to post something deep, heartfelt, or inspirational to start our weeks off right. But let’s be real, we’re all in a Thanksgiving coma right now, so today I’m going with a good ole’ traditional weekend recap + low maintenance delicious ideas for that leftover turkey in your fridge.


low maintenance turkey recipes

Thanksgiving for us began on Tuesday evening. Mr. M and I combined our respective small groups that regularly  meet on Tuesday night for a Friendsgiving extravaganza. I started roasting the turkey that afternoon, only after realizing I had to let the turkey “temper” from the fridge. I, of course, documented the whole ordeal on my Instastory, probably making my vegan friends unfollow me with grotesque images of raw turkey flesh.

But! Alls well that ends well. The turkey was delicious, and fellowshipping with friends was even better.


weekend recap

On Thursday, Mr. M and I traveled to my hometown to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Since Mr. M’s family doesn’t have a set Thanksgiving routine, they’ve joined us the last two years for Thanksgiving. If we’re all being honest, none of us remember much from Thanksgiving last year since we were all in wedding mode, so it was nice to have a more relaxed atmosphere this year. I made green bean casserole halfway from scratch (when I realized I ran out of cream of mushroom soup) and now it’s my designated dish. The key to good green bean casserole? Buckets of fried crispy onions.

Holiday Traditions

low maintenance turkey recipes

Growing up, my mom always rolled out buckeyes around Christmastime. Now when we come home for Thanksgiving break, I like to sit down with my mom and make buckeyes. It’s an office favorite, and I love carrying on traditions from my mom into my sphere.

Blogger Meet Up

weekend recap

Last year,  I noticed that Divya from Eat, Teach, Blog lived in my hometown, so when I came in town, we met up for a little coffee blate. It was so fun to hear more about each other’s lives, turning our online friendship into IRL friendship! She even brought me a little gift, which absolutely warmed my heart. She picked up a bangle from her sister’s wedding and a cute little Christmas scarf! She and her husband Ankur love to take weekend trips, so we’re hoping they’ll come check out our town for a visit!

weekend recap

Professional Tree Decking

weekend recap

Sunday afternoon after Mr. M and I got back, I helped his sister decorate their family Christmas tree; I’m considering making this a profession. If you are feeling joyless but want your house seasonally decorated, call your girl. Mr. M and I spent the evening snuggled up on the couch watching The Holiday and drinking hot tea. It feels as if the Christmas season has finally begun <3

Leftover Turkey Recipes

Delicious Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Last night while Mr. M was playing FIFA 18, I was scrolling through Facebook and happened upon a yummy looking leftover turkey recipe, so I thought I would share some yummy recipe ideas with you all so you don’t have to make that dreaded grocery store run this week!

For Breakfast: 

Waffled Leftover Thanksgiving Brunch 

Turkey for breakfast? Yes please! This spin on chicken and waffles sounds EVEN better. I’m thinking I can make our turkey last until Saturday so Mr. M and I can enjoy a nice little brunch.


Turkey Caesar Sandwich

This turkey caesar sandwich makes for a great lunch or a light dinner. I made this for Mr. M and I last night with a bow of chili on the side. It was quick and easy to whip up, and left our bellies feeling full and satisfied.


Caramelized Onion & Cream Cheese Turkey Enchiladas 

Ready to move away from comfort food? These caramelized onion & cream cheese turkey enchiladas sound delicious and low maintenance.

How was your Thanksgiving holiday? 

Photo Diary of the Solar Eclipse 2017

Photo Diary of the Solar Eclipse 2017

For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling refreshed, positive, and full of hope and joy – and that is all without my morning coffee.

Friends, the beach does wonders for your body, mind and soul. Over a long weekend, Mr. M and I enjoyed a wonderful few days visiting friends and family, and then we spent a few days by ourselves at a little beach house, unplugged, enjoying each other, the fresh ocean air, and of course, the eclipse.

Photo Diary of the Solar Eclipse 2017

I had been pretty laissez faire concerning the eclipse because I didn’t think we would see much of it in Wilmington, North Carolina, so I didn’t give it much thought. The Thursday that we left, however, I checked the map and saw that we would see 96% of the eclipse, which is still an A, so then I became frantic and disappointed because we didn’t order eclipse glasses in time.

