3 Meals to Feed Your Vegetarian Friends

3 Meals to Feed Your Vegetarian Friends

This weekend my best friend came to town and I had the privilege of hosting her. According to the spiritual gifts test I took this week, one of my spiritual gifts is hospitality. I would like to thank my mom. Growing up, we were like a revolving door. I remember feeling sad, lonely, and never knowing what to do when it was only the 8 of us in the house. LOL.

Hosting people is one of my favorite things. Pai and I love to have people over for dinner often, and when you have a big community, you have some people in there who are just . . . weird. And by weird I mean they don’t like to eat meat. I don’t understand those people. HOW do you go without the beauty of Chickfila nuggets on the reg? But while I don’t understand my herbivore friends, I totally respect their decisions and sometimes I’m envious. Because they actually like vegetables. I’m not going to lie, I’ve considered doing something like the Daniel Diet or no meat for a summer just to force feed myself food that is good for my body. But rather than going that extreme, I’ll just settle with trying to do 1-2 meals a week without meat.

Hosting vegetarians or vegans for dinner used to intimidate me because I genuinely did not know how to cook a meal that wasn’t breakfast or centered around chicken. But over the years, I have added a few recipes to my repertoire and I’m excited to introduce them to you today!

3 Meals to Feed Your Vegetarian Friends

Chickpea Tacos

My Aunt is pretty healthy, and she always tried to get me to eat brussels sprouts when she would come in from California to visit and I always refused. There was one sure fire way to get me to eat veggies, though, and it was if we put it in Mexican food. Chickpea tacos are one of my favorite go-to if I’m having a meatless Monday because it is quick, cheap, easy, and low maintenance for a low maintenance gal like myself I have put it in hard shell tacos before, but over the years, I’ve found it easier to just make it a taco bowl.

Garbanzo beans (chickpeas)
Spinach Leaves
Tortilla Chips
Taco Seasoning
Olive Oil

Plan Greek Yogurt (or sour cream(


I meant to photograph the entire process when I made the tacos this weekend, but I completely forgot so we are going to have to go off our imaginations here.

(1) First, I preheat the oven to 400 degrees. While the oven is turning on, I drain my chickpeas and toss them in a bowl with taco seasoning.

(2) Next, I spread the chickpeas out on a jelly roll plan. You don’t want the chickpeas sitting on top of each other, so make sure to get a pan big enough to spread the chickpeas out evenly.

(3) After I have laid out my chickpeas, I spray them with vegetable oil or olive oil. Olive oil is my preference, but you do whatever floats your boat.

(4) I bake the chickpeas in the oven until they are crunchy. I like to bake them for 15 minutes to start with, and if they’re not crunchy yet, then I will broil them on low for about 5 minutes.

(5) Layer your bowl with chips, spinach, tomato, chickpeas, and any other toppings your heart desires!

All in all it took me about 30 minutes from start to plate.

Tex Mex Casserole

Once again, my aunt from California introduced me to my favorite no-meat meal. She got this recipe from Party in my Plants who got it from the Oh How She Glows cookbook. Rather than re-write the whole recipe and directions here, I’m going to send you over to Talia. She brags about taking the Hell out of Healthy eating, so I would trust any recipe she puts on her site. Except for anything to do with kale. Because kale freaks me out. (And I threw it up once.)

I like to Tex Mex Casserole because it is so fulfilling that you don’t even miss the chicken. It can be as spicy and flavorful as you want, or as bland as you want. It can even be a good option for your vegan friends as long as you’re willing to try vegan cheese – which I am not. But I am willing to sacrifice the cheese in solidarity with my vegan friends for just one meal.

Peanut-Butter and Jelly

If all else fails, fix ’em a pb&j. No meat = no problem. Throw an apple on that plate, grab a glass of milk and sit outside and you’ll feel reminiscent of your childhood days.

What are your favorite vegetarian meals?

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