Top 10 Moments of 2017


Top 10 Moments of 2017

I know, you’re so surprised to see an end of the year recap. No one ever does this kinda thing when preparing for the new year. I watched a medley of the top songs of 2017 earlier today, and I honestly thought some of those songs came out 10 years ago. So 2017 is finally coming to a close.

It has been an exhausting year, but a year of so much growth and progress. Over this year, Mr. M and I traveled somewhere new almost every single month, I started a book club, and got more serious about my blogging.

Top 10 Moments of 2017

Top 10 Blog Posts

#MyBigFatZimWedding Series

It was so much fun for me to recap the wedding and related events leading up to the big day. When Mr. M and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary, we watched the full ceremony video all over again and fell into the post wedding blues again because we miss that day.

5 Ways to Rock a Swimsuit This Season

OK so it may not be swimsuit season per se right now, but if you’re dreaming of a hot tub at a mountain log cabin getaway like I am, you’ve still gotta don some waterproof wear. And especially after Thanksgiving and Christmas, we may feel a little self conscious stuffing ourselves into an itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. So I found 5 ways to rock a swimsuit this season.

Celebrate Yourself – Series

Last spring I pulled together a series on celebrating different aspects of yourself. Tiffany from Endless Bliss joined me with a great post on celebrating your worth. It was a life changing post!

3 Steps to Revamp Your About Me

As bloggers, our main priority is to create good content and to push it out – this means our about me section sometimes gets left to the wayside. These 3 steps give your about me section the face lift your blog needs!

4 Steps Towards Living a Full Life

This is probably one of my very favorite posts of the year, and a good reminder for me to look back on when I’m feeling exhausted and discouraged.

3 Steps To Take Towards Your Dream Today

And I’m now realizing that I really like the formula of: # of steps towards ___. I didn’t make it well-known, but I started to participate in NaNoWriMo this November. I was scared to publicize the information, because I was scared the accomplishment of announcing it on social media would satisfy me and I wouldn’t succeed. Unfortunately, I only went strong for one week and then with a mini vacation and Thanksgiving, I ended up not completing. But! I started a dream, and now I get to work towards it.

When You Call My Husband the N-Word 

This post was hard to write, and hard to experience. But it opened doors and led to a fantastic series that I absolutely love throughout the month of November.

Creating Space

I was SO excited to host several wonderful ladies on Hugs & Lattes in November. I was able to learn from them and their experiences with race and identity. This is my #1 fav series from Hugs & Lattes probably ever. I’m hoping to have it continue throughout the 2018 with some other bloggers!

Date Nights

I love date night, and I love coming up with fun creative ideas! This was a fun series to create this year, and I’ve got several fun ideas geared up for next year!

8 Books to Prepare You for Marriage

As an avid reader and big fan of marriage, I was super excited to share with my readers the 8 books I’ve found that have helped prepare Mr. M and me for marriage immensely!

Top 10 Memories of 2017

Snow Weekend 2017

Getting snowed in with my best friends and my brand new husband? It was the perfect way to celebrate the first weekend of 2017! And it was the only time it snowed and stuck. But I’ll take what I can get. Here’s to hoping we get some snow days this year.

Asheville MiniMoonda

Mr. M and I took so many fun little mini vacations, but Asheville is always my favorite place to go. We had so much good food and enjoyed a Josh Garrels concert.

Starting a Book Club

Being the literary nerd I am, I’ve always wanted to start a book club, so when I realized I had the time and space to do it, I jumped at the chance. It has been an amazing year of literary wonder and friendship.

Greenville Minimoonda

Mr. M and I had to go to Greenville, South Carolina in May, so we made a little trip out of it and had a blast! Also, Greenville, South Caroilna in May is H.O.T.

Blogger Meet Up #1

Tiff from Endless Bliss came down for the weekend and I took her to my favorite place in the world – Asheville.

Wilmington Minimoonda

For Mr. M’s birthday, I planned a little roadtrip throughout North Carolina. We ended up in Wilminton where we experienced the solar eclipse at 97%, and spent MUCH needed days unplugged and resting at the beach.

Blogger Meet Up #2

Pretty much as soon as we got home from Mr. M’s birthday road trip, we packed back up and went to Pennsylvania to spend the weekend with Erica from Coming Up Roses and her husband, Jamie. We had an absolute blast and already have our next meet up in the works!

Family Vacation to Las Vegas

I haven’t dived into our Las Vegas trip yet, but there will be recap of our latest travels on the blog soon. This was the first family vacation I had been on since 2014, and I loved every minute of it.

Blogger Meet Up #3

Around Thanksgiving, I got to meet up with Divya from Eat, Teach, Blog. This is why I love blogging: Internet friends turn into real life friends.

Celebrating Our First Anniversary

Mr. M and I celebrated our first anniversary staycation style. We ate at a new restaurant in town, and spend the day holed up not going anywhere or seeing anyone. It was glorious.

What were your favorite moments of 2017?