No worries, they were selling on Amazon for like $86. For 2 hours of a cosmic wonder. So I spent the remainder of the weekend looking up DIY pinhole cameras. Monday morning – ever the procrastinators we are – Mr. M found a garden nearby that was giving out free eclipse glasses at their eclipse party (for only $9 a person, so was it really free?)

We packed our bags with picnic food and beach chairs and hoped for the best. We arrived to Airlie Gardens, checked in, and got our free eclipse glasses and found our picnic spot. They had several different stations and events to learn more about our solar system, why and how eclipses happen, and of course, my favorite spot: the Kona ice truck. Mr. M and I strolled the gardens (which is incredibly breathtaking; 10/10 would recommend) while we waited for the eclipse to start. We started looking up at the sky around 2pm and saw the moon had taken a bite out of the sun.

Photo Diary of the Solar Eclipse 2017

I was mesmerized, and maybe I did steal a glance or two without my eclipse glasses and without looking directly at the sun. So of course I freaked out for the next 12 hours because did I just blind myself?

As the moon covered the sun, it started to get darker around us. I was expecting a night time darkness, but it was more like I was looking out of a sepia tinted window at the people surrounding me. It was an eerie thing, but the coolness that accompanied the darkness was much appreciated as I had already sweat through my white dress.

Photo Diary of the Solar Eclipse 2017

While we didn’t get to see the eclipse in totality, seeing it cross the sun was an awe-inspiring event I will remember forever. I couldn’t stop staring at the sun as I watched the moon cover it and scoot away. Despite all the end time prophecies and events of apocalyptic nature that sprinkled my Facebook here and there, I couldn’t help but sit back with a settled peace in wonder of the universe and our God who created it.

Photo Diary of the Solar Eclipse 2017

One thing I love about the Eclipse is that it brought people together. Strangers sat on a lawn together, marvelling over the Universe. There was an older lady who had a cereal box pinhole camera and was passing the box around to show people a different perspective. She wanted to share how she saw the eclipses as a child.

Photo Diary of the Solar Eclipse 2017

Surrounding us were people of several different nationalities and languages. It was like Mr. M and I were in the International Triangle with a Spanish family and an Arabic family flanking us on either side. It was such a lovely moment to sit back and revel in the melting pot that America is. That is one thing I truly love about our country: the diversity and the friendliness we have towards each other. Despite the media, the racism, and the heated political ideology, when we put aside our differences and stand in wonder at the universe, we see each other for who we really are: souls coming together under the awe of creation.

Did you see the Solar Eclipse? How much of the eclipse could you see? 

Adventures in July

Adventures in July

Remember when I told you that July was the first month Mr. M and I have spent in over a year not traveling anywhere?

Well, I lied.

Or I forgot, rather.

It wasn’t until I was looking over the month of July in my planner that I realized we drove to 3 states all in one weekend to celebrate love (a wedding) and family (a quick family getaway.)

To top that off, we had cousins come in town one weekend in July and we went to Asheville, NC for a day trip.

One day maybe we’ll spend an entire month located in one place. But this isn’t the day.

July felt like it was 10 miles long, so I’m quite excited to see August greeting us with cooler breezes and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and notebooks. The schools in the area all start back this week, so I have the itch to go out and buy a new pack of pens just to join in the fun.

A Wedding in the Storm


To start off July, we ventured over to Gatlinburg and drove all around windy roads to the tippy top of a mountain for a gorgeous wedding with gorgeous views. It was my first outside wedding during a thunderstorm, but thankfully it didn’t rain too hard and the thunder only rumbled ominously from afar. But hey, at least they got gorgeous ceremony pictures because everyone says the gray skies are better for photos than the sunshine. I loved getting to wear this gorgeous Zimbabwean print skirt that my MIL gifted me for my birthday last year.

3 States, 1 Weekend


After we went to Gatlinburg, we ventured up another windy mountain to stay in a hostel with both of our families. This was the first time Mr. M’s family and my family has spent an extensive amount of time together. My dad found a hostel on air bnb that fit both of our big families for a fun weekend. It was so cool to see our families come together and love on each other, laugh with each other, and get to know each other better. We spent one of the days in Abingdon, VA riding 17 (of the 34!) miles of the Creeper Trail – a gorgeous bike trail with tree canopies lining your way. We’re lazy, so we only did half the trail. But boy, was my booty hurting by the end of those 17 miles. It was so relaxing to let go and enjoy nature. Also, trying to take the above picture was a tidbit dangerous.

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls


Except we did go chasing waterfalls and it was a blast. Mr. M made us be adventurous one Monday evening – a Monday evening of all evenings! – and find a waterfall with friends. Thankfully, the waterfall required 0 hiking effort, so we quickly climbed down the trail and spent a frigid evening splashing and playing in the water.



When we had cousins come in town for a weekend of fun, we took them to my favorite fun place: Asheville. Here’s a picture of me standing next to a door. Because bloggers do weird ish.

We ate at a delicious creperie where I tried goat cheese, duck sausage crepe and I probably won’t try it again. We did our usual thing, eat, go to a bookstore, and get chocolate at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, where I tried a new fav – an affogato. Because what doesn’t say YAY like putting ice cream in your espresso shot.

July was a great month to rest, relax, and still go on a couple of adventures. Like always, this is the highlight reel. If you want to know what happened on the pages in between, I’ll tell you. But it wasn’t pretty. There was a lot of laundry, a lot of Netflix, and a few emotional breakdowns because that’s just how I roll.

Tell me, what was your favorite thing about July? 

See ya, Bye 2014

Oh hi there, are you all suffering the holiday hangover I’m suffering, or do you still have a little party left in you? Somehow I have a little party left in me, because I’m on my way to the Carolinas to hang out with my boyfriend and his very large, extended family. They’re not physically large, there’s just a lot of them. 

I was pretty jealous when people were posting their “year” on Instagram and I couldn’t figure out how to do that but then I remembered I had a blog and could post pictures and talk about myself and my year all I wanted. 

This is why I have a blog. #narcissism. 

It might not look like it in this photo, but it snowed. A LOT. Seriously, I had the most snow days any college student should ever have. We didn’t even have a full week of school until mid-February, and that was lovely. I heard the working world doesn’t get snow days, so I’m holding onto these with everything I’ve got.

Snow days meant I did a lot of reading and Starbucks drinking. (We had an on-campus Starbucks. It makes life way easier. And more expensive.)

This might have been the biggest moment of 2014 for me- I ran a half marathon. I wanted to break 2 hours, but I ran 9:30’s instead and ran it in 2:02. One day when I am done feeling lazy and my knees don’t hurt anymore I’ll start running again and break 2 hours. But still, for my first hillacious marathon, I was pretty proud of my accomplishment.

After my half marathon, over the course of several months I gained 10 pounds by eating a lot of Chick fil a. (Maybe this should be my New Year’s Resolution: Don’t eat so much Chick fil a.) Last night, while I was eating Chick fil a, I was wondering how many calories are in Chick fil a sauce. Nobody tell me. I don’t wanna know. Thankfully, the Chick fil a went to my rump, which was suffering a serious case of runner’s butt beforehand.

I’ve really enjoyed spending most of 2014 with this guy, too. We caught each others’ eye midway through February and BOOM. Here we are today. I like him. He’s hott. (He also has a heart and soul of gold which you also notice right away.)

I saw the sunrise once this year. It was so lovely it almost encouraged me to see the sunrise every day, but then I remembered I hate mornings and I would rather be asleep in my bed. But kudos to all you who love the sunrise. I think the sunset is for me.

2014 will forever go down in history as the year I had Chipotle for the first time. I understand the hype, I get why everyone is obsessed with it. My taste buds were forever changed, and now I need my town to get a Chipotle. 

We got adventurous in 2014, and Pai and I learned how to make sushi with our couple friend. After eating my own creation and putting as much cream cheese on that sucker as my heart desired, I don’t think I like sushi by the su-chef anymore. Yay to learning new things! 

Speaking of learning new things, thanks Youtube for teaching me how to arm knit. I finally learned something crafty and actually enjoyed it! Sorry for everyone who only got scarves for Christmas. Oops.

Oh yeah! How could I forget, I celebrated my favorite birthday this past summer. You know the one I’m talking about, the one where I finally got my big girl license. Unfortunately, my curled hair that day made me look like Farrah Faucette. Back then, I was too excited to care.

And then there was that one time I met my author crush, and got so starstruck there were no words. Well, there were word vomit words. Things like, “I really like you” and everything you say when you’re in middle school and feeling awkward and don’t know what to do with your hands. Oh I’m so embarrassed just thinking about the whole encounter. And to think, after all that he followed me on Twitter. That was a moment.

My baby sis graduating high school was a big moment for me. Not because it’s important to me that she’s no longer in high school, but because she handled her senior year with so much maturity, and now we get to spend a year together at the same school! I keep calling her my baby sis, but she’s truly a wise and lovely woman.

This year marked the beginning of wedding season for me. I could be a part of that show – Four Weddings. I know next summer will be even more wedding crazy. Oh this is an expensive time to be around.

Signing my intent to graduate was a big thing this year – now to graduate next year! *Insert scared face emoji*

Sheesh, those were a lot of moments. I am a pretty nostalgic person, so walking down memory lane makes me go “aww” and I want to relive those moments all over again. This coming year, I want to live even more greater moments that will make me go “aww” not only next New Year’s Eve, but for years to come. 


WARNING: Photo Heavy Post {Birthday Recap}

Because I don’t want to blow up Instagram with a ton of photos (I may or may not have posted, like, four yesterday. Whatevs, it was my birthday) I’m going to just make a really picture heavy blog post. 


Please allow for a moment of narcissism. 


Yesterday was probably my favorite birthday that I can remember. As I tucked myself in bed at the ungodly time of 2:30 am, curled hair matted into dreadlocks and beyond exhausted, I thought “My heart is so full.” 


I was surrounded by family, my childhood best friend, Kendra, and my loving boyfriend. The only way my day could have been better was if my best friends from school could join. But alas, that is the curse of summer birthdays. In all honesty, I had low hope. I was worried the day would be a bust because I had such high expectations of what I wanted my birthday to be like that I was afraid I would be disappointed. I wasn’t. The day was just absolutely perfect. 


Family photo – it’s hard to believe we are all getting to be so old!

Can we just talk about how adorable this salt & pepper shakers are?! *property of AKW*  

*property of AKW*

I don’t know about y’all, but I like white wedding cake for my birthdays. Also, my real name is Christina. My mom doesn’t like my nick name “Nina” because she never intended me to have a nick name. 10 year old me changed alll that. True story. *property of AKW*

Look at these handsome studs! My brother Luke LOVES Pai. He basically wants to be just like him, and is his constant shadow at home. It’s really endearing except that I get really selfish and don’t like to share my Pai Time. *property of AKW*

#sisterselfie *property of AKW*

Post-Saki face at a shmancy sushi restaurant. I was not a fan. *property of AKW*

This lady has been my best friend for almost 11 years. We’re goofy old ladies who spend most of our time reading books in bed together. *property of AKW*

This guy. Heart faced emojis all over the place. *property of AKW*

I can’t believe my sister is an adult with me! I can’t wait to spend a year making memories at the same college with her! *property of AKW*

And then, of course, I wouldn’t be here without the parentals. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for raising me 21 years, teaching me to love God and love people, to work hard, and for teaching responsibility. Also, thanks for the good genes. I still dance like a white girl without rhythm, btw. *property of AKW*


If you made it to the end of the post, thanks for following along. I felt all the love from you bloggers and tweeters and facebookers yesterday. I just love this blogging community, and I love getting to know all of you, and I’m just full of happiness and love today! (Yes, I’m sober. I’m just a happy person sometimes.)


But now, I must go eat some more cake. 

Hashtag Cake Face. And all my people sang “cake cake cake cake cake” *property of AKW